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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

I was the a top assassin until the company betrayed me and had me put in jail. Now i am coming out and revealing what happened.

Here I am now, sitting in my prison cell window looking down on my fellow prison mates out in the yard. Like most of them I was charged with a crime that I didn’t commit. This was the place that they sent people that they are ashamed of or perhaps those who have turned against them. I over heard the guards saying that I killed a man, well actually several men. I’m not sure about the details of the murder, but I do remember everything that happened before it. I woke up surrounded by guards and police officers and everyone yelling and I swear going crazy. The victims name was Julio Vansant, and he was a famous scientist who was working on a cure for several of the worlds most horrible and destructive diseases. But he didn’t realize that the American government had planned to use these diseases as a biological weapon against an enemy if one should arise.
My name is Devonna and I am or was a secret agent for the American government. At one point they said I was the best, but that was before they put me in this place, until I discovered the truth and they framed me. My only loyal companion in here is Brennon, I have known him most of my life and have never been apart since the day we met. He doesn’t talk much and can have a scary appearance to strangers; he’s tall and muscular, and very intimidating until you get to know him, the real him. Then he is actually very sweet and caring. I always wanted to become a secret agent and I guess the excitement intrigued me and eventually Brennon decided to join me. Anyway here is my story.
We had been in the agency nicknamed M.A.B, no one is actually sure what it stands for but then again no one has actually asked. For years my team and I trained and went on missions to eliminate threats to the government. But this mission did not go according to plan. All they told us was that the threat was Julio and that he was considered armed and biologically dangerous. We ran simulations are simulations preparing for any problem that should arise. When our commanders thought we were ready they called us and another team into the briefing room and told us our mission. “You are to review these folders and become familiar with the subject until you know everything about him.” Our leader Michael Keaton told us all. “This man is developing a weapon that is biological and trying to bring massive destruction to the world.” He continued. “Devonna you and your team will be in charge of gathering information and telling Jason’s team who will be of the assassination.” Michael said. Now Michael was a big man much like Brennon, but he was arrogant and so self centered. He has always begged me to stand behind him and help him run the company. But his version of help was just looking pretty and keeping my mouth shut. I don’t know who he thinks I am but I don’t follow orders I don’t want to. “I don’t think so. My team will handle the job.” I stood up and said. “No, you will gather Intel and do nothing more.” Michael said. “Then you can find another team to do your dirty work.” I told him. Angered by what I said he came stomping over to where I was and threw his hand back and prepared to hit me. Brennon stood up and caught Michael’s arm ad said “Temp to hit her again and you will be eating through a straw tonight.” He said as he let go of Michael’s arm. “She’s right; she should be the one to take lead. She has more experience then I do.” Jason said speaking up. “You know there are other teams that would be willing to take this job. And they would follow my orders to. I could just pick one of them.” Michael said in his defense. “You could, but think about this, what do you think the other teams are going to say when they find out that Devonna, your top agent refused to take this mission?” Jason said. Raging Michael just turned and walked out the room. “Thank you, Brennon?” I said as I sat back down holding my cramping stomach. “It’s okay, a man shouldn’t be hitting a woman especially one in your condition. He should know better.” Brennon answered. “But he doesn’t know, does he Devonna?” Jason asked as he watched the others leave. “No I couldn’t tell him. I don’t want him to know.” I answered. “How are you going to hide it in the months to come?” Brennon asked. “I’ll take a leave of absence.” “He has to grant it and you know he’ll ask why.” Jason reminded me. “I don’t know. I want to get out of this business. I’m tired of killing people.” I said. “They won’t let you out, you know that much.” Brennon said. “I know and if they find out about it, they won’t let me have the child.” I told them as I stood up and Brennon hugged me. “Everything will be alright; I won’t let anyone harm you or the child.’ He said as we walked out of the room.
Incase you are wondering the father to the child is Michael. I had a temporary moment at weakness on my last mission. Brennon and I had been separated and Michael saved me from having to sleep in the rain and I’m not sure if I was lonely or caught up in the moment but we both gave into lust, as much as I hate to admit it. And the next day we were attack and managed to escape but just barely. After the mission I spent the last three months in and out of the hospitals due to complications from the mission. On my last visit they told me that I was pregnant, although I already knew. Since I had become close friends with all the doctors and nurses up there I convinced them not to write it down in their reports and make it look like it never found out. I told Brennon and Jason about it because I know I can trust them. Jason also was a childhood friend, but we lost contact with each other until last year. He showed up in the briefing room to be briefed on a mission and my team was the one that he was to join, but eventually he began commanding a team of his own and our teams have done missions together every since. Brennon and Jason are the only two people that haven’t betrayed me in this whole affair. Anyway back to the story.
That night when I finally got home and got into bed my phone rang. Despite a nagging feeling I answered it. “Hello Devonna.” The voice on the other side said. “Oh hi Michael what do you want?” I asked. “Now is that anyway to greet a man that loves you?” he asked. “It’s not love, just lust. Don’t be fooled.” I told him. “You are the one that is fooled, don’t deny your heart.” He told me. “I never deny my heart of what it wants, and you are not it.” I said as I hung up the phone. The next morning as I arrived at MAB Michael came up to me. “If you hadn’t hung up the phone I would have told you that I came up with a solution to our argument.” He said. “And what would that be?” “Both teams can go after Mr. Vansent, and another will gather the information.” He answered. “And what changed your mind?” I asked. “Let’s just say I can’t deny my love what she really wants.” He answered as he forced a hug from me and then walked away.
Jason and Brennon came up to me and asked. “Are you alright? We heard everything.” Brennon came up to me and wrapped his arm around me and I said. “Come on let’s get out of here.” And the rest of the day we spent preparing for the next days mission. Michael never told us who the other team was but we did get the information that we thought we needed. They told us that Vansent was going to be in central park at noon. We had everything prepared and everyone was ready, but when he came into the park he had his two children with him, a five year old boy and seven year old girl. “I can’t do this Jason. I can’t take a father away from his children, not right in front of them.” I said as I stood up and walked away. “But, Devonna.” “No Jason they need him.” I protested. Suddenly he came running toward me and tackled me to the ground. “I’m sorry.” He said as he rolled off of me. I sat up and Brennon ran over to him. “He’s shot!” I heard him say as blood began to cover the ground. I looked around to find the person who shot him but saw no one but Vansent’s screaming children. Whoever shot Jason had also shot him. “Take him to a doctor.” I said as I went down to try and find my, would be, killer. Eventually I found him trying to pack his gun back in his bag when I confronted him he attacked me. When he realized that I had the better advantage he elbowed me in the stomach and took off running. I chased him, despite the intense pain, into the subway and there is where the brutal murder occurred. Like I said I don’t know the details about the murder. But I woke up to people screaming and the police banner ringing as they surrounded me; I knew for sure that the government would get me out of this so I didn’t fight them. But they didn’t, they changed everything about me and my past. Going back and creating a false identity. The jury found me guilty and the judge sentenced me to life in prison. And there I stayed in prison despite Brennon’s attempts to free me. They wouldn’t even allow him to see me or let me hear about how Jason was. Until one day they opened the cell door and in walked Brennon in handcuffs. “What happened?” I asked as I stood up my pregnant belly no long able to be hidden. “I got to close to the truth and they framed me as well.” he answered “How’s Jason?” I asked. “He’s fine and has vowed never to give up on freeing us.” He answered.
I’m nine months pregnant now and in a court room again to hear the results of my appeal when suddenly Jason came busting into the room. “Your honor, before you make your decision I have some new evidence for you. Please allow me to talk to you alone.” He said. And then he followed the judge into a private room. “Are you alright?” Brennon asked he had been brought in as a witness. “I’m fine why do you ask?” “Because you look like you’re in discomfort. Is it the baby?” he said “Yes it’s kicking a lot but I’m alright.” I lied, I had gone into labor but I didn’t want Brennon to know. I wanted to have this baby as a free woman and I knew that Jason would free me. An agonizing hour later the judge and Jason had emerged from the room and he said. “I have new reason to find Devonna innocent of all charges. I have no idea who would frame you but I do know that I am sorry for everything that has happened.” “Thank you sir.” I said weakly and almost instantly Brennon and Jason knew something was wrong. “Devonna what’s wrong, and don’t lie to me.” He said. “It is time.” I managed to say before I fell into his arms passed out. He picked me up and took me outside and there found a taxi and he and Jason got me to the hospital as quick as they could.
“Who is the father?” the doctor asked as he came out of the delivery room. Brennon and Jason looked at each other and then Brennon said. “I am, is she alright?” “The baby is fine, but Devonna wasn’t so lucky. The labor was long and really hard on her; she has lost a lot of blood and was extremely weak when you brought her in here. But for right now she will be alright. But how come you didn’t get her here sooner?” the doctor answered. “She didn’t tell us that she was in labor until it was too late.” “Can we see her?” Brennon asked. “And the baby?” they heard someone else say from behind. “That is if you don’t mind.” Dreading to turn around and see who the familiar voice belonged to they looked at each other and then turned to see Michael standing behind two other men. “How dare you show up here?” Brennon yelled as he started toward him. “Why wouldn’t I come to see my true love in her time of need?” Michael answered. “Hell you don’t love her; you abandoned her in her time of need. All those months in prison weren’t easy for her you know.” Brennon yelled as Jason held him back. “Don’t do this, not now.” Jason said calmly. “If you two can calm down long enough to say hello to her I will let you both in at once.” The doctor interrupted. “But no arguing in front of her. Brennon pulled away from Jason’s grip and the doctor led the way to the room. There on the bed was Devonna holding her child, slowly rocking side to side. She looked like she was really too exhausted to have visitors and should be asleep. “Give me my son.” Michael said as he reached down and grabbed him. “No it’s not yours.” She weakly answered but didn’t have the strength to fight him. When he had the baby in his arms he back slapped her for arguing with him and then turned to walk out the door. Brennon stepped in front of him and punched him in the nose and then took the baby and handed it back to Devonna. “Mind your own business.” Michael said as Brennon turned back around and he was punched back. Brennon lost his balance and fell on a chest which crushed under his weight and caused him to hit his head on the bed railing.
When he awoke Devonna was lying beside him, her hand was on his chest and her head was on his shoulder. “Why are you crying?” he asked. “You’re awake!” she said. “You didn’t answer my question.” “He took my child, Brennon, he took my baby.” He pulled her closer and said “Don’t worry I will get him back for you.” Then her pulled her face close to his and gently touched the bruise on the side of it. “And you will never have to worry about him again.” He said as he wiped her tears away. “I believe you.” She said and slowly leaned up and kissed his cheek. She went to get up when he grabbed her arm and pulled her gently back down and kissed her lips slowly. He pulled away and saw a look of pure joy and fear in her eyes. An expression she had never given before. “I’m sorry.” He said “No don’t be.” She said as she kissed him back but this time they lingered for awhile.
Up until this point they had never been able to tell the other their true feelings. It broke Brennon’s heart when she told him that she was having Michael’s child and he blamed himself for it. He believed that if he had kept better track of Devonna that night that none of this would have ever happened and that it could have been his child and they would have been happy. But right now rage had overcome him and he was determined to make her happy any way he could. “I’m going to get him back Devonna.” He said as he gave her one last kiss and got up and went to the door. There he paused and looked back, before heading out.
“What are you smiling about?” he asked Jason who had been standing at the door watching everything that had happened. “Nothing.” Jason laughed as he got into the car. “You know he will be expecting me.” Brennon said. “You can turn back you know.” “Never she means too much to me, like she does you and like you I will not give up on her.” Jason replied. It took the better part of the night to find Michael. He had fled back to MAB and was debating on what to do now that he was a criminal he had stolen a baby and the law always sided with the mother. “Michael hand the baby over and we will forget about all of this ever happened.” Jason said. “I can’t do that. A man can not go back and change his actions nor can he expect people to forgive him for them completely.” Michael answered. “You might not expect it but sometimes it can happen.” Jason answered. “Not for me.” Michael said as he pulled out a gun and held it toward the baby. Slowly he removed the safety and a gun shot echoed in the room. “No!” Brennon yelled. As he began to run forward and Jason stopped him as Michael held the gun toward them and slowly sunk to his knees. Standing behind him was Devonna with her gun pointed at him, Jason released Brennon and they ran. Brennon went to Devonna and Jason got the baby to safety. “What are you doing here, you should be resting. The doctors said you shouldn’t be moving around, come on let’s get you back.” Brennon said. She started to protest when she fell to her knees. He caught her before she could fall backward and saw that blood now covered the ground where she stood. “Name him Ashton, and please take care of him for me Brennon. Don’t let him know about Michael and what happened here tonight.” She said as her breathing became more difficult and slowly she began to fade. “Devonna please don’t go.” Brennon said. “Everything will be alright.” She said as she closed her eyes and her hand fell from his face. He couldn’t hold back the tears any longer. He bent down and picked her limp body up and carried it back to the hospital.
After a few choice words with the doctor who tried to explain that she checked herself out and that they couldn’t stop her from leaving the doctor handed him a note that read:
Brennon my love,
I know the anger that must be consuming you right now but know that there was nothing you could have done to prevent this. And don’t ever forget that moment that we shared and the bliss we had. Never regret the past and always look to the future.
Please I beg you raise my son as your own and keep Michael a distant memory never to be remembered. I have to go now. I love you
Love always
Brennon gently folded up the note and put it in his pocket then he took the baby in his arms and left. He named the baby Ashton just as she had asked. Years pasted and Ashton was now a grown man raised by the one who loved him and his mother most he become strong in will and body. Always loyal in the memory of his mother.

Submitted: January 17, 2010

© Copyright 2022 Aralven. All rights reserved.

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Ellie West

Nice story. It kept me interested tll the end.

Sun, January 17th, 2010 10:33am

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