Expression of Love

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This poem is all abt the lines from a boy who is in love with a gal.. He expresses his love to the gal in a romantic manner..

Submitted: October 27, 2011

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Submitted: October 27, 2011




My eyes that talked with you ,

they will tell you my LOVE..

Everytime I see your Eyes,

I feel a cool BREEZE upon ME..

A feelin which carries me,

to some unimaginable Places,,

Ypu are a LOVELY art MISS..

I am a usual LOVER who loves the ART !!

LOVING the Art is not a Mistake,

The mistake stands for Creation of the Art !!



When I think of ur NAME,

My lonliness Vanishes away from me..

When I am reminded of ur smile,

I get the REAL Enthuisiasm..

My instincts say about this feeling,

the feelings wch make me mad,

is so called to be LOVE..

Every corner of my Heart,

murmers ur name all the time !!

I feel to get a Fragrance,

A Fragrance which attracts me

wen you cross me..



It was not me who came behind you,

But the LUCK and the TIME played Together..

You are so precious to whom you love..

I may or may not be the same one..

But in some corner of ur Heart,

In some part of this world,

I will be Eagerly waitin for you..

Hoping to see you with a smilin face..

Days let pass by..

But this Isn't going to change ...

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