The Raid of Elkrli

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Story of elves, loss, tradgedy, fighting

Submitted: August 13, 2012

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Submitted: August 13, 2012




The Raid of Elkrli



Now, my friend, this story isn’t your normal story about elves. These elves don’t sing and dance through the treetops, playing their lutes. These elves are ruthless killing machines, raining arrows down on their foes and swinging through the forest stabbing and slashing anything that opposes them. They live in tree houses to keep them safe from the dangerous animals below. There are agarx, deadly feathered horses with horns that lay eggs. There are navirgs, ant-like insects the size of small dogs that kill in one bite. There are ekels, birds highly valued for their feathers, which is what elves fletched their arrows with. Elven arrows are sometimes coated in navirg venom, making them all the more deadly. The point of this prologue is to tell you this---this story is not a fairy tale for those who are faint of heart.





It was an unusually foggy night for this time of the year. Arakhi had just finished his recon mission, scoping out the area around Elkrli, a small fishing village in the province of Arbanik. They would be raiding Elkrli, for the human’s hated elves. There was no reason at all, and the elves are going to give them one. He headed back to camp, treading carefully over the forest floor, for it was dark. His pointed ears twitched. He sensed a presence behind him. Whirling around, twin agarx bone knives in hand, he stood on the balls of his feet. “Careful with those, youngling!” Yaviha, Arakhi’s elder, whispered harshly. He was technically young, only 17 in human years. “Let’s walk.”

They headed back to their tree house camp, talking about the current events happening. “Are you ready for the raid?” she said, getting worried. “Sure hope so”, Arakhi replied in his usual gruff tone. She may be his elder, but Arakhi sounded older. For the last few weeks, the camp had been preparing for a raid on Elkrli, for their were precious jewels in a mine in the very center of town. They were sharpening their blades, restocking on arrows, and making special bombs. Spice bombs were hollow agarx eggs stuffed with, you know, spices. You throw them, and they shatter on the ground, spices hovering in the air like an irritating, debilitating, gas. “You know Arakhi, you might want to get that bow of yours repaired in time for the raid.” He had snapped the bowstring on a hunt a few days back. “I’ll have to take it to Gru-fla.” He was the local weapon maker. These bows weren’t ordinary. These bows could propel an arrow through a human. They were shaped like X’s, with 2 strings meeting in the middle. They were like 2 bows stuck together. “See you later, Yaviha.” “Eka suv wendrah, fol,” she replied. That was the traditional elven saying for “Stay alive and well, friend.” Arakhi started towards the blacksmiths tree.



Arakhi rang the bell outside the flap of Gru-fla’s tree house. “Come in!” he heard. Arakhi pushed through the flap in to the hot shop. “I still don’t think it’s a good idea for a blacksmith shop in a tree, Gru,” he said jokingly. Gru had helped raise Arakhi when his parents died in a battle against a rival “tribe”, so they were good friends. “What do ya need kid?” “My bowstring snapped on a hunt a couple days ago, could you fix it?”  “Sure, just leave it here; I’ll get to it later. I’m working on something important.” “What is it?” Arakhi replied. “A gift, now goodbye.” “I’ll pick it up tomorrow, before the raid,” Arakhi said, and with that, he left the tree.

 Arakhi wandered around camp until he was stopped by his friend Efrin. “I need something from the bomb shop and I’m in a hurry, would you mind getting it for me?” “Sure, I got nothing better to do.” He replied. “Just tell Faraldi that Efrin sent you,” and he ran off. Arakhi walked to the bomb shop. He entered and smelled the unmistakable smell of the various spices and ingredients used in the bombs. “Hey Faraldi, I’m picking something up for Efrin, You got it?” “Yeah, come on back,” he heard. He headed into the back of the shop, where the bombs were made. “Here you go,” and Faraldi handed him a small pouch filled with little round balls with fuses sticking out. “What are these?” he asked her. “Shrapnel bombs,” she replied, continuing her work. “Nice…well I guess I’ll see you at the raid with all the supplies.” Faraldi would be on the front lines with extra weapons and ammo during the battle if the raid went wrong, for the elves meticulously planned everything so they had the exact number of arrows and bombs needed.

He left the cabin in search of Efrin. He finally found him a few minutes later, jogging through camp. “Hey, Efrin,” he shouted. He stopped. “Hey Arakhi, thanks for getting those bombs for me, here, take this as a little thank you gift.” And he handed Arakhi a gilded navirg, shell dagger in a wooden sheath. “Why thank you, Efrin, I will use it tomorrow in the raid,” he added with a smile.



It was the next day. The raid was to happen in about four hours. Arakhi headed to Gro’s tree for his bow. “Hey Gro, you got a present for me?” “Actually, I do. I have your bow.” “Well, well, well, what did you get me?” he said, heading to the rear of the shop. “I, I raised you, and I feel like since you’re going into a serious battle today so I made you something.” “I’ve customized your bow.” He said, choked up. He handed Arakhi his bow, or at least it was his bow. Now it was dark brown with golden swirls and a small pin sight for longer range. “Thank you Gro, and I promise you that I will come back.” He gave Gro a hug, something Arakhi never does to anyone, and left before he started to tear up.




The raid was to begin at nightfall. Arakhi and a few others were supposed to fire flaming arrows from a cliff overlooking into the village and then advance down the cliff and over the town defense wall and join the fight. He heard two sharp blasts on the war horn, and then a third after a pause. It was time to move into position on the cliff.

They traveled towards the cliff, enjoying the lush scenery of the forest, with the huge trees and colorful bushes, only occasionally encountering a stray navirg or two. Those were dispatched quickly, for no one wants to toy with those. Arahki and the others, Toadeya, Frewgan, and Yungaz, arrived at the cliff and took position. “That’s a nice bow you got there,” said Yungaz. Arahki said nothing, for he did not want to think of Gru. The war horn sounded again this time one long blast and two quick ones. The battle had begun.


“And… RELEASE ARROWS!” shouted Arahki, signaling for the flaming arrows to be fired. He watched as the beautiful arrows arced down, slamming into the straw roofs of the buildings.  “Ready arrows!” he shouted with a pause. “Draw back!” and another pause. “And…RELEASE ARROWS!” Arahki finally said. Flaming arrows arced to the town again. The war horn signaled again, this time for the arrow team to begin their second part of the attack.

Arahki dug the agarx horn grappling hook into the dirt. Agarx horns were good for this because of their stability and resistance. “Ok guys, on three!” “1…2…3!” They grappled down the rough, mossy cliff side and after about 30 seconds, they were at the bottom.

“Time to vault over the wall!” Two of the elves crouched at the base of the rough stone wall. Arakhi and Yungaz sprinted to them and jumped to the top of the wall. They stood atop the wall and pulled their remaining comrades up. They ran and jumped over the rooftops to the center of town, where the raid was happening. Soon they were on the roof of a fishing boat warehouse in front of the mine. Arahki drew his navirg shell dagger that he promised Efrin he would use. It was quite light and well balanced, I like it, he thought. The elves flipped into battle, swinging knives and swords, dodging and vaulting over opponents, pillaging and stealing what they liked. Yes, Arahki thought, this will give them a reason to hate us. They fought with grace, with Arahki slaying eight and aiding in the capture of six. The town had no chance. Soon the town’s inhabitants were either dead or captured. “Arahki, go get the cart full of jewels in the mine, I will guard the prisoners and clean things up.” “Yes, Elder Yaviha, I shall.”

Arakhi descended into the mine, looking for a cart filled to the brim with jewels. Soon, he was deep in the mine. He saw a stray townsfolk hiding behind a rock. “Come out, human!” he said. The child scurried out from behind the large rock; no… it was the cart! “I will let you live, child,” he said “Stay in here for one hour until we elves leave.” Arahki pushed the cart back out in to the light. The crowd of elves cheered. “Arahki, for your brave leadership and valor, I will let you pick the first jewel!” Arahki walked to the cart. He saw a blue-green gem the size of his thumb. It was fitting for Arahki’s demeanor. “I will take this one!” he shouted. The crowd cheered. “It looks like it might be able to be set in to your bow,” said an elf in the crowd. Arahki glanced at his bow. In fact, there was a small socket he hadn’t noticed before on the front of the bow. He placed the gem in the socket. Then the most amazing thing he had ever seen happened. The gem was glowing, the gold swirls on the bow glowing as well. Wow, Gro sure customized this bow, alright. “The gems are magic!” shouted and elf in the crowd. There were oohs and aahs. “Alright, let us head back!” The elves chanted and cheered on the way back to their camp.




“Gru!” shouted Arahki, now back from the raid and in Gru’s tree. “Gru? Where are you?” “I am sorry Arahki,” a voice from behind startled him, “Gru has been kidnapped by the Bolodox tribe,” said Yaviha.  Arahki was shocked. Gru had been his best friend. Gru had raised him. “Then I will find him,” said Arahki, tears in his eyes.

Arahki was still in Gru’s tree, searching for clues to where he is. He had been searching for a few minutes before he found this hastily scrabbled note:

Dear Arahki,

I am sorry to tell you this in a note, but as I write this, you are in battle at Elkrli, and the enemy tribe of elves are already coming to get me. I can see them through my window. They will probably take me captive in the Bolodinx tribe camp, just north-east of here. I have to go---they are climbing the ladder to my tree now.



Arahki was shocked. All of that had happened probably hours before now! I have to go and save Gru, he thought. I will need supplies.

Arahki headed over to Faraldi to buy some bombs, for he might need them if it was to go wrong at Bolodinx. He arrived at the shop. “Hey Faraldi, I need to pick up some bombs. You got any of those shrapnel ones I gave to Efrin?” he said sadly. “Sure Arahki. You heard about Gru?” said the bomb maker kindly. “That’s why I need the bombs. I’m going to save him.” He said. “Oh… well here are the bombs Arahki. Good luck.” “Thanks Faraldi.” Just as Arahki was about to leave the shop, Faraldi called back, “Hey Arahki, I think it is a good idea to bring someone with you.” “Like who?”  “Helgtias, she’s a good fighter.” Helgtias, Arahki thought, she would be good. “Ok, Faraldi, I’ll go and ask her to come,” He said, sighing.

Arahki found Helgtias at the barracks. “Hey Helgtias, I have a problem.”  “Lemme guess- Gru’s been captured?” she said. “How did you know?” “Everyone knows, Arahki.” “Would you mind coming with me to try and get him back?” said Arahki, pleadingly. “Sure, just give me a few hours to get supplies and prepare,” she said. “Oh, thank you, Helgtias, this means a lot to me.” “No problem, I think it will be fun.” Arahki left, mentally preparing himself for whatever they had done to Gru.



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