Mortem Museum

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

A weird dream that one night visited me.


I was sitting in the bus looking outside the window, observing the view that seemed somewhat weird to me, why had the bus suddenly choosen a direction outside the city?

It stopped, the bus stopped. Miss Balboa please, you are ought to leave the bus. The door near the driver opened up, a youg lady walked to that direction, but before she was even able to get out I heared a shot. There she was, the body of the lady that apparently was called Balboa, a complete stranger to me, but that didn’t make this less of a tragedy to me.

I wanted to get out, not only me, everyone, but we became aware that there was a price that had to be repaid to achieve this wish.
Fifteen sacrifices, the first one was already made.
Mr. Garcia, the voice exigent calling this name, picking around the victims. A man stood up, trembling he walked to the door, knowing he was doomed, knowing there was no escape, nothing he could do but to obey. Other shot, other tragedy, yet one sacrifice closer to escape.

I looked around, there was not much to see except of fear, you could even smell it. Was I the only one who was not afraid? Yes, ofcourse I was, why would anyone else be as calm as me in this life taking situation? No, actually I was not calm, not at all, but the feeling that was eating away my other feelings was not fear. The feeling that occupied my body, my mind was a very anguishing feeling, feeling of tragedy, feeling of lost hope, thinking about the corpses that laid there near the door, thinking about the corpses that still were in their early phase, the ones who were expressing fear and hoping to escape at this very moment but soon would join the other dead bodies, it was killing me, it made me feel sick.

Names kept being called, for some time it went on, till the last offer was made. 
The other doors opened, the survivors walked out, I who had survived aswell joined the stream that was slowly managing their way outside the bus.
Some kind of forest was the end destination, survivors but still totally lost.
Meanwhile the driver had gotten out as well, he told us to follow him and somehow nobody felt as if there was any other choice.
We kept walking and walking till we had arrived the final destination, probably the place where we had been ment to arrive in first place, long before this terrifying events had even taken place.

An old abandoned museum, the place he had led us too. A small wooden door which surely did not look in the same conditions as it once used to look like, the wood looked somewhat rotten.
We walked inside, like some hopeless bodies who knew escape was not nearby at all. We walked inside, the driver left.

Odd paintings hanging on the wall, paintings which woke up some kind of fear in me. A voice got released, our new messenger, telling us we should take a good look around, soon it might spare our lifes.
We did as we were told, walking around, exploring the paintings till the fullest detail.
Time was over, we had to gather at the meeting point, the point where if this thing ever had had the function of a real museum at all, which I started to doubt, would be the place where people would drop their baggage.

We were told to make a circle, we had to hold each others hands to make this circle. Once we had fulfilled this task a posture started to form itself in the middle, the posture of a woman with long black hair in a white dress holding oversized scissor in her hand, they were almost of the same seize as herself, deadly, with no doubt death was the only purpose these scissors could fullfill. Without being told I made my own conclusion, which could only be right.
I closed my eyes, again something horrifying was about to start, this time however fear did take over me, waterfalls of fear all at once had released themselves inside my body.

The posture that had shaped itself to a female body came in my direction, was it me? Was I the choosen one now? The scissorlady hestitated for a bit, then approached the person standing next to me, the person holding my hand.
Whispers came out, asking a question about a painting we had been told to study before. 
It became clear that the person next to me was expected to answer this question. I could feel the fear, his hand shaking in mine, his sweat dripping over wetting my hand. One second went by.. a second one as well.. seconds after seconds, tik-tak time was running out. The person then started to open his mouth, with something you could barely even call a voice it gave an answer. As soon as the answer had gotten out I felt in shock, in pain, this answer, this answer that was just revealed was not correct, I knew this for sure. 
Time stopped to pass, I felt as if the whole scenario had gotten paralyzed, nobody seemed to move, nobody seemed to breath, not even the smallest trace of a blink was to be found.
I tried to scream, but no sound reached out. 
Time kept passing by and then, suddenly life came back to this place, the woman with the scissors started to move, she aimed them, she aimed the scissors to the guy’s heart, and stabbed them inside him.
His body that had been holding my hand started to collapse, his hand slipped out of mines, and he fell down on the ground.

I looked at the body that was lying on the ground, the guy that had just been squeezing my hand, there it lay on the ground with an expression of total fear.
The circle was broken, we had to remake it, so I held the hand of the other person who had been standing next to the victim.
Again, there we were, standing in a circle, but this time an a little smaller one, and I knew it had not reached its final shape, it would only get smaller by time.
A new question came, this one was not reached in my direction, neither me nor the people next to me were choosen this time.
Whisper came out, and soon the question was completed with an answer, a correct answer.
The posture returned to the middle of the circle, the person could breath again, this person had been spared this round, but no evidence of survival was yet to announce, soon that person could be choosen again, and who knows if again it could offer a right answer.

This event kept going on and on, the circle kept growing smaller. Each time less life was filling the place, each time this museum seemed to grow more to the thing it used to be, an abandoned place where life was never ment to get in.
My turn, the time had come, now it was my time to struggle for a chance to stay alive.
Whispers reached my ear, whispers containing information about which key I had to find to stay alive. That’s the way I saw it, every answer was a key, but every question contained only one opening, and if the key did not fit in you were lost and doomed.
I panicked somewhat but knew how to find the right key, and opened the door to the room where I still had a chance to stay alive.

The time kept flowing, and the circle kept growing smaller. How many offers had fallen? As if my thoughts could be read an announcement came, twenty offers had been made, one offer more was what was needed to fulfill, after this very last offer we were promised to be released.
The big scissors held by the woman came near my direction, she was walking around judging our faces looking for her next victim. She aimed her eyes on a girl, her choice had been made.
The question that was dedicated to her was one that seemed to make an end to this thing we had gotten into, a question I could have never responded correctly, somehow this girl did, she had found the right key.

Again the woman shaped posture walked around judging us carefully, now she was standing in front of me, judging me.
I became nervous and this feeling grew more and more, the time she was standing in front of me became longer than she had done with the others. Yes, her choice had been made, this time again, it was me.

She came close to me, and this time whispered something straight in my ear, only I could hear it, no one else was aware of the question that had been made. Seconds passing.. desperately looking for a key that might fit, nothing was there, no answer of the ones I could come up with could fit, so I decided to remain quiet, to keep my mouth shut.
Time was running out, I knew I could not keep quiet for eternity, seconds passed, I knew I was spilling my last seconds given to answer, yet I remained in silence.

My time was over, I had ran out of time.
Again, just like every time someone had been doomed, the place started to freeze, to loose existence of time. This time though, I was not left in the spot to witness the stop of time, instead I was brought to an other dimension.

Suddenly I was in my room, I looked at the clock 4.00am, time to sleep.
I was sitting on my bed observing the flame on the candle that was happily dancing and producing some tiny bit of light, the only light that was filling this room.
Slowly I started to undress myself, first I took off my stockings. Then a feeling started to enter me, something inside me was sending me warning signals, it was warning me of the fact that I was not alone, someone was hiding, watching over me. I ignored this feeling and kept undressing myself, I took off my vest, took off my dress. I walked back to my bed and sat on the blankets looking at the candle light that was growing dimmer. I knew it for sure now, something had actually been hiding in my room, observing every move that I made. I closed my eyes and opened them again, an other shadow was now present on my bed, a shadow that was not mine. Yet except of the shadow there was no one in the room but me. Suddenly I felt something in my chest, some big pain, I looked down and saw an arm, it had entered my chest and was now grabbing my heart, I became pale and felt how life was leaking out of me.

Meanwhile there, in the museum the scissors had been aimed in my direction, they had fulfilled their function of taking my life by stabbing my heart. I fell down, and this time, the circle had reached its final shape, no new circle needed to be made, the last offer had fallen.
The last offer, it was me.

Submitted: April 29, 2013

© Copyright 2021 araukie. All rights reserved.

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Criss Sole

Wow. This was quite a captivating story. There was so much suspense I felt like I was watching a movie.

Thu, May 2nd, 2013 5:08pm


Oh thank you! I kind of felt like watching a movie aswell when I was dreaming this, but rather than watching a movie I actually felt that it was my reality, I was so scared during this dream, but I never really wrote about it, just some days ago the idea of writing about it entered my mind. Thanks for reading it :)

Fri, May 3rd, 2013 7:54am

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