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-This novel will contain very mature content-

Sometimes chance encounters can be life changing.

Meet Abby.
A twenty year old, with a tragic childhood, that likes to play it safe. She lives an uncomplicated, unattached life.
Just the way she prefers it. It's safe, and, predictable.

Until, she meets Tristan.
A handsome, tattooed loner, that, by chance, is placed in her path.
He, has a tumultuous past of his own, and, secrets to keep.

Will Abby continue to play it safe? Or, will she dare to face the pain of her past, in order to find acceptance, and, unconditional love?

Will Tristan?

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"And I can’t believe forever it seems to live out these dreams When you start to think about taking a chance you can’t give a dam... Read Chapter

Chapter One

-1-   "Oh c'mon, don't be such a big pussy!" Some shuffles, and grunting followed the command shortly afterwards. ... Read Chapter

Chapter Two (10 Years Later)

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Chapter Three

-3-   Snapping on my blue nitrile gloves, I reached over and raised the dental chair slightly. My current patient, and also ... Read Chapter

Chapter Four

-4-   As promised, Lily arrived promptly at my place at four o'clock, where I was waiting, with my duffle bag at my fee... Read Chapter

Chapter Five

-5-   Flames in the bonfire sparked, and cracked; engulfing the burning wood with a satisfying, snapping sound. They le... Read Chapter

Chapter Six

-6-     After finding out Tristan's real identity, through our chance encounter in Jake's dim-lit garage, I had tha... Read Chapter

Chapter Seven

-7-       The address Tristan had offered me, ended up being on a dead-end street I wasn't familiar with. ... Read Chapter

Chapter Eight

-8-   A few hours, and two vodka coolers, into my visit with Tristan, our conversation started to flow a bit more smoothly, ... Read Chapter

Chapter Nine

-9-   "Just so you know, that asshole back there was pretty bitter about how things had ended between his sister a... Read Chapter

Chapter Ten

-10-   "To be fair, you know deep down, it's not really Tristan's fault, or yours, for that matter, that your parents....you... Read Chapter

Chapter Eleven

-11-     "Oh, please, you're just saying that to get into my pants!" A drunken hiccup escaped my lips, as I stu... Read Chapter

Chapter Twelve

-12-     House music drifted from strategically placed outdoor speakers, while the crickets in the background chirp... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirteen

-13-     I nervously fiddled with the button on my jean jacket as I slowly made my way out the front door, and... Read Chapter

Chapter Fourteen

-14-     After the initial intimidation of the bike's speed and noise wore off, I dared to peek my eyes open&n... Read Chapter

Chapter Fifteen

-15-     "Please tell me, how on earth you can stand to be so close to someone that looks like him all th... Read Chapter

Chapter Sixteen

-16-     As I should have expected, Lily's cousin's house party was anything but a small affair. People c... Read Chapter

Chapter Seventeen

-17-     The blood rushed from my face, and I felt as though I were going to be sick. Stumbling, I spun around&... Read Chapter

Chapter Eighteen

-18-   The scorching stream of water blasted itself over my skin as I stood for a long time in the shower, that evening... Read Chapter

Chapter Nineteen

-19-     Over the course of the next few weeks, Tristan kept his distance and I allowed him. It seemed to... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty

-20-     To me, it felt like mere minutes that Tristan and I were bonded together on his bike as it sped ... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty One

-21-     Tristan parked his bike in the usual spot across from my place. The same spot I saw him in on th... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty Two

-22-     The following evening after my shift at work, I stopped by a local market to pick up a few items ... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty Three

-23-     I dimmed the lights and handed Tristan some clean plates and napkins to put at our spots. He eyed me ... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty Four

-24-       Once the cake's leftovers had been safely wrapped up, I quickly tucked them into Tristan's helm... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty Five

-25-       The following morning I unravelled from the depths of a short, restless sleep and for... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty Six

-26-       I closed my eyes, savouring the familiar comfort of Tristan's bike beneath me as we sped e... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty Seven

-27-       I woke up to the sensation of someone lazily drawing their finger up along my spine a... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty Eight

-28-       Instead of taking his usual route back to my place, Tristan turned the bike onto a slight ... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty Nine

-29-       Back at my apartment, I shrugged off my coat and fought my way through the cluster of ball... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty

-30-       As Tristan and I curled up together on my couch; the contents of Chinese take-ou... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty One

-31-       It would be almost six, long days before I heard from Tristan again. I was devastated... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty Two

-32-     A few more weeks would pass before even Lily caught wind of Tristan's whereabouts. She was being... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty Three

-33-     It had been nearly two hours since Tristan and I had last exchanged a few words and he... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty Four

-34-       As I suspected he would, Tristan soon disappeared after my confrontation with him in the garage... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty Five

-35-       I suddenly had an overwhelming urge to leave my apartment. To take Tristan and protect him... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty Six

-36-       Over the course of the next few months, Tristan and I, spent as much time getting to know one a... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty Seven

-37-       "Here, let me go and get us some plates," I offered, as Lily unpacked our take-out onto th... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty Eight

Well, this is the final chapter. I'm sorry to see these characters go, they were a lot of fun to create and develop. Thank you to those that followed along on their journey and stuck it out to the
end. It's always appreciated.
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