Scetches of the Mind

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Short story about someone who is struggling with some unknown desires.

Submitted: February 16, 2013

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Submitted: February 16, 2013



As she was looking out of the windows she realized that she had been walking around with a very lonely feeling inside. She felt very unusual about this loneliness, it was not the kind of loneliess that made her feel as if she was alone in the world. No, this loneliness was much warmer, it was like a soft breeze embracing her heart.

The more she felt this, the more her desire started to grow.
Yes, she was carrying around a very deep desire, a desire for something that she could not reach

Her toughts suddenly got interrupted by a big curiosity about the time. She grabbed in her pockets but soon realised that she had left her phone at home. Ofcourse, she never brought her phone with her during her trips. Why did she even care about something like time? Time was something that did not really excist, atleast not in her world. Ofcourse she could not avoid time, as she could not avoid the fact that after every day came a night that was going to be replaced by a new fresh day.

Isn’t every thing just like this? People are born, they get older, die, and then you have space for fresh habitants who are going to populate the earth.
Things might seem to change, but in the end they just repeat each other in long cycles that go on and on.That is time, even tough she did not concider herself as a time expert she could say this with complete certainty.

As she closed her eyes, she felt her chest popping, again a new gust of desire filled her boddy. It was a strong feeling, a very strong feeling.
But what could she possibly desire? How could she even desire something when she did not even know what it was that she wanted so much?
The only clue that she had was time, she knew exactly when this feeling started to grow inside her, about this she had no doubts.

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