True Love - A love that lasts forever and doesn't get old

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This is the story of a girl named Sara. Sara is an innocent girl who is afraid of love. The story is about how she gets over her fears and finally finds true and deep love that fills her life with happiness. There are ups and downs in her life.. but her love (Robert) is strong enough to stand by her side and never leave her.
The story is full of pure and deep emotions of a love so rare.. yet so true..

Submitted: January 12, 2014

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Submitted: January 12, 2014



Sara was a very cheerful girl with compassion for everyone she came across. She was never judgmental of anyone and wanted to befriend everyone. Her philosophy was, “we all need love and freedom.. after all we are humans!” J She was a very generous person.

It was a dull, dry evening of autumn. She was on her way back to hostel from college. She was having a little trouble walking as the whole day she had been rushing to places for her project work. Her leg was aching. Thinking to herself, “Today I will have to take medicine and apply Fast Relief on my legs… I wish our examinations get over fast..  so I could have some peace!... Gosh! All my money is spent on my project.. I can’t even take the taxi today..”, she went on walking.

Suddenly she found $20 inside one of the pockets of her jacket. “Thank you God!”, as soon as she said that in her mind, she saw a teenage guy begging for money on the footpath. She stopped walking and noticed that he couldn’t see and he was crying with hunger. Sara saw his torn clothes, unkempt hair, malnourished body, sunken eyes, and groaning cry. Her heart melted. She couldn’t stop herself and handed over the $20 to that beggar.

She was feeling bad for the guy, but was also contented with the thought that she did what she could.

Now she had no option than to reach her hostel by foot. It was growing darker. The street lights were dim today. She couldn’t see and stumbled upon a stone and was about to fall. But suddenly a stranger clasped her by the hands and supported her from falling on the ground.

“Hey! Are you alright?”, asked the stranger.

“Yes, I’m fine. Thank you!”, replied Sara.

She started walking.  It pained her as she had sprained her leg. She started limping.

“Aaaah!... oooh.. aah!”, Sara cried in pain.

The stranger (walking by her side) said, “Hey! Are you having trouble walking? Why don’t you board a taxi?”

“No. I’m fine.”, said Sara.

“Aaaah… aaah!”

“Listen, I think you must board a bus or taxi. You must sit here (pointing towards a bench) and I’ll get you a taxi.”, said the stranger.

He made Sara sit on the bench with the support of his hands.

Sara: Hey! No, please. I’ll go on my own; I’ll be fine if I rest here for a few minutes. You please go.

Stranger: Ok, I’ll wait here till you go.

Sara: Thanks so much for your help mister. But I’ll manage now.

All her friends had already reached hostel so she was feeling helpless.

Massaging her legs, she looked at her side and saw the stranger was still sitting there.

Sara: What’s your problem mister?

Stranger: Robert! My name’s Robert and I have no problem.

Sara:  Then why the hell don’t you leave me alone?

Robert: Coz I can’t. As a man, it’s my duty to help any woman in trouble.

Sara: What?!?! I am NOT in trouble.

Robert: Yes, but you could be in trouble. This is a very ghetto place and I don’t like any woman sitting here all alone. It is unsafe you know!

Sara frowned at him, doubting he was one of the perverts setting traps for girls with his “unwanted kindness.”

An hour had passed now and Sara still couldn’t walk. It was 9:00 pm.

Sara: Hey! I actually don’t have money with me, that’s why I can’t get on a bus or taxi, so I thought I’d go on foot, but it seems impossible today.. Could you please lend me some money? I promise I’ll return…..

Robert: And this is why you were waiting till now? You should’ve told that to me earlier. Here, have these $50.

Taxi… taxi…. A taxi stopped. Robert helped Sara get seated.

Sara: Thanks so much Robert! I’ll return your money tomorrow morning right at this place.

Robert: Ok. But what’s your name?

Sara: Sara

As Sara reached the hostel all her friends started worrying, watching her limp. She told the whole story to everyone.

And all the girls started laughing and giggling about her encounter with the stranger. They teased her, saying,” Oh ho! So Sara found a prince charming today!.... Sara got a bf.. Sara got a bf…. Sara found her soulmate!! A friend in need.. a friend indeed!!”

And Sara got pissed off with this coz she was a no-nonsense girl. She didn’t believe in love and marriage. She found these things ridiculous. She was just focused on her career.

But as she went to her bed that night, thoughts about whatever had happened in the evening, crossed her mind. She started thinking about the stranger. She said to herself, “He was not like the usual guys.. he seemed to be so mature and kind… he was a gentleman… he helped me reach back safely… Could it be true.. the things my friends were saying to me.. could he possibly, be the love of my life.. why am I like this? Why do I never wanna fall in love? Why do I think every guy is a pervert?

Huh! But who wants love? I don’t need a f@cking man to love me. I can live on my own, independently…!

But… will I die alone? Will no one cry for me when I die? Will I have a happy life living all by myself.. right now I’m young, but one day I’ll grow old, I’ll grow weak.. who will care for me?? Will I also have to fall in love and make babies with a guy to live a happy life?... It’s so confusing..

but hey! I needn’t think about it.. right now I’m in college and I have my last exam tomorrow… after I become something, I can do all that stuff.. and God will surely guide me in all this…

and oh, I have to return the money tomorrow.”

Thinking all of this she fell asleep. Next morning she got ready for college and reached the college along with her friends. She gave the exams and she was so happy, it went well. Her leg was fine now and she could walk properly. Sara and her friends decided to celebrate the joy of finishing their exams. They all went to watch a movie, and then they went for shopping.

It was Jessica’s (Sara’s best friend) birthday, so they also ate at a big restaurant. They had so much fun. Sara gifted Jessica, a big teddy and a beautiful watch. All of the girls had no money left in their pockets. They were all reaching back to hostel on foot.

Sara: OH MY GOD!! I completely forgot.. I had to return Robert’s money. What now?

Jessica: Nothing. Chill babe! Let’s see if he’s there tomorrow morning.  If he’d be there, return the money, if not.. Simply ignore! Haha

Sara: But that’s wrong. But what else can I do?

All of a sudden they saw a stranger stop their way.

Sara: Hey girls! That’s Robert!

Robert I’m really sorry, I didn’t return your money in the morning… I had my exams.. and I’m ashamed to say I’ve spent all the money I had brought to  college today. Can I return it tomorrow..? I promise I would!

Robert: Whoa! Calm down.. it’s perfectly ok. I understand.. you guys are in college, you have exams n stuff… umm, btw, how’s your leg now Sara?

Sara: Much better.. n thanks once again.

Robert: Oh you don’t have to! I was just doing my duty!

One of the girls asked him, “What do you do Robert?”

Robert: I’m the general manager at Go On (a famous computer company).

Ahem! Ahem! (Jessica cleared her throat.. they were all surprised!)

Jessica: Where do you live?

I live ten minutes away from here.

“Oh wow!”, Jessica exclaimed.

Sara: Ok bye.

Robert: Take care, Sara.

All of the girls reached hostel and started discussing about Robert.

“He’s so handsome, man… And his voice is so soothing… he’s hot and he’s rich.. oh, I wish he falls in love with me.. such a prince charming personality…”

All the girls were gossiping things like this. But it disturbed Sara. “How can you guys think like this about a stranger? He might be a pervert or stalker or a rapist… he might be a fake; he might be a thief… and big shock! He might be married already.. so just stop guys!”

Cindy (one of the girls): Cool down Sara! I know we’re fantasizing a lot.. but why are you over-reacting? Why do you always think all guys are perverts or rapists or fake or a criminal??

Sara: Coz most of them are!

(Jessica was listening to all this quietly.)

Cindy: .. and this doesn’t mean EACH of them are like that! I can claim my brother is a sweetheart! My dad is such a gentleman.. do you think like that about your father too?

Sara stared at her with a frown on her head and locked herself inside her room. Jessica understood something was wrong. She knocked on Sara’s door and stood outside her room, waiting for her to open the door. Five minutes passed by but Sara didn’t open the door. Jessie knocked on once more… and still not even a reply…

Then Jessie leaned forward and tried to peep inside her room through the keyhole. She couldn’t see anything but could hear Sara crying heavily. Jessie got worried. She knocked on the door once more.. and said, “Won’t you give your Jessie a chance to help ease your pain? Jessie wants to share your pain.. Sara please open the door… I’m your bestie.. open the door baby..”

Sara opened the door and let Jessie in, she then closed the door.

Her face was red, her eyes were red and her pillow was wet. Her eyes were full of tears and she was sweating. (She was looking very innocent and cute like a baby.)

Jessie sat down beside her.

Jessie: Awwww… my baby… what happened to you..?

She wiped Sara’s tears and rested her head on her shoulders.

Sara opened her mouth to speak but she couldn’t speak a word.. she was numb. She was sobbing.

Jessie hugged her and pet her. She then cupped her face with her hands and kissed her on the forehead and cheeks. Jessie kept hugging and petting Sara for minutes. After about half an hour of all this.. Sara finally stopped crying.

Jessie: Now tell me.. who made my darling cry?

Sara: No one… I was crying at my own self!

Jessie: C’mon.. you can’t lie to me!

Sara: Seriously, I was just reflecting upon what Cindy told me today.. n then I linked it all with my life.. n it made me emotional..

Jessie: Hmmm.. I knew.. It bothers me; the way she talks.

Sara, please tell me honey, what all disturbed you so much.. I’ll do my best to help you.

Sara again started sobbing.

Sara:  If I tell you, even you would laugh at me. No one would want to be with a girl like me..

Jessie: It’s not like that, don’t you know.. I’ve always been your bestie, and always will!

Sara: (sobbing).. she said..I always over react on guys.. and asked me if I thought my dad was also a criminal, a fake, a pervert.. like others…

Jessie: Awww.. don’t bother dearie! She says a lot of shit sometimes.. Ignore!

Sara: Ignore?? What wrong was she saying… all of it was true! Do you know that??

(Starts crying again!)

My father is a terrible man.. yes he’s a pervert.. yes.. he sleeps with multiple women.. he has several children from different women.. yes he is a fake, my mom couldn’t see he’s a fake in time.. yes he’s a criminal.. he threatened to kill my mom and me.. yes he does all the bad things in the world.. and so my parents were divorced when I was 6..  the only thing I remember about my dad is that he used to abuse my mom and me physically.

This is what I have learned about men all my life. I do not have a brother..

All I hear in news is that a man raped a girl or a child or an old woman... I had been sexually abused as a child by a relative.. I was groped thrice in my teenage by strangers… the guys in my class in school used to bully and make fun of me… this is what I have learned about men all my life… do you expect me to love men???

Sara started shaking and shivering while crying. Along with her.. Jessie also burst into tears. Jessie was numb.. all she could do was cry.

Jessie somehow controlled herself and managed to quiet Sara with all her love and care. She spoon-fed dinner to Sara.. and slept alongside her, while lulling and petting her to sleep. They both slept together.

Next morning they woke up late and decided to skip their classes.

Jessie told to Sara, “Listen dear! Whatever we discussed about, yesterday.. we’ll forget that and concentrate on our present life. All that was your past sweetie, and it doesn’t matter now.. you are going to become a successful businesswoman now. You need to be strong, confident and independent. Every human faces shit at some point or the other in their life.. you’re lucky you’ve already faced it. Now you’ll face only success and happiness in your life. Got it? So S-M-I-L-E…… :D”

They both smile at each other and have a warm hug. Sara felt confident now.. she had someone to understand her completely; her bff.

Jessie,  “Hey! I have an idea.. There’s no one in the hostel today, so let’s make something special. What say?”

Sara: Yes I’ll bake a cake and you’ll make pasta.

Jessie: Done!

High Five!

They went inside the hostel kitchen and prepared their special breakfast.

They relished what they made and sat down to watch a movie together. In the middle of the movie, suddenly Sara got reminded that she had to return Roger’s money.

Sara: OMG! I have to return the money!

Jessie: huh? Oh ya! I’ll come with you.

Sara: No, no.. it’s ok.. I’ll just go and come.

Jessie: Are you sure?

Sara: yes.. don’t worry.

Jessie: Ok.. carry your mobile phone along.

Sara reached the place and saw Roger sitting on the bench near where they met that day.

Sara: Hi! Oh I’m so sorry Roger.. I’m late, but I’ve got the money today.

Robert: Sara! Hey! This is Robert here! Haha.. you forgot my name.

Sara: Oops! Sorry!

Robert: So many sorrys today?! How are you?

Sara: I’m fine.. here.. your $50. :)

Robert: You’re coming straight from college?

Sara: No. I skipped my classes today. Ok bye.

Robert: You seem to be in a hurry!

Sara: Umm.. not exactly, like..

Robert: This is not done. You returned my money so late and that too without an interest? Not fair!

Sara: Oh? How much more should I give?

Robert: A cup of coffee!

Sara: What??

Robert: (laughing softly) Yes madam! Would you have a cup of coffee with me?

Sara: Umm.. but.. why?

Robert: Well actually, my company needs a little help of a college student. We want to survey what college students really like these days.. we want to launch a new helpful product and some apps in the market.. so I’d like to get to know a bit about you and your friends. You know those online surveys can be a li’l misleading.. what you write on paper/dialog boxes and what comes to you as an instinct for a question are so different. All of us are doing as much research as possible..

Sara: Wow! That sounds fun! Cool.. I’d tell all my friends to meet you.

Robert: I myself have lived my college life, not many years ago. I completed my college just 2 years ago.. so I’m not that old! Haha.. But you know.. everything changes so quickly.. the preferences of people.. the demand for goods and services..

Sara: Ok.. but.. how did you become the “manager” in just 2 years?

Robert: It’s my dad’s company.. Dad’s no more.. so..

Sara: Oh, I’m so sorry I asked!

Robert:  Would you now have a cup of coffee with me?

Sara: alright!

She saw a man accompanied Robert as he stood up from the bench. He was his bodyguard.

He opened the door of his car for Sara and let her in on the backseat, while he sat on the front seat and his bodyguard drove the car.

 She saw, a lady and 2 men with cameras following their car.

Sara: Robert! Why are they following us?

Robert: Because they are the media people. They have been begging for an interview.. but I haven’t got time.. actually I’m not interested!

Sara: Wow! You’re famous!

Robert: Yes I am! Though, I don’t like it much. :)

Sara: Wait a minute! I don’t believe you. You are a fraud. Stop the car right now!!

Robert: No Sara.. what are you saying?

Sara: Stop it right now I said.. (shouted)

(The car stopped.)

Sara: Thank God! You people should be ashamed! Posers!

(Opened the door of the car.)

Robert shows Sara his identity card and his company file.

Sara: Umm.. it looks like original..

Ok.. sorry. Let’s go.

Robert: God! You scared the hell out of me! I had started feeling guilty why I ever asked you to come with me!

(They finally reached the café. It was a big café. Sara had never been to such an expensive place before.)

Robert asked Sara to order whatever she wanted.

Sara: I’m sorry to say this.. I don’t have that much money to pay.

Robert: Sara, I am going to pay for it.

Sara: But why? Why would you pay for it??

Robert: coz you came here because I wanted.

Sara: oh? Ok.. but I don’t promise to buy whatever product you launch, ok?

Robert: That’s fine Sara.. (smiles)

Sara ordered some snacks and a coffee.. Robert ordered the same things.

Robert: So I’m starting with my questions ok?

Sara: Sure!

Robert: What kind of music you prefer mostly?

Sara: Umm.. rock.. pop.. country..

I also like old classic songs.. (smiles)

Robert: What kind of movies you prefer?

Sara: romantic and comedy.. and no action please!

Robert: Do you like reading?

Sara: It depends.. see.. if I’ve got nothing to do, I’d probably read.. oh that’s when I’m even bored of listening to music and singing.. I love singing too.

Robert: Do you like animals? If you could have a pet, which animal would it be?

Sara: I love animals… and I loooooveeee cats.. I wish I had one! :(

Robert: If your college was in a remote area, with no traffic and clean, smooth roads.. would you prefer to skate to reach college in time, over hiring a bus or taxi?

Sara: Defo yes! I’d love to… hahahahahaha…

(The questionnaire went for about an hour.. Robert’s bodyguard-cum-assistant noted all the points down.)

Robert: Hey Sara! Our survey is over! If you wish you can fill this form as well. Thank you so much!

Sara: Sure.. it’s like filling a slam book. ^_^

(Sara starts filling in the form right at the table.)

As Sara was lost in filling the form.. Robert was gazing at Sara’s innocent beauty. She had such an innocent, baby face. She was smiling while filling in the form. She looked even cuter while smiling.

Sara: Here it is! I’ve filled it. :)

Robert: Please tell your college friends to login to our website and fill the survey form.. or they can also meet me in person, whichever is easier! :)

Sara: Ok, I will. Would you now drop me to my hostel.. my friend must be getting worried. Please.

Robert: Of course!

They get seated in the car and the driver drives.

Robert: Sara..?

Sara: Yes?

Robert: I hope you don’t mind… can we be friends?

Sara got a bit surprised.. why would a general manager want to be friends with a college student? She suddenly started doubting his intentions. She got very scared. She started praying to God to help her.

Sara didn’t reply him anything and there was a huge silence. She prayed to God to somehow escape all this.. and safely reach home.

Robert was feeling ashamed he asked Sara such a thing. It made him feel awkward. “It must have been offensive!”

Finally Sara reached her hostel. She didn’t even say a goodbye to Robert.


Sara reached hostel. Jessie was waiting for her with the lunch. Sara told everything to her. Jessie said, “It’s ok. Forget him now. God knows his intentions.. thank God you came back safe.”

Sara: Let’s have lunch.

(They had lunch and took a short nap.)

On the other side, Robert went back home feeling tensed. “Oh God! What did I do? I shouldn’t have said that.. it must’ve been so creepy. I don’t even know how to talk to girls. Shit man!”

But I don’t know why I said that to her.. I do wish she stayed in touch with me.. Will she never meet me again? I wish I could talk to her more.. God! What’s happening to me?

I should apologize to her. But how? I don’t know her phone number or email.. and I’m not going to threaten her furthermore by reaching her hostel.

That night when Robert was checking his mails.. he was reading Sara’s form.

“whoa! Here’s her email!”

He decided to mail her an apology. He wrote it and sent it.

Sara was also online.. she was doing her project on her computer. Her mailbox popped up in the middle of her work.

The new mail had a subject, “Never meant to offend you or cause discomfort to you”, and the address was the name of his company with a logo. It was Robert’s message from his official email id.

It made her smile.. how a general manager had sent her an email from his official account!

She opened the email. It read:

“Respected Sara

This is to inform you, that the general manager of Go On has a few brain cells in his head when it comes to making friends or talking with girls. Due to lack of experience in relationships with people he doesn’t think before taking an action and this is why he has only a few close friends. He certainly needs a coaching a soon as possible to avoid any further such incidents in the future.

For now, he wants to say that he’s extremely sorry and guilty for what he did. If possible please forgive him.

Lastly, he hopes, a sweet girl named Sara doesn’t hate him.

PS: Take care.

Yours sincerely


Sara started laughing reading this.

Jessie read the email too.

Jessie: Sara, I think you should give him a chance.

Sara: Chance?? For what?

Jessica: I mean just talk to him.. maybe you become good friends. He sounds and appears to be decent. Who knows, he might be of help for us.. you know he’s rich and is bothered about you…

Sara: Ok..

Jessie: And I’m not going to tell you what to talk about to him. Just be yourself and be a little less harsh.

Sara: Ok

Sara replied to his mail:

“Respected Robert

This is to inform you that the sweet girl named Sara is not at all angry or upset with you. She doesn’t even hate you. Your apologies weren’t needed.

But thanks anyways, coz it made me laugh! Haha :)

Have a good day!

Yours sincerely


Robert replied: But I thought I was kind of intruding into your personal space..

Sara replied: yes.. at that moment I felt it was creepy.. but then I guess the problem’s with me.

Robert: problem? What problem?

Sara: I can’t trust people easily.. I’ve been through instances in life, I don’t believe any human being..

Robert: I understand what you’re saying.

Sara: I never knew general managers can be so friendly and this much fun to talk to! ^_^

Robert: well, you know now..


Days went on, and they kept on chatting everyday at night. They came closer. Sara had now given him the certificate of a friend. They came to know more about each other and discovered their philosophy for life was same. Robert was a cheerful and compassionate guy who wanted to help out as many people as he could, with whatever he had.

Their music and movie tastes were similar. Sara felt, Robert was exactly like her; like a male version of herself, with more maturity, understanding, patience and management.

Robert felt the same about Sara.

Sara came to know Robert had never received the love of parents. His mother had died while giving birth to him and his dad had always been formal with him. He had instilled discipline, hardworking capacity, and maturity in him. He had never received the love of a mother. Though his dad had married a woman.. she only loved his money and went away with as much as she could collect.

He had an elder sister who he was very close to. But she died in a car accident at the age of 16.

Sara was very much touched by his story. He sent her his family photos. Sara had started to trust him by now. So one day in chat, she told him her story.

Robert was completely shattered on reading Sara’s story. How can a man be like that? He burst into tears and kept crying the whole night.

Robert: Sara.. do you trust me?

Sara: of course! But why?

Robert: I’m completely broken inside reading your story. I don’t know if you’d ever be able to trust a man..

Sara: Haha.. yes.. you’re right. I do trust you but not blindly.

Robert: It’s ok Sara. Just take care of yourself.. always.. be strong.. and never give up in life.. love yourself..

Sara: thanks..

Sara: And you too! Whenever you need a friend.. to share something emotional, just msg me.. okie?

Robert: Thanks.. and whenever you need a guy’s help, muscular or any other.. Financial, emotional, software, computers, shopping… anything.. just call me..

Sara: call you? But I don’t have your number yet.

Robert: 983509****

Sara: ok.. ^_^


They didn’t chat for the next four days.. Sara didn’t reply to Robert’s msgs..

Robert got worried. “She might be busy.. or is she ignoring me? Is she bored of me?”

One more week passed by and still no reply.. Robert waited to see, how long she doesn’t reply.

After a month, he again messaged her.

Sara replied.

Robert: why didn’t you reply me since one month? Is everything ok?

Sara: Oh, I’m so sorry. I completely forgot. I am at my home in another city.. we’re having vacations. And my internet doesn’t work here properly.. I am somehow sending this message.. won’t be able to talk for another 1 month. Take care. Goodbye! :)

Robert got sad. He started crying. “I want to talk to her. She’s the only friend who understands me and doesn’t judge me. But I’ll have to wait.”

He suddenly realized.. “God! What’s happening to me? It’s ok, she’s busy. Why am I so desperate to talk to her?

Robert too got busy with his work.. but he remembered Sara every night before falling asleep. He prayed for her happiness every day.

After 1 month….

Robert saw Sara passing by the street they first met at.. she was on her way to college. She didn’t see him.  Just the sight of her made him so happy. He felt like dancing. He didn’t disturb her.

At night Sara messaged him:

“Robert! I’m back!”

Robert: I missed you so much Sara.. how have you been?

Sara: I am awesome! I enjoyed so much at home!! XD :D

Robert: ^_^

Sara: How are you?

Robert: I am fine.

They kept on talking about what they did all these days for hours.

Sara always felt Robert was like a brother. She felt so comfortable around him.

While here, Robert was realizing that he had fallen in love with Sara. Even when she wasn’t around, his head was full of thoughts about Sara. He could see her face everywhere he went. He wanted to be around her all the time. He wished their talks would never end.


Sara didn’t reply to his msgs for the next 4 days. Robert got very worried.

“Is she alright? Is she fed up of me?”
One evening they met each other face to face at a restaurant.

Sara: Hey! How are you?

Robert: fine

Sara: Hey! Why are you sounding so low?

Robert: No, I’m not!

Sara: Why are you being so rude?

Robert: I heard you’re too busy these days!

Sara: Ohhh! I’m so sorry… I was actually busy, o I couldn’t talk to you.. please forgive me… :(

Robert: I am not offended. So keep your apologies with you!!

Sara felt bad.. she started weeping.

Robert: Oh.. I’m so sorry… I was just kidding.. never meant that.. please don’t cry Sara… Sara look at me.. I’m sorry… Oh no….

Sara looked up at him.. she looked scared.

As Robert raised his hands to wipe her tears, Sara moved a step backward with a bounce.. she thought he was going to beat her. This was what she had been used to expecting from a man.

She uttered, “No, please!”

Robert cupped her face with his hands and wiped her tears. I am so stupid Sara. Please don’t cry. She was amazed how he didn’t beat her for not replying to him.

Robert hugged her.. but he noticed she didn’t hug him back, instead, she shielded her chest with her hands. He immediately removed his hands from her back.

Robert: Let’s sit and talk sweetie.

Sara: Hey, I behaved so awkwardly.. I’m sorry..

Robert: No dear, I’m sorry.. I was so rude.. I made you cry…

Sara: no, I overreacted.. I know.. but I hope you understand.. I’ve not been used to all this love and care from a man.. I was thinking you’d beat me for not replying to you.

Robert: Awww.. Sara I understand you.

Sara: Hey! I have to shop for a few things, and I don’t know where I’d find those things.. I’ll give you the list, would you find me a shop for them?

Robert: Sure Sara :)

Sara: thanks

Sara emailed him the list.

Robert told her to meet him in the evening after college. He said he’d go to shopping with her.

Sara finds Robert waiting for her on that bench. She said, “let’s go!”

Robert gets her seated at the back and while he was opening the door to sit near the driver’s seat, Sara told him, “Hey! Come n sit here.. plz.”

Robert sat beside her.

Sara: what all songs do you have on your mobile? And oh.. do you have nice movies and videos. I am so bored of my videos. Could you please share it? If you don’t mind?

Robert was just gazing at her beautiful, deep eyes and the innocent, childish smile she had while saying all that.

Sara: Can you please lend me a few dollars.. not now, but if I need it.. I might need more money.. you know I have a lot of things to buy; project things, then a party wear.. it’s Cindy’s birthday.. and I donno, I might fall in love with a matching handbag.. But I’ll return your money as soon as possible… and hey.. do you have videos and mp3s?

I’m talking to you, hello?! You sleeping?

Robert: Hey! No.

Sara: I’m so sorry. It’s ok. I’ll buy extra things later. I missed my ATM card at hostel that’s why I asked. But it’s alright!

Robert: I mean yes.. Sara you can have it all.. I’ll give you everything you need. Here’s my lappy.. do you have a pen drive or something? You can take my files.

Sara: Sure? Can I copy them?

Robert: You don’t need my permission dear.. we’re best of friends aren’t we?

Sara: Yeah, we are! :)

Sara got so happy and excited to get her favorite movies and video songs. She laughed with joy.. and Robert just gazed at her helplessly.

They reached the mall. At the mall, Robert left Sara at the section from where she’d buy her project things and told her to wait for him over there.

After half an hour.. as Sara came out of the store to look for Robert she heard someone calling her name on a microphone.

“Sara… Sara.. dearest Sara…”

Sara realized it was Robert’s voice. She got even more surprised when she started walking around. She saw every store was named “sara” and there was a big picture of her installed at every section. There was a soft, romantic music playing all around in the mall. The floor was carpeted with petals of red roses. In front of her was a Teddy bear as big as her and someone was holding the mic in front of the teddy’s mouth. “I love you Sara. I love you Sara. I love you Sara. I love you Sara. I love you sara.”, said Robert’s voice. While Robert was saying “I love you sara”, petals of red roses were showering upon Sara from above. Sara walked towards the teddy bear and found it was Robert standing behind the Teddy. Sara removed the teddy and looked at Robert.

People at the mall started clapping their hands.

Robert: I really do!

Sara: Robert this is so awkward.. I want to go away from here.. please. She started trembling. Her cheeks were red with embarrassment and her eyes were full of tears.

Robert got scared. “Did I do it wrong?”

Robert: Of course Sara, let’s go.

Sara got seated in the car. Robert too sat in the car. It was dead silent inside.

Robert: Sara, sorry if I hurt you.. I just wanted to express how much I love you. I never wanna let you go. I wanna be with you Sara.. all your life. I promise I’ll never break your heart.

Sara: I don’t know what to say.. I didn’t expect this. I thought we were friends. I didn’t think you’d think of me that way.. it’s just so odd…

Robert was numb and red with embarrassment.. Sara looked at him as a teardrop fell across his cheek.

Sara: Robert! Please don’t cry... look up here…

(He had hung his head down in shame.)

Sara lifted his face upwards.

Sara: Look Robert! What you did was excellent. It is every girl’s dream to be proposed like this by a guy. And you’re one in a million. Any girl would kill to have you as a lover. But I am sorry to say, I don’t love you like that. I do love you like a friend.. but I can never love you as a girlfriend… in fact I can never love any guy like that. The problem is with me, not you. I have already told you.. I don’t believe in love. I can never fall in love. If you love me, you’ll be wasting your youth. You should find a girl who’d actually love you. And I am incapable of loving. Now c’mon, chin up! I am still your friend.

Robert was numb.. and wasn’t in a condition to utter a word. He was feeling weak and broken inside.

Sara could read this. She tried to make him smile:

And I am not even beautiful… I don’t even do those girly things… what attracted you to me?

The driver dropped Sara to her hostel.

As soon as Robert reached his house, he burst into tears. He couldn’t sleep all night. Sara’s words haunted his mind.

He was feeling lifeless.. as if someone had extracted his soul from his body.

Sara told everything to Jessie as soon as she reached hostel. Jessie got worried for Robert and scolded Sara. “You shouldn’t have done that! Do you even realize how badly it hurts to hear such words from someone you love?”

Sara: I tried to cheer him up. And I said I was still his friend. What did I do?

Jessie: So you don’t love him? Then why do you stay up all night just to chat with him.. when you have nothing new to tell him? Why do you care about him so much..?

Sara: Because he’s my friend just like you. I always saw him as a brother.

Jessie: Stop lying to yourself. And give life and yourself a chance. I understand you’ve been through a lot in your life.. but have you ever noticed… he hasn’t had a perfect life either.

Sara: But he’s so rich. He should find a rich girl no? I am not rich.

Jessie: Have you forgotten… he has never received the love of a mother?? Her sister was dead at 16… he has been lonely inside all his life… do you realize that??

He’s rich but he hasn’t got true love in his life… he doesn’t need a girlfriend that would wear expensive clothes and fake smile at his at parties… he is starving for real love.. the emotional connection.. can’t you f@cking realize? you’re an adult girl! Has your heart stopped beating??

Sara: But I don’t know if I’d be able to love anyone… I donno how to do all that gf bf stuff..

Jessie: You don’t need training.. when you truly love someone… you just have to follow your heart.. just be with him… go and don’t ever let him go. Guys like him are so rare on this earth…

Sara: But what if he’s a fake?

Jessie: Good then. Keep sitting here like this all your life and when you lie on your death bed wondering ‘oh I have no one to mourn my death… all I accomplished in my life was making money…’, you will remember this day.

Sara: Please don’t say so… I need some time to think.

Jessie was very worried for Robert. After 4 days she decided to meet him. She went to him with Sara’s personal diary. Robert looked fine but very upset and disheartened.

Robert: Hey! Jessie… welcome. How are you?

Jessie: Robert.. I know whatever happened between you and Sara. I am very sorry for that.

Robert: Don’t be sorry. She was not destined to be mine. I am not lucky enough to have her… that’s fine. You don’t get everything you wish for…

(a tear fell off his cheek while saying this.)

Jessie: Robert.. don’t give up. She cares about you, she loves you.. but she’s very scared of love. So she doesn’t accept it. This is her diary. Please read it and try to understand her psychology. Maybe she just needs more time. Can you wait for her?

Robert: I am never going to fall in love again. She is my first and last time. Whether she accepts me or not I’m going to stay the same; in love with her… I can wait for her for a lifetime.

Jessie: I’m going now. Take care. Bye.

Robert began reading her diary. In her diary she had described all her pain and suffering thoroughly. Anyone with a heart could cry for hours reading all that. Even the happy events in her life were described so innocently, it was also funny at some places.

After reading the whole diary.. Robert realized how badly wounded Sara is inside, emotionally.

Her life had been full of insecurities and sacrifices. She had grown up bearing pain. Her life was difficult with the absence of a dad or brother. Anyone said whatever remarks they wanted to her and she could never fight the world. She always had low confidence in herself. She was completely broken inside.

She had also described how fearful she is of men.. and how much she hates them. She had also described how whenever she thinks of love or loving a guy in her head, the image of her father haunts her head and she realizes it is wrong. “I don’t have to face what mom faced. Every guy is the same at the end of the day.”

Robert couldn’t believe his eyes… “This is how the world has been with the girl who I love the most?! My sweet princess had to face all of this.. all alone… for these many years?? I can’t believe my love had to bear all this.. how I wish all of this would’ve happened with me instead of her. I donno if I would’ve been strong enough to survive all this…”

He couldn’t sleep for days… he went into depression. He was suffering from insomnia soon.

He started falling sick. Medication didn’t help much.. it was rather an emotional disease.

Here, Sara was slowly realizing the depth in Jessie’s words. She was starting to believe she too loved Robert.

Finally Sara went to meet Robert one day. The attendant at his house told her, Robert was sick.

Sara ran hurriedly to meet Robert with the teddy he had gifted her. What happened to you dear??

He started weeping.

Sara: Look I’ve come. I love you Robert.

Robert was looking at her blankly.

Sara: Yes I do, I do. Robert it took me so long to realize I love you.

Robert: Are you…?

Sara: Don’t say anything..

Sara wiped his tears and kissed his forehead. She hugged him tightly.

Every muscle, every tissue… of Robert’s body like came back to life. A wave of energy flew through his blood vessels throughout his body.

Sara was also crying by now. Robert wiped her tears and kissed her forehead and pet her like his baby.

They sat beside each other, petting and cuddling together with their teddy.







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