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Submitted: March 14, 2008

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Submitted: March 14, 2008





Agbero (social miscreant) has become a household name and an unwanted friend to reckon with especially to commercial drivers plighting the Lagos road everyday. Even a year old child can tell who an Agbero is.


“Agbero” is a Yoruba word meaning someone that calls passenger to a waiting vehicle, but the case has taken a u turn because they’ve turn themselves to the King of motorist and causes of so many inter-street fights in Lagos.


They are popularly clad in the Nigeria Flag colour of green fez caps, white jacket-shirt and green trousers while some of them operate in mufti. The group functions under the auspices of NURTW i.e. National Union of Road Transport Workers and are always found on each designated or undesignated bus stops forcefully extorting unconstitutional fees from commercial motorist, failure to comply leads to a ban from the garage or damage to the person’s vehicle.


In Ojota, the havoc that this people cause during the change of power by the Union Chairman in 2007 is nothing to write home about as not only were vehicles burn, unlucky innocent civilians were given an unforgettable beaten of their lives, pick pocketers are on rampage while ladies were sexually molested hands up!


The death of Chief Saula last year December, Chairman of the NURTW in Ikeja, Iyana Ipaja, and Oshodi local government areas is a tale that will be unforgotten in the Lagos state history as lives were injured, properties were destroy it takes the power of the most High for the police to curb the 7 days inter-local government area war!


An interview with Mr. Dokun Ajayi a commercial driver plighting Ikorodu with LASPOSUG bus shuttle reveals the maltreatment the commercial motorist encounter daily in the hand of the so called Agbero he explain that “I dey pay more than N700 per day, for this Agbero because if you no pay am, dem go just spoil something wey pass the N700 wey you go pay dem for your motor, so to avoid wahala I just dey give dem the money” continuing in his statement he says that “ my sister if you see the way the dem go collect the money for your hand, you go think say na their papa work be that infact I don’t know what Lagos is turning into because this agbero no dey for other states”


The Okada riders are not left out in the unavoidable levies as they too pay more than N250 per day to the agbero or leads to the seizure of  their motorcycles.


The agbero group is made up of boys popularly known as “area boys” who are young and versatile but see extortion as the only way of combating poverty. Findings show that some of them are literate but has to succumb to what they can lay their hands in other to meet their daily needs


On the part of the Lagos State Government, from the look of things I don’t think Agbero will be curb not even in the nearest future as the NURTW is a recognized body by the state government so the question is how is a Brighter Rewarding Future guaranteed if our tomorrows’ today is wasting away?

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