Memories of that night

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Some memories

Submitted: June 21, 2013

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Submitted: June 21, 2013



Standing at the roof, birds of the night flying around with the speed of the blink of an eye.
Such a familiar place, during my years I have build up many memories here.
I close my eyes and open them again, you are the person who now crosses my mind.
I look down at the street and picture us together walking there, me wearing my blue coat and you wearing that hat that always gave you a somewhat mysterious look.
The wind that is blowing against me is the same wind that was surrounding us that night, it just gives me the same feeling.

I remember how we decided to walk since we had left the tram cards at home, and then while we were walking a tram passed by.
The person with the function to make sure that everyone had checked in before going inside seemed nowhere to be found so I told you to run. When we could step inside I made you stop and started to laugh.
Those eyes of you, looking at me with a curious expression. I wanted to explain, I wanted to tell you what was going on, but everytime I tried to speak only laughter would come out.
We kept walking, I calmed down a little, I remember how I told you that the person inside was a black guy, which explained why I had not seen him in the dark of the night. He had been like some human cameleon, with his skin taking over the color of the night. The situation seemed so stupid, yet so funny.
We kept walking holding hands, I knew your existence would soon fade away of my life but on that moment I didn’t really let that fact be present in my thoughts. 
I was just falling in love, slowly but certainly getting attached to you more and more.
We were no lovers at that moment, yet I knew something had started to grow.

I remember the place where we shared a meal, the owner of the place was listening to the radio, something about the queen bringing a visit to some place in Afrika, it seemed like big news. Meanwhile you were there just cutting the food and feeding me with no clue of what they were discussing.

We walked back to my house, took the elevator to the 11th floor and watched the view where we could see almost the entire centrum of Amsterdam. Those lights dancing and keeping alive the streets that were barely kept alive by anything else since people seemed nowhere to be found.
Just you and me, as we were standing there I felt as if we were the only ones around, and actually that was how that entire night had felt for me.

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