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Here is a poem I wrote a while back one night. Its basically a summary of things that I had been thinking at the time.

Submitted: June 24, 2013

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Submitted: June 24, 2013




Since the start of my time
People always thought I’d fail,
but I'm here to prove
that I can prevail.

I will end up in prison
was my fore told existence.
Why was my mother told this
when I was so innocent.

What do they have against me
someone with such diversity.
Why do they carry on,
even though I'm now in university.

How much more do I have to prove,
that I'm not the villain that they presumed.
All I want is for them to like me,
although that’s going to be highly unlikely.

I must thank all them really.
All their hatred of me and their continual blood lust,
their on-going mission to make me notorious,
is all I needed to live life and emerge victorious

But little did I know this at the time,
that what people were saying about me was a bunch of lies,
to cover the fact I might prove them all wrong,
so they looked down at me and made me feel less strong.

I took a drive one cold summers evening,
to the middle of a forest with no apparent meaning.
I put the noose around my head,
to which I paused and reminisced what had been said.

What would happen if I kicked the pedestal over,
who would win but the people who was the reason as to why I was never sober.
I looked around and saw what I would leave behind,
if kicked away the object keeping me alive.

I thought to myself this is the point of no return.
I will go through with this I will do it just to prove that I was not a bad person.
I thought this would make the perpetrators feel awful,
my death and with it the taste of guilt and them feeling remorseful.

As I looked around, I saw that this forest was full of life.
Then it hit me like a razor sharp knife.
The solution to everyone’s bloodlust of me was so plain and simple and in clear sight.
That something showed me the light.

The solution staring at me in the face was nature.
All these people who had said I would fail,
all these people wronging me all the time,
do nothing and see what nature has for them in mind.

I removed the noose from around my neck,
then I thought what I would do next.
I drove back home and went straight to bed,
and thought about the people who laughed at me behind my head.

Who's laughing now, now that I've proved them all wrong,
I can survive life and whatever it throws at me so why carry on.
Maybe you will think about that,
next time you are the one who is mocking someone.

By James Stephens

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