Memories and Crows

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Looking at the moon and suddenly remembering some scenes that not long ago had taken place.

Submitted: February 16, 2013

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Submitted: February 16, 2013



How odd, everytime that I look at the moon he appeares on my mind.

Very well I can recall that night, how the moon had a magical kind of sprankle, one that seemed so vivid and alive. The light could just have kept shining trough all the clouds without losing its sharpness.
Beautiful isn’t it? I said to him as I was enchanted by the view. Not as beautiful as you, he replied in his turn, seemingly not so impressed by the moon. What kind of answer is that? Is this guy stupid? Can’t he just forget about me and spend some time paying his full attention to this beautiful thing that is exposing itself to us?

Funny thing, how I never really seemed to like him when he was still with me, but now that he is gone I feel that he is with me more than ever. Not visible with me, no it’s not the kind of being together that allows diffrent processes of communication, it’s just that I carry little things of him such as facial expressions with me, in my mind.
Don’t they always say you never get to appreciate something untill it’s gone? Yeah sure, I know that the human heart oftenly works like that, but this saying does surely not relate to me. I have always very well known the good things that surrounded me, losing them would not suddenly open my eyes.
Even though I perfectly know myself, there are so many things about me that causes me difficulties to understand.

As little kid I have always been observing the ones around me, quickly I came to realise that most people don’t really diffrence much from each other, so for me it has always been easy to predict their actions and behaviour.
No, I surely do not think of myself as a genious because of this, it just happens to be that most humans are not that complex, but again that does not relate to me.

Gladly I am not the only one, gladly there are other people around not giving me the chance to look trough them.
Once I met someone who was much more complex than I am, and because I knew it was unavoidable I let my heart get attached to him far more than I could handle, even though I knew he had to finish his road and would soon fade away from my life without leaving any trace of his existence behind.
There I was, sitting next to him, waiting for the train that would lead him away.
My boddy trembling, and my heart screaming out in pain. Meanwhile he was there calmly holding my hand and observing the crows. ‘Cute, aren’t they? I have always liked them. Just now I have come to realize how wonderfull it would be to tame them. Just being here with you in this scene surrounded by these creatures made me realize how magnificant that would be. Yes, one day I will be a crow tamer, my crows will be so talented that they will be able to carry my bags.’
After that no other word would ever come out, no I love you, no I will think of you, not even a goodbye. Just his speach about the crows were the very last words I would hear come out his mouth.

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