the zero saga; the begining

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a great tale of friendship

Submitted: November 22, 2011

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Submitted: November 22, 2011




My team and I have been traveling for 32 days now. It has been 1 year since project 53 was made. Two hours after the 53 chromosome was injected inside him, patient zero suffered massive transformation. His entire genetic structure had changed. Anybody or anything that came into contact with this new chromosome was infected immediately the virus making it’s was throughout the body on a microscopic level. With the infection expanding the military had no choice but to strike back. Using the new techniques of the other genetically enhanced soldiers the infection, had soon slowed and almost stopped its global spread. With no other option scientist used a GMP (geographical magnetic pulsation), to bring together Pangaea once more. Soon our defenses fell and the human and new breeds were forced to retreat. With this new threat arising the humans and abnormal made 5 special soldiers made to withstand the infection. As the earth drew near to its end the humans and abnormal retreated to the highly magnetic field that is middle earth. As the final 5 were placed into cryopods the humanity had placed there fates in the hands of five extraordinary boys………..



As I awoke I was engulfed in fear the panic of a closed space as I blinked my eyes the world became less of a haze. As I entered the world it felt as if it were shifting. I soon realized that it was shifting!! I felt a sudden jerk of motion as the enclosed space I was in opened into a new world. As I took my first steps I felt week and helpless with no strength I collapsed upon the ground my vision blurred my eyes burning as if fire was flowing throughout them as I closed my eyes I awoke with a new vision a dim old timed color. I felt comfortable as I wondered around I found many people rushing to something when I tried to ask “what is going on” no one would reply was I dead that’s when it hit me I was in the cryolab 15 years ago I saw myself as a young boy stepping into the cryochamber when I saw the machine light as my body went into a state of suspended animation. I screamed “what’s going on”?? I was answered you are one of the 5 the only five whose powers keep you from the infection of the 53 chromosome your name is Dante your genetic alteration has given you the powers of sight. You have the ability to see what others cannot.

 What about the others? What are there powers? You have been placed on a special team you are the optics expert, scroll is the team’s arsenal, and cinder is the team’s heavy weapons specialist, spirit is the team’s recon specialist, and wolf is the only living lycanthrope that survived the transformation he will be your teams leader. When will the others awake the already are. As the vision dimmed I found myself on a bed 4 people surrounding me they handed me some food, one of them said eat you will feel better, he was a tall and well built man, he told us that after I was done eating we would introduce ourselves. Upon completion of my meal I did as I was told and fallowed the others.

We were silent no one made a sound it was as if we were dead with the occasional clearing of the throat nothing broke the silence. As we entered a room I noticed that there were chairs sitting around a large table the stranger that had handed me food told me to sit. After two minutes I already felt as if I had sat here for three days. The silence was broken by the stranger who said “I guess proper introductions are in order but, first let me tell you who and what you are. We are the very first perfected bioengineered soldiers. We are the 5 soldiers that immune to the infection of 53 so let’s go around the table and share who we are, our codename, and our powers.”  Let’s start to my left. I am Jacob, my codename is scroll, and my power is to summon beast and animals to my aid through the manipulation of my power. My name is Alex, my codename is spirit, and my power has the ability to grab others with a force and move objects. My name is brick my codename is cinder, and my power causes massive damage to my surroundings which varies on my anger. My name is Dante, my codename is all sight, and my power is to see what others cannot through multiple visions. Finally the stranger who started this all stood up and said, I am Taylor my codename is wolf, and I am the only lycanthrope left alive after the outbreak.

“Wow a living breathing lycanthrope, I am stunned, I can’t believe I have the honor of meeting one of you kind.” His sarcasm was overused. “Why does it seem like you hate me so much?” I asked, he replied “I don’t hate you, I dislike your race, and it seems like all your race does is sit around and feel high and mighty.” I didn’t feel high n mighty at all so I replied “ on the contrary I feel alone and scared, I don’t have the slightest clue if my race is still alive today, how would you feel if everything you had known was torn from you against your will?” I felt a tear role down my face, I was angry yet I cried, how could this be? “You don’t know a god damn thing about me; you don’t know what its like to be me.” Dante stood there in shock, “I am sorry” he said, “your right I don’t know anything about you, and I shouldn’t act all high and mighty, considering you’re our leader.” Even of I was still angry, I tried to be calm. A few moments passed by, then I broke the silence, “let’s head to the battle grounds.” We all shook our heads and one by one we walked out of the room.


It seemed to take us hours on end to reach the battle grounds. As we walked we were dead silent, we didn’t know each other, and thus the feelings of mistrust lingered in the air. Finally we reached it; everyone looked at me as if I knew what to do, I was there leader so I had control. I told them we were to line up one by one and demonstrate our powers for the whole team. I saw a grin grow on spirits face, “what’s so funny spirit? If you think this is fun and games why don’t you go first?” I said. He replied “I would be more than happy to.” Spirit walked into the center of the room, instantly I saw two doors open from nothing. A twisted creature came out, its eyes blood red and its claws and teeth dripping with blood. The creature charged at him, spirit dint move he didn’t flinch. The beast raised his claws and brought them down at full force, a huge smoke pillar loomed in the air. The beast let out a screech of victory, however as the dust moved I saw spirit was not there suddenly, he appeared as if he was made of thin air. I heard scroll whisper “wow he is fast.” Spirit lashed out at the monsters back, the beast let out a cry of pain. The beast backed away from spirit it circled him looking for a week spot, it walked in a circle for 1-2-3 minutes.

Without warning it lashed out charging at him, spirit held his ground he wasn’t afraid, yet something seemed different spirit had already shown us speed, and it didn’t look like he was going to run. The beast approached, with one fluid like movement he grabbed the monsters arm and held it there, and then he pushed his hand forward unleashing a burst of energy. The energy pulse ripped a hole in the middle of the beast chest. We waited shocked, we stood there the beast fell to floor with a loud thud, it was over he had won.

 Spirit walked out of the room, he shortly joined us in the pillar above, “what a joke” he sad with a half smile on his face, “I though they would give us a challenge” “we are only testing what we can do, not our full powers.” I turned away I looked at the group “cinder your up.” “Why me?” “Just get down there” with a shrug cinder got up and walked out of the room. We saw him enter the room, the door shut behind him, out of the same corner came another beast similar to the one before it, and cinder took his stance. The beast slowly made its way in cinders direction, circling him like the other beast had circled spirit. The beast let out a howl then it charged. A smile crept along cinders face. The beast raised its claws and slashed down, slashing cinders chest open the beast jumped and landed several feet away. We stood there in shock was he dead? Was he trying to kill himself? Why didn’t he move? Why did he just take that blow? My mind was racing, I didn’t know what to think, and that’s when it happened. Cinder slowly got to his feet, and began to laugh; he just stood there and laughed like a mad man. The cuts on his chest should have killed him, however they didn’t he was alive and laughing, the cuts vanished from his chest, as if they never existed. Cinder finally stopped laughing and said “my turn.” Cinder rushed at the beast jumping high in the air, landing behind it, he wasn’t as fast as spirit was but still he was fast. With a quick movement cinder shot fire from his hands, blasting the creature dead on. The beast let out a scream of agony, and then it turned and faced cinder, without hesitation it charged, full speed at cinder. As the beast charged cinder jus stood there and smiled, the beast came closer and closer until they were face to face, then it was over, but who had won? Who killed who? We then saw cinder emerge from the fire, he had won, and cinder had completed his challenge. He left the room and joined us in the room above, “well done” “I didn’t see that coming” “I bet he didn’t even know what hit him.” “Thank you” cinder said, and sat down.

 “So who is next?” I asked scroll made a deep sigh, and said “I will”. Scroll stood up and walked out of the room, we watched as he walked into the room below. As soon as he took his first few steps into the room it changed, floor panels shot up and made pillars, some big, some small, the arena had changed completely. Scroll stood his ground, two of the vile creatures emerged from the shadows, cinder took his stance, and he felt scared. Why was it that his other comrades had only fought one beast? And yet he had to fight two of them? Cinder wasn’t worried he still took his stance and held his ground. The challenge had begun, the beast twisted and turned through the maze, and his counterpart did the same. Scroll reached inside of his robed and pulled forth a quill. He began to scribble on his arm; this took him four to five seconds. Then he jumped landing down into the maze, scroll dashed throughout the maze with ease, he ran his hands along the wall every now and then. Finally scroll stopped in a long corridor, he ran quickly touching random places on the wall, and then when he was done he walked to the center of the hall.

A beast slowly turned the corner of the hall, and ran towards scroll, scroll jus stood there and smiled. When the beast was within three feet from scroll it just stopped, it stood dead still, then in the blink of an eye the beast was ripped to shreds.

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the zero saga; the begining

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