No one's land Act1 (Scece Six to Scene 8)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Second part of Act 1. It continues the story of Alice, and tells the beginning of just another place where war will strike once more.

Scene six

(starts right when previous scene ends, we see Vincenso laying down on a bed, a nurse comes to check Vincenso)

SOLDIER: hows he doing.

NURSE: Better. I wish we could do propper treatment though. It seems he has been starving for a long time as well. We have to be careful in order to make sure that he in good conditions when he wakes up.

SOLDIER: how are we going to explain what happened.

COMMANDER: I suppose that bridge will be croosed, if we have to cross it.


COMMANDER: We are moving the people we saved from the camp to another location. We cant have them here.

SOLDIER: Wait what? Are going to throw them agawy?

COMMANDER: Of course not. We are moving them to a refugee camp as soon as we can. There they can be treated. Here they will just rot and die. Im trying to look for the safety of everyone. We have limited rations, and all of our medical items are going to them. Im  not that heartless.

SOLDIER: I, Sorry, I apologize for being so abbuptive.

COMMANDER: No, its understandable. Excuse me miss.


COMMANDER: Do you know when this man will wake up?

NURSE: Not so sure. But soon I hope, for the better of him.  It has been 2 days.

SOLDIER: Whats so special about this one?

COMMANDER: He was inside the storage room. Im interested to see what happened in there. Ans also, he is not german, or polish.

SOLDIER: How can you tell?

COMANDER: There was a list of inmates. Here there several from many countries. Italians as well.

SOLDIER: So this man is Italian.

COMMANDER: I guess. Im just interested in what has been happening in Italy with the war. Im just wondering why is he here? Why Italians?

NURSE: If I may interrupt. I think is because of the nazi entering Italy, after Sicily was taken.


NURSE: You know that Germany took over of northen Italy, maybe that’s why he’s here. He might be a jew.

COMMANDER: Makes sense. But we still have a major problem.

SOLDIER: What is it?

COMMANDER: Does… Does anybody here speak Italian?

SOLDIER: Oh… Right. We struggled a little with german and polish. But some of us knew a little of the language, and some townspeople from different places helped out sometimes.

COMMANDER: Its similar to Spanish. So I suppose hola is hello? Right?

SOLDIER: That’s taking it a little to far. And may I ask if you can roll your r.

COMMANDER: (Pause) No. And I don’t know antthing about Spanish exept that. (At this point Vincenso is waking up) Nurse do you know Italian,

NURSE: I know French, but nothing more.

SOLDIER: I think we might have a problem. What if he doesn’t understand us? What if he thinks we are insulting him? He wouldn’t understand English right? Then again he might think we are calling him a doushbag son of a bitch by accident.

VINCENSO: I can understand English. That I do not come from your country, does not meant I don’t speak it, doushebag.

COMMANDER: (Silence) Hola senor.

SOLDIER: Sir, I don’t think that’s right.

COMMANDER: At least I tried.

VINCENSO: Its Ciao in Italian. (He has a pain)

NURSE: You should be resting, and not even talking with that injury in your neck.

VINCENSO: Neck? (He touches his bandaged neck) Im, alive?

SOLDIER: Well, yes.


COMMANDER: You are in a military safe camp.


SOLDIER: You are safe. Don’t worry. No one can harm you now.

VINCENSO: Che catso? Romario? Dov’e Romario?

SOLDIER: English?

VINCENSO: Where is Romario? There was another guy with me. Not with (beat) others, I mean

COMMANDER: Sorry. If he was the man who was tortured inside the storage, then he didn’t make it.

VINCENSO: Romario, mi dispiaceIo sono un idiot ache non si ptrebbe risparmiare.

SOLDIER: What happened in there.

VINCENSO: When we heard that the germans where retreating from the camp, we knew what was coming. They started killing. More than before. This time, it was everyone. In the storage, they were doing things to people. My friend Romario was taken there. I feared the worse. During the chaos Imoved to the storage. The scent of dead bodies was overwhelming inside of them. I tried to find in some of them, I thought many times that his body would be cut to pieces in a pile. But I was lucky to find him alive. Tortured, but alive. Then this man punced on me and tried to kill me. I was weak. He got the best of me and managed to slash my neck with a knife. He went to finish the job, but Romario pull up a fight to defend me. I passed out after that.

COMMANDER: Sorry to hear this.

VINCENSO: how could they do this to people

COMMANDER: Don’t worry. Its almost over.

VINCENSO: What, the war? It doesn’t matter anymore. All those people who died, thousands, and for what? I don’t even know if my family is alive. I told my son that I something ever happened to go to Florence. There, it might be safer. Away from war. But Italy is in war, and I, I don’t even know anymore. If even one of them were to be alive, I, I would be happy.

COMMANDER: Tell me, what were you before you were taken?


COMMANDER: As in job, work.

VINCENSO: I was a, I was a vet.

COMMANDER: Vet. So we can assume you can help in treating a human body, I know it sdifferent, but first aud, and some other ways of curing are alost the same right?

VINCENSO: What are you talking about?

 COMMANDER: What if you enlist. Here, with us. Some Italians are helping on the south, so you could help us out as well.

VINCENSO: Enlist, to fight? Are you kidding me? I will never kill a person, or participate in war. Why are you

COMMANDER: Not to kill, but cure. We just

VINCENSO: Nothinhg. We have nothing to talk about.

COMMANDER: If you just.

VINCENSO: No, As much as would like to tend injures,


VINCENSO:  I will not support this war. You might say that I am only making it worse but. I will not help with this war!

COMMANDER: Can you let me finish. Thank you. You are not going ti tend soldiers. But refugees. Before you woke up, I was talking to the soldier right here

SOLDIER: Soldier, don’t I have a name or a rank?

COMMANDER: Anyway, as I was talking to them

SOLDIER: Ignoring me, I see how it is

COMMANDER: As I was saying, there is

SOLDIER: I don’t even get a rank

COMMANDER: There is.

SOLDIER: The wrotter doesn’t even give me a name

COMMANDER: There is a place where

SOLDIER: I remember, my name was Charles

COMMANDER: We are sending you.

SOLDIER: I don’t why am I even here.

COMMANDER: God Damm it! You are right, you shouldn’t be here, should be doing the paperwork that we accorded that you were going to do.

SOLDIER: You don’t have to be so rude commander.

COMMANDER: Rude? You (Pause) Just shut up and go the paperwork.

SOLDIER: Sure. Ill get to that.

COMMANDER: Thank you. God. They never let me speak this days, even though im the commander. Does the title mean anything? Now as I was sayimg, there is a refugee camp where we are sending you guys. We are currently in the process of reatreating from this place because is dangerouse, and we don’t want to put you all indanger, so we will be sending boats to a camp in Naples, where you will be safe. And while you are being sent there, you could help some of us as we move up to Rome from there. This will tae some time, afer reaching Rome, we part ways and  you go to Florence. Hows that?

VINCENSO: (no answer)

NURSE: I will help you get started as soon as you recover.

VINCENSO: No. No, I want to start right now.

NURSE: But you are still injured.

VINCENSO: I know, but the staff must be running low, so I would be glad to help. This might be selfish of me, but if it can help me reach my destination, then ill help you people out.

COMMANDER: Take the remainder of the day to rest, and you can start tomorrow. I will take care of the paperwork.

SOLDIER: You will?



COMMANDER: I will see you tomorrow. (They leave)

VINCENSO: I don’t know what I can exppect there. I don’t want to bring false delusions. But, there is hope. Anotonella, Teresa, Marco. Im coming. (end scene)

Scene 7:

ITALIAN: What is this?

ARNO: Im resigning.


ARNO: You heard me. I am not going to do this anymore.

ITALIAN: Tell me, why?

ARNO: I have no reason to tell you.

ITALIAN: Then we cant let you go.

ARNO: I can simply walk out the door.

ITALIAN: And I suppose you don’t want to do that.

ARNO: And why is that?

ITALIAN: We cant lose anymore of you. We cant have you do as you please.

ARNO: What are you talking about?

ITALIAN: Many people have asked to retire, just like you. But they cant. You must fight.

ARNO: For who? You?. You are just cowards that are using us to protect youselrves.

ITALIAN: You sure about that.

ARNO: I am.

ITALIAN: Then take my position. If you think you are better leader than me, then I ask you to take it.

ARNO: I would. But Im tired of this war.
ITALIAN: See this is the problem with you soldiers. You don’t see what we have to do in order to protect our country.

ARNO: You have not seen the things I have. Have you ever seen a comrade being blasted off by a mine. Or suddenly a grenade appearing right next to you, and the only thing that you think is to get away. But in the process a friend might be blown away, you don’t even noice, it might be right after the explosion or after the battle, or never. In those moments your body moves in its own. Believe me, the battlefield is just a bloddy massacre. Like animals caged trying to find an exiit, but the only way to come out alive, is to kil the other. If your are only going to talk about how you have it hard, then Im out of here. Im don’t with you. War is won by soldiers, not you hiding in your barracks. War, is just a master putting his dogs to fight one another.

ITALIAN: I cannot let you leave. And you know that. We need you at the front.

ARNO: You cannot make go there again.

ITALIAN: We need you, all of you. Without you people, everything will fall apart

ARNO: People, more like pawns.

ITALIAN: Werent you the one who always said as long as you have something to protect, it didn’t matter whenever ypu died in the battlefield.

ARNO: What I want to protect is gone now. It was a long time ago.

ITALIAN: So why did you stay?

ARNO: I don’t know.

ITALIAN: Then why didn’t you leave early?

ARNO: I don’t know.

ITALIAN: It seemed you had something to protect, or just want to die in the batlefied.

ARNO: Die. Yes I wanted to die, I was supposed to die. That day it was going to me who died. Not Francesco.

ITALIAN: Francesco. He is the one who shot you isn’t he?

ARNO: he shot me, so I couldn’t go after him. That selfish motherfucker. He didn’t want to fight, as much as I didn’t. We were on the same track, but, he , he had to, he had something he cared back home. But why? Why did he, why didn’t he let me do it?

ITALIAN: Selfish, I suppose. Wanting to end his life, maybe not by suicide, but someone else. He didn’t want to take care of his son anymore. The easy way out. Its so easy to kill smeone this days. Before people were afraid, it was a lond and painfull way. Now, just a bullet to the face, and just like that, they leave. Selfish, you are right. You friend, was the worst kind, even worst than me.

ARNO: Ypu piece of shit.

ITALIAN: Is that the way to talk to your superior.

ARNO: Im done with you.

ITALIA< Its far from done. You know, we will do anything to keep the march of war. Even if we have to use a couple of soldiers as shields, we will. We could tie you to the front of a tank to be a target of nececesary. We don’t care how many die, as long as we win the war.

ARNO: You are insane.

ITALIA: War is not won by people like you, who think they can save everyone. What? Dot you want to also have the enemy be alive? What about the ones in your team. Lets face it, war is not us playing pistols back at our moms house. It’s a bloddy battle, where the one who lives is the one who stands at the top. And I am willingly to do whatever it takes to defeat my enemy. We are soldiers, we follow orders, we don’t question them.

ARNO: I could agree more with you. But that’s the same reason why im leaving. You have a delusion.

ITALIAN: And what is it?

ARNO: That in war there is  a winner.

(Nazi#3 and 4 enter)

NAZI#3: Coronell;

ITALIAN: ah, my friends, come in come in. You know Arno right?

NAZI#4: Sir, we must depart soon.

ITALIAN: Its about time isn’t it?

ARNO: What are you talking about?

ITALIAN: Ih that’s right, that’s right. You were still recovering when we debriefed our situation.

ARNO: Situation?

ITALIAN: please explain it to him.

NAZI#4: Since the lost of Rome, we were ordered to part to Florence, and form a barricade in that zone to prevent the allies from going forward, while our forces are still in on the East.

ARNO: What?

NAZI#4: You Italians, are to protect that barricade with your lives to prevent them from advancing.

ARNO: you are insane. What about the citizens of Florence.

NAZI#3: We will do whatever it takes. Wouldn’t you do the same for your country?

ARNO: I wouldn’t.  This is not right.

NAZI#3: This are orders, that come straight from Mussolini.

ARNO: I don’t care. This war has only become to see with side is stronguer than the other. Im out.

NAZI#4: You cant.

ARNO: I can sure as hell get out of here.

ITALIAN: I remember something about Francesco. His son lives in Florence.

ARNO: That’s a lie.

ITALIAN: Im saying the truth.

ARNO: You are lying.

ITALIAN: See for yourself.

ARNO: You are funny. You are one work of art. You had everything prepared to make me stay. To make me somehow stay and prtect him. You are a scik bastard. Now I see why he wanted to die. You would use his son to make him stay. Listen to me. I don’t care what happens to me. Im a dead man already. But, if you lay a single finger on that home, for any reason. I will kill you.  No, like you said, death is so easy this days, maybe Ill do what your friends, do up there. I will slowly break the bones on your arms and legs while slowly chopping out your limbs, starting from the fingers, maybe Ill skin you as well as I do, until you beg me to take your life, but at that moment I wouldnt, actually I will probable cut your tongue out, your voice would be just a disturnbance for me, and while im at it, I would make my face be the last thing you see as I gouge out your eyes, letting you wait for your ultimate demise.

NAZI#3: Soldier, get away from him.

ITALIAN: Its ok. Don’t do anything.

ARNO: Oh, I will make them act. Because, Im definatly more fucked up than you.

ITALIAN: In that your are right. All of you who fight for someone are insane. Do you think that all of the soldiers, in either side who are set a mindset to protect their contry, or a family are sane? In the end how many die. How many? Thousands, and many, without protecting what they wanted at first. We all have something to fight for, but its all meaningless at the end if the side loses. Their death in vain. The same with your friend. He died to prtect you, and what, you still desire to die. How pititifull.

ARNO: (Punches him on the face) Don’t you dare say another word.

ITALIAN: Now you’ve done. (The Nazi grab Arno trough the arms and hold him while ITALIAN hold him at gun point) I could kill you now, so easy. But I wont. You just commited an act, lets say betrayal, to me, your superior. I could kill you right now, as a dog who just went against his country. I could tie you to the tank right now, and await your inevitable demise as a bullet, or a another cannon rams at you, I cannot magine the fear that you will have as you are in there. And you were right, I had everything to convince you to come to Florence. Thant son of his, is now of age to be trained for war, and I could transform him into a person much more worse than me, or just another soldier to die in war. Now is your choice, die like a pig or at least die as man, and at least you might be able to save the one thing that your Francesco wanted to protect. Make your choice.

ARNO: So either one is death. ill do it.

ITALIAN: Good choice. We depart tonight. (they leaves)

ARNO: As soon as we get to Florence, and make sure Marco is ok, I will kill him.

(Blackout, lights come back on and the Nazi and Italian are there)

NAZI: Is it wise to bring him with us.

ITALIAN: He is one of our best, we cant let him get away as easy. The road to Florence is going to be full of enemy forces. Besides, in the end, he is powerless.

NAZI:  Arent you afraid he might kill you?

ITALIAN: Not afraid, but certain. My friend, keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. As soon as we arrive to Florence, you are free to take him out.

(Scene ends)

Scene 8:

SOFIA: Tu, has venido a la orilla

No has buscado, ni a sabios nia ricos

Tan solo quieres, que yo te siga.


Senor, me has mirado a los ojos.

Sonriendo has dicho mi nombre (con amor)

En la arena, he dejado mi barca.

Junto a ti, (junto a ti) Buscare otro mar.


Tu sabes bien lo que tengo

En mi barca no hay oro ni espadas

Tan solo redes, y mi trabajo.

(Chorus x2)


AUGUSTINE: That was beautifull Sofia.

SOFIA: Thanks sister.

AGATA: Sister?

SOFIA: Oh sorry, my family has a tradition of calling nuns sisters in my language.

AGATA: What does the song mean.

SOFIA: It’s a song that means that the Lord will call us, no matter where we are from, or what we have, God calls us to do something great.

FERNANDO: Thanks so much Sofia. Now with this we conclude our gathering today. Remember we are providing food Tuesdays from 11 to 2 if you ever need something. Brothers, sisters, like that song says, God has a call for us, we should be waiting for its call. So we end our gathering togather in the house of the lord, in the name of the father, of the son, and of the holy spirit.


FERNANDO: May God be with you in your every step.

(They start leaving stage. Agata, Sofia, Marco and Alice are left on stage)

SOFIA: Alice!

ALICE: Hey. Come vai?

SOFIA: How am I? I haven’t seen you in a long time! 

ALICE: You don’t come that often.

SOFIA: I try my best.

MARCO: Your sing awesomely!

SOFIA: Thanks little guy.

MARCO: Little? Im 12!

SOFIA: 12, so it has been a year isn’t it?

ALICE: Yeah. Its already June isn’t it?

SOFIA: So your birthday already passed? We have to do something about that.

ALICE: Like what? I have some things to finish in here.

AGATA: No you don’t.

ALICE: I have to go pick things up. I have to help with the children with mother Augustine. I have to help prepare dinner. Set the things for the

AGATA: Take this day off, ill take care of it.

ALICE: I have to do them. Im not going to give you all of that.

AGATA: Its fine, just go and have fun.


MARCO: I’ll go as well.

SOFIA: Ahhhh, I wanted to drinking.

ALICE: Are you serious?

SOFIA: Well, only if you wanted. (She starts leaving) Are you coming or not.

ALICE: Just for a little bit. I owe you one.

MARCO: Grazie mother superior.

(They leave)

AGATA: Just be back before dinner.

(Fernando enters)

FERNANDO: So, it seems you two are getting along.

AGATA: You were right. I didn’t know anything about her. Now I know a little.

FERNANDO: A little?

AGATA: Im tired of this.

FERNANDO: Of what?


FERNANDO: Oh. Are you getting overwhelmed with work.

AGATA: this is not funny. I am overwhelmed, with grief, sadness, torments, fear.

FERNANDO: so as I.

AGATA: You dint seem like it.

FERNANDO: I want to help. Im trying my best to keep things calm. But its hard. Believe me there are times I want to explode. That’s why, instead of trying to keep yourself apart from me, we should work together to make things better. Sometimes, we all forget, we are at war.

AGATA: You are right.

FERNANDO: Then please, stop avoiding me.

AGATA: The problem is, I cannot look at you anymore. Not same way.

FERNANDO: What are you talking about?

AGATA: I don’t know myself. But as long as there is a problem that concerns the both of us, I do not wish to speak with you.

FERNANDO: Listen, Agata, listen. This is a problem. If you don’t tell me whats going on, Ithen we cannot continue to work together.

AGATA: its this.


AGATA: Your bitter sweetness that comes at first as a appealing, but underneath is just something inside, that you don’t spect to see until its too late.

FERNANDO: Ok Im sorry if I said something wrong before.

AGATA: I don’t want to hear it.

FERNANDO: Hear what? Im apologizing, what else do you want?

AGATA: Nothing . I don’t need something from you. So please, leave me to work.

FERNANDO: Now this is a first. Its definatly the first time I have to deal with someone like this. Alright, You want to play this game. Go ahead. But theres a war out there, and im not going to mess with a nun, that will not stay still. (Knock on door) Go ahead. Get the door.

AGATA: (She does, there is an soldier at the door) Hello sir, what can I do for you.

SOLDIER: I have bad news my lady.

FERNANDO: You are an American soldier? What are you doing here.

SOLDIER: We are planning a transport for the children.


SOLDIER: We don’t when yet, but Rome is going to become a bloddy massacre, soon. Maybe today.

AGATA: Are you planning to attack Florence. (No answer) We have to hurry. Where do we send them.

FERNANDO: Stop. What are you doing?

AGATA: We cannot let this get to the children. Even though we want to stay out of war we have to get the children out of here.

FERNANDO: Still we don’t know what he is going to do with the children.

AGATA: If this is going to become a battlefield. (Sounds of cars can be heard outside)

SOLDIER: We have no time for this. Gather the children now.

(Scene ends)

Scene 8:

Sophia: So lets go to my house first.


SOPHIA: I was going to get somethings before we go.

MARCO: Where are we going after?

ALICE: I don’t know, you tell me.

MARCO: Anywhere is fine.

SOPHIA: Ok then. (Some mumbles can be heard back stage).

ALICE: Shhh.


ALICE: (Beat) Get back.

(She pushes them back to stage left while some Nazi start moving)

NAZI#2: Get off quickly.

(Arno takes his time watching the place)

NAZI#1: Feeling home already? Get moving.

SOPHIA: That’s a lot of them. For the past couple of weeks, more and more soldiers are coming.

MARCO: whats going on? Why are we hiding?

SOPHIA: Keep quiet.

ALICE: (Starts coughing and hyperventilating)

SOPHIA: Alice. Take it easy there.

ALICE: Im fine. Im fine.

ROSA: Hello there.

ALICE: What are you doing here.

ROSA: Well I live nearby, so technically the question is what are you doing here?

SOPHIA: Excuse me. We are just going to my place.

ROSA: Oh, And what are we celebrating. Maybe the fact that the Nazi are going to reinforce their forces here. Doesn’t that tell you anything.

MAN: (Off stage) Rosa. Bella Rosa, come back here. I miss you in bed.

ROSA: I’ll be there in a second.

ALICE: We are leaving. You have some matters to attend.

ROSA: Oh I do. Right in front of me. There is a man that needs some help with something. And I kinda owe him something. And I thought, maybe, the sweet jew girl will be of help for me.


ALICE: Sophia. Do me a favor. Take Marco back to your house. Now.

SOPHIA: Just be safe. Okay.

MARCO: Alice? Im not leaving you this time.

SOPHIA: Marco lets go.

(They leave)

ROSA: Its just you and me again. But now we are somewhere where nobody will see us.

ALICE: Are we gpoing to play this game? Don’t you hear the men out there?

ROSA: I do. Florence is the next place to be destroyed.

ALICE: Tragedy is about to fall here, and the only thing you do is come here, to threaten me. I have not time for you.

ROSA: Coky little shit. You think I am going to let you go. You might die out there and I wont get back what you owe me.

ALICE: You think I owe you my life? My brother saved you.

ROSA: An idiot, just like every men. What did he do? He died, just like you, thinking he saved you. But, he just brought you to me.


ROSA: (She pulls a knife and knife and pints it to Alice) You shouldn’t move do anything irrational. Your face is so, delightfull, Tragedy is such a funny thing. Not going to lie, I’ve suffered as well, its just funny when people live in these tragedies and how I can play with them. And war, (She laughts) humans are so stupid. Men gping to war, to prortect their nation? At the end they are just fools being controlled by other people, and their death is miningless, unless they win. And women, desperaltly waiting for a man to come back, and then they mourn. I cannot help but laugh at them. 

ALICE: I think, that’s the only thing I could agree with you. But even that, aren’t you afraid, of everything being taken away from you. Right now, everything could be taken, in a blink of an eye. You don’t notice, but you have everything. Even in spite of war, of people suffering, you still live with luxury. You don’t notice but there are people out there that need help.

ROSA: A little bit envious aren’t you?

ALICE: Sometimes. I wish I could be just like you. A person who doesn’t care about anything expet herself,  that would go as far as to seld her body to live in luxury. Just like a Nazi sometimes, believing to be superior treating people like garbage, that they can be trown in a pile, and then recicle the. But lives that are taken, can never be returned. Like them, you are below the pile, at the bottom, trying to cover the fact, that you are nothing.

ROSA: Nothing? I am currently enjoying myself.

ALICE: In what. Seeing me suffer?

ROSA: As I sais, I find tragedy amuzing.  Yours for example. I can enjoy yours for as long as I want little girl. And I could make it worse by just, paying a visit to your new friends. But this place will be soon the center of a war, and you life stopping being interesting to me. Before it was great seeing  you tremble everytime I mention your mother that follows you around. I might go to the east, and the move south as things get calmer, mayble I will find another toy.

ALICE: One mand happiness, can mean the whole world destruction. But at the same time, the happiness of theat person can be threatened, and his or her happiness might go in a flash.

ROSA: Are you threating me? I own you.

ALICE: The only thing you own, is that petty little mind of yours. (Rosa punches Alice)

ROSA: You are just an extra thing I grabbed on the way here. I didn’t neeed your brother, and I as well don’t need you. But you have a use for me. You are my scape goat after all.

ALICE: Now you have a use for me?

ROSA: I have 2 ways of going out. A man is going to do me the favor to help, for some special benefits, but he needs something, or rather someone. The other way will be trying to deliver you to the Nazis and they will probably help me for being loyal. Even without you, I can still make it. Its easy.

ALICE: You are insane.

ROSA: Im I? So what do you prefer (She tears off the cross from her chest) What do you chose.

ALICE: (Starts hyperventilating)

ANTONELA: Teresa… Teresa?

ALICE: No, No!

ROSA: Now thats a face I like to see.

ANTONELA: (She enters) There you are.

ALICE: Leave me alone (Grabs something from the floor and hits Rosa, she starts to run away)

(She runs away and we hear cars rushing in, and starts of shots and bombs)

NAZI#4: The Americans are here! (Write this in german)

NAZI#2: Lets move!

(They move off stage as Sophia and Marco enter)

MARCO: We have to get back to la casa.

SOPHIA: We have to get to the shelter!

MARCO: What about Alice? (Noanswer and a gunshot) Whats going on? We have to

SOPHIA: Marco! (Pause) Im sorry, but there is no time, we have to go.

FERNANDO: Lets go, move faster.

AUGUSTINE:  Is that everyone?


AUGUSTINE: Did you check?


AGATA: Wait? Where is Alice? And Marco? You told me…

FERNANDO: They are not inside! We got to go.

AGATA: We have to find them.

FERNANDO: They will find us!

AGATA: I am not leaving without them.

FERNANDO: Suit yourself.

(Lights out, we hear some bombings)

VINCENSO: What is going on here?

COMMANDER: We gotta move and attend any wounded. (Vincenso just stands there) Vincenso, Vincenso!

VINCENSO: I didn’t… I cant do this, What is going on?

COMMANDER: Get a hold of yourself. You knew what would happen if you came with us to Florence. We cant let this people die.

VINCENSO: Alright.

SOLDIER: Incoming sir

COMMANDER: Shit. Stay back!

(Lights out, background shootings get softer and then we see Alice on stage)

ALICE: I have to get back. I have to get back. (She starts panting and falling down) I have to go. I cant stay here.


ALICE: (She trips, lights go down)

ANTONELA: You are all alone. Why are you even here?

TERESA: Why does this keep happening to me.

ANOTONELA: Im here sweety.

TERESA: Mamma? Mamma! (she rushes to her)

ANTONELA: Whats going on? Come here.

TERESA: No. No. You are…

ANTONELA: Im here, come Teresa.

TERESA: You are not real.

ANTONELA: What are you saying?

TERESA: get away from me. You…

ANTONELA: You are weak, you need me.

TERESA: Get out of here.

ANTONELA: Everyonr is going to die again.

TERESA: Just leave me alone!

ANTONELA: You cannot push me away. I will be there, right beside you.

TERESA: You are not real, you are dead. Get away from me!

ANTONELA: Look at me.

TERESA: You are dead.  You are not here. You are just my fucked up mind, just go away. I hate you!

ANTONELA: (She lunges toward Teresa and chokes her)  I am right here. Look at me. I wish I could kill you right now. You are nothing. You are just going to die like everyone else. By this war, or by your hands. You cannot escape, not from me, not from this war, not from yourself. I will always follow you. Everyone keeps dieing around you. Everyone you care is going to die here, why don’t you take the easy way out? I really wish I could end you right now, but even now is just funny, watching you twitch like this. And there is nothing you can do against me. I am you. And I will always be there.  You are weak, just shackeld to me. Unable to break free. You, are, nobody.

TERESA: (Extends her hand on top) Mom, why did you had to leave.

ANTONELA: Im here. And I will always be beside you. Someone who is unable to throw away here past, someone torturing herself. And I will be there, to make you suffer.

TERESA: Leave… I just want everyone back again.

ANTONELA: They are already gone.

(Blackout, there are sounds of war going on the back until they start fading out)

SOLDIER: Gather everything from here and move back!

MAN: Where is my wife? Please somebody

WOMAN: Rodrigo, No (She cries)

VINCENSO: Why was Florence (Pause) What happened. Why did we arrive at this moment? When did this

SOLDIER: We have to move back. Now!


ALICE: Stop. Just leave me alone. (Giggles) Im I carzy? Please mom tell me im not? Is it funny, how everything around me just dies. You are already gone right? Why would you hear me. I just want to be happy. Please look at me.

NAZI#4: Someone’s here.

ITALIAN: Take her away. Put her with the rest. (He leaves)

NAZI#4:  Get up. I said get up!

ALICE: My mother on my arms, uncle on the floor, dad in tiny pieces (Laughts slowly) Put a knife on my neck,, and what do you get. (she looks at him)

NAZI#4: What is wrong with you?

ALICE: Me? What is wrong with you? You kill, and kill, and kill, and that’s good. For you is good. But what about us. The people who don’t care. The people in cities who die, and die, because of you.

NAZI#4: Stand down.

ALICE: You probably don’t understand.

NAZI#4: Stay back!

ALICE: Take a good look at me.

NAZI#4:  Stay back!

ALICE: take a good look at me! My face, my mind is the result of this war.

NAZI#4: Don’t make me sh.. (A gunshot is heard and  he falls down, Alice, goes down and shouts)

ARNO: Are you ok?

ALICE: Stay back!

ARNO: I don’t mean any…

ALICE: Stay back! I don’t, I don’t want any of this. Please, help me. (She falls down)

ARNO: Oi, are you ok?

ALICE: Somebody, save me (She passes out)

ARNO: Hey. Hey stay with me. What is going on?

ITALIAN: I heard a gunshot from over there.

ARNO: Catso. (He carries her) Don’t worry, everything is going to be okay.

(They leave end scene)

Scene 9.

NEWSMAN#1: So much destruction.

NEWSMAN#2: How many people died.

NEWSMAN#1: I don’t know. I don’t even know how, or why this fight started, but

NEWSMAN#2: War has reached Florence, and not in a nice way.  Not that there is a nice way to do it.

NEWSMAN#1: They were just living normally, an thenm in a split of a second, everything went to shit. I never, saw it with eyes, but

NEWSMAN#2: I know. I Know. Both sides clashed here, and the only thing left is chaos. Now, Florence in the middle of war, the Nazi have strenghed their posts here, bringing Florence into dark times.

NEWSMAN#1: There are those who say, that only war will change this world.

NEWSMAN#2: If tahts true, then this world is messed up.

NEWSMAN#1: I just hope this war ends soon.

(End scene)

(End Act 1)

Total time to here so far: 1 hour, 20 min.

Submitted: July 14, 2015

© Copyright 2022 Arai. All rights reserved.

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