The Hand of Sorrow

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Based on the song, "Hand of Sorrow" By Within Temptation, my story was written for my drama class.

It is about a young woman, a girl just like any other, and a boy without a name. The boy with powers. The boy who she loves. The boy who's very nature will risk everything; their love, their lives, their fate. Torn between his love and his loyalty, the boy without a name is about to face the ultimate trial, and make the ultimate sacrifice.

Submitted: June 10, 2010

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Submitted: June 10, 2010



The sun shone brilliantly overhead while memory played through her mind, She sat, with a dark hood tugged up over her head that cast long shadows across her face, obscuring any means of identification. Children gathered around her; the strange women full of magical stories she told with incredible vibrancy, almost as if she had actually been there herself to see them, but her voice was so young. They stared at her expectantly. The woman cleared her throat.

“It all happened in a medieval era, much like the one you live in today, only several years ago; long, long before you were born in a large empire far, far away...”


Alibi strayed from her mother’s side brilliant blue eyes wide, taking in the sights around her, breathless as she always was one she saw the vast number of people bustling around her. Her eyes wandered inquisitively around the market place until the landed on a young boy, presumably her age, who was sitting on a crate near a food stand, twirling a pear around in his hands. His chocolate brown eyes glinted with bursts of rich, glittering gold. He stared at her, a warm smile unraveling across his face.

Slowly Alibi smiled back, dimples enunciating the natural rosiness of her cheeks.

Her mother took her hand and led her straight to the food stall the boy was seated next to. As her mother bargained and shopped, chatting politely with the stall keeper, Alibi twisted in her mother’s grip to peer over at the boy.

“Hi!” he chirped, handing the pear over to her.

Alibi slowly reached for it with tentative fingers, taking it gently into her hands. He stroked the wonderfully green pear with his fingers and it erupted into a beautiful, delicate flower with soft, pink petals. Alibi gasped, deep wonder sparkling happily in her eyes. The flower was amazing! She grinned widely at it before looking up at the boy and smiling at him, flitting the flower around in her hand.

“Hi! I’m Alibi, what’s your name?”

The boy smiled coquettishly. “I don’t have a name.”

Alibi furrowed her eyebrows in disbelief. “Everyone has a name.” she pouted.

“Well, I don’t.” the boy answered simply, shrugging.

“Then I will give you a name! What shall I call you…” She examined his brown hair and golden-chocolate eyes. “Darius!” she announced, clearly pleased with herself. “We’re going to be best friends!” she shouted right before her mother pulled her away.

From that day forward Alibi and the child without a name were best friends. Darius was parentless and lived with the blacksmith as his adopted son and part time worker once he got older. The two visited each other every day as they grew up together. Alibi and Darius’s relationship changed over the years, from merely being best friends to falling in love. And as he grew older, Darius’s powers flourished.

For a long time Alibi was the only one who knew of his secret, but neither of them knew the true scope of his powers.

Then one day came an incident in which he had to use his powers in a public display to save many of the residents of the town in their part of the city. The houses bloomed outwards in a ring. Off in the distance, near its heart was a palace. A bustling city encircled it with glittering white buildings and at its outskirts; small opulent villages making up a more poor part of the town. That is where both Alibi and Darius resided. The city was called Tellurus Comae. Several people witnessing the strength of his powers, single handedly deflecting a raid of marauders and healing the injured with a touch, Darius fled, barely coming out in public, hoping all the talk of his actions would die away; but they didn’t.


Alibi ran her hands nervously through her jet black hair, trembling. Darius cupped her face in his hands. He stared straight down into her wide, teary eyes. Since he had been using his powers more, the sunburst of gold in his irises had become far more noticeable. “They know, they all know. I must serve the king, I fear what would happen if I refuse.”  Everyone knew the king ruled with an iron hand.

Alibi clutched one of his hands that was still cradling her face.

“You mustn’t Darius! No one knows the full potency of your powers, not even you! He’ll turn you into a murderer! I shan’t see that happen!” Alibi whispered, tears slowly falling from her eyes.

“I won’t become a murderer, I swear it.” Darius promised sincerely.

“But your…your powers…how, how could the king have found out?” Alibi sputtered.

Darius brushed one tear out from under her eye and it turned to golden light on his fingertip. “I don’t know. Perhaps the raid a couple moons ago. Someone important must have seen me use them to stop it and reported it to him. He believed them…I’m going to be living in the palace.”

“Will I still be able to see you?” Alibi whispered, holding his hand with a shivering touch.

“Yes. I promise you. I’ll serve my time and sort matters out and then we shall wed. I will have things to offer to you then, undoubtedly, I shall have money. We can leave this place. I swear it to you Alibi.” Darius murmured. He kissed her softly. “I must leave.” He announced, stepping out of the door he had held partially open the whole time. He walked swiftly away.

Alibi watched as he disappeared, walking through a mass of bodies.

Fear and sadness gripped her heart with icy fingers of apprehension.

Would she ever see him again?


“Kneel!” A guard who had led Darius in shouted, pushing Darius to the ground before the throne of king Odium who was dressed in regal robes of the finest quality. They were sown of rich coloured cloth, intricate patterns fraught into their soft mass. A silk cloak was fastened around his neck, its clasp made of a black metal.

“My lord.” Darius said with a bow, drawing his eyes up to the king’s harsh face and his cold, stern grey eyes.

“Your blood is a grim secret we had to command.” The King began.

Darius nodded gravely.

“You will take a binding oath before me now. You will swear to serve me faithfully for as long as I desire. You will do all as I command and use your powers in whatever way I order you to.”

“I solemnly swear to uphold your ruling and work as your servant for the duration. I swear this oath now that I shall use my powers it whatever way you command.” Darius said, hand placed down over his heart.

“Or death shall befall you.”

“Or death shall befall me.”


This was a binding oath. He could not comprehend the choice he had made, for it surely would lead him down a dark path he never would have dreamed of.


A desperate knock pounded against the wooden door of Alibi’s hut. She raced up to it, heart pounding heavily in her throat with deep shadows of fear.

She opened the door to see Darius standing there, out of breath. He rushed inside the house, closing the door almost all the way behind him.

He embraced Alibi in a despairing hug, tears falling from his eyes.

“Why are you crying?” Alibi asked, fearing the words that were about to come next.

Darius pulled away, dragging in a heavy breath.

“I killed a man. Not just one, but several all because they disobeyed the king. He made me do it. I…I am a murderer…”

Tears bloomed to the surface of Alibi’s eyes. She held her beloved’s face in her hands and stared deep down into his eyes. “I feared this. It is not your fault.”

“We should run away. Just run, far, far away together. We must leave this accursed place and this malignant king behind us.” Darius choked out.

“And go where? Would he not send his men after us?” Alibi asked.

Darius nodded gravely, explaining to her the implications and intensity of the oath he had made. “I fear for your safety. I can not endanger you. I will continue to serve until the king releases me. Then…”

“Then we shall leave.” Alibi said tenderly, holding his hand.

“I must go.” He said, “I am not to marry or stray from the palace when in his service.” And so Darius left, Alibi’s heart heavy in her chest as further apprehension spread through her veins.

Time passed. The king used the nameless child more and more for his dark bidding. It seemed that all the years of the noble and the wise were shattered; Darius was becoming a murderer and the kingdom plunged into far darker days than ever before. His eyes became pure gold as the use of his powers increased more and more and soon he was always stiffly standing at the king’s side, a dark cruelness filling his heart from the lives he drained with his will and the touch his hand.

Alibi avoided him, sensing the darkness in him every time she saw him walking around on patrol with the guards. It broke her heart more and more each day.

His mind had been altered, twisted by the king and the chain of death he commanded; he had become a loyal servant.


Alibi was in her house when the door flew open she whipped around to see Darius there.

“Darius!” she exclaimed, rushing towards him.

He put a hand up. “They call me Bellator now.” His voice was harsh and devoid of emotion.

Alibi swallowed and nodded, fighting back tears. “How many have you killed to earn that title?”

“What?” Darius snapped.

“I’m frightened by what you have become. I don’t like what you have become.” Alibi blurted.


“The king has changed you, he’s corrupted your mind. He orders you to kill and you do it. Please, please leave his services.”

“Never. I am loyal to the king.”

“Then I do not want to marry you, I shan’t. I fear you. I’m leaving you. It is over.”

Emotion snapped through his eyes, desolate emotion he quickly replace with anger. “You have spoken against the king, you will pay for your crimes!” he shouted before rushing out of the house.

Alibi sighed, tears glistening in her eyes. She walked out into the sunshine and tended to her strawberry patch, trying to force the thoughts out of her mind. She let the tears silently fall as she worked.

“There she is! Alibi Whitten!”

Alibi’s heart beat leapt as the armor clad soldiers fell into view, blades drawn. One grabbed her roughly by the forearm. “The king needs to see you.” He growled.


Alibi was shoved to her knees before the king. Darius straightened, his gold eyes flashing as his gaze fell upon her. She kept her head bent low so that her face nearly touched the ground, lips twitching with a silent prayer.

The king glared at her sharply from his throne before smiling deviously.

“Bellator, my trusted servant, if you really are as loyal to me as you claim you will do as I ask of you now. This woman has committed crimes against my name. You know what she has said about me. Kill her, kill your “beloved.””

Alibi looked up then, staring straight at Darius with a horrified expression spread across her face, mouth gaping. She swallowed, chest heaving with breath as she fought back a press of tears.

Hatred had hardened all of his features, twisting them severely. He walked up to her stiffly and stood before her, looming over her.

“Please Darius, don’t do this. I love you. I still love you, the real you.” Alibi pleaded, soft tears rolling from her eyes.

The king laughed, rising to his feet and moving to get a better view.

“Do it Bellator. Look at this pathetic excuse for a human. She is crying.” He frowned mockingly and laughed once again.

For a single second he faltered, torn once again between his honor and the true love of his life. In the passed he had prayed for both and he had always been denied.

Darius reached for her. Alibi gasped.

Darius turned suddenly. “No!” he screamed, shoving his hands hard against the king’s chest, sending him flying back against the wall where he collapsed to the ground.

The guards stirred around him. He pushed them all away, dropping them with a single touch. He turned to Alibi and helped her to her feet.

“I love you Alibi, but you need to leave.”

She clutched his hands, tears falling from her eyes matching the tears that fell from his own. “Please forgive me for the sorrow, for leaving you in fear, for the dream’s we had to silence. That’s all they’ll ever be. Still I’ll be the hand that serves you, though you’ll not see that it is me.”

He quickly pulled a necklace out of his pocket. “I made this for you some time ago, it shall keep you safe, keep you alive for years to come. I will come find you when the time is right, I promise.” He clasped it around her neck.

She brushed it with her fingers. The chain was thick and the pendant was circular. Its rim was decorated with etched flourishes and dotted with diamonds in between the curved pattern. The inner circle was a flower-like pattern of long black gems with flower cut orange gems in between and diamonds at the ends of the flowers. The very center was crafted to look like a flower with a diamond in the center.

Darius hugged her. “Run!” he urged, whispering it into her ear.

He pressed a blade into her hand. She was surprised by the weight of the sword as she shifted it in her hand. She stared into Darius’s golden eyes, tears shivering on the surface of her own. “I love you.” She whispered.

He blinked a tear out of his eye.

She turned and ran, streaking towards the door, carrying the sword with her.

Anger contorted the features of Darius’s face as he saw the guards rush into the room. With a hate-filled cry he rushed into battle with them.


Alibi ran blindly, pausing slightly as she came to her house, contemplating if she should gather up her things or not before leaving.

Dark shadows fell over the earth. Alibi froze and turned around, staring up at the sky. A great hand of black thunderheads stretched across the sky, getting closer and closer to where she was, painting the world dark. Fear plummeted with icy heat through her chest. She fell still, staring up at it with perfect understanding.

Darius was mad, heart ravaged with sorrow. All of this time his soul had been tortured by love and by pain.

Alibi drew her eyes back down and found soldiers rushing towards her. She readied herself to fight, lifting her sword defensively. She parried and blocked and swung, fighting with amazing skill with the blade she never knew she possessed; she was a natural. Lightning flashed, falling from one of the fingers in the sky and struck the soldier dead that was about to deliver a powerful blow to Alibi’s head. “Run, go!” Darius screamed, suddenly there, so close and yet so far away.

He fought them with blade and with the powers his hand possessed.

And so Alibi turned and ran without looking back. She ran for miles and far into the next day. When she was sure she was safely far away she dropped the blade in a the forest and vowed to never pick it up again. She found a village to settle down in.

Some say after all these years she is still alive. Darius is. He has a different name now.

Maero they call him, meaning Sorrow. He is the hand of Sorrow it’s self. It is said that Sorrow has gone insane and still is in service to the king who forced Darius, or Sorrow, to give him the blessing of immortality with his powers.


And so is love now waits for him to run from the king and return to her.



One by one, the children all slinked away. The woman drew in a heavy sigh, letting the tears roll down her face. Years had passed and she still ached for him, more and more each day. It felt as though it were so long ago and yet had happened not even a day ago. Alibi pushed the hood off of her head. She fixed her blue eyes on the pendant around her neck. She brushed it softly with her fingers.

Darius had given her a great gift; he had infused the necklace with his powers, granting her immortality and fueling her with fighting prowess that she vowed to never use again. She traced the patterns etched into the pendant and stared up at the sky, closing her eyes and picturing his handsome face.

One day he would come to her, one day he would forsake the madness of the king and his own inner sorrow and madness and come to her and then they would be together forever, one day.

She was willing to wait for that day forever; she already has.



*Sorry for any an all typos and grammar mistakes! I'm considering turning this into a full blown story. Let me know what you think!* 

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