Human Trafficking In America

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Human Trafficking in America is becoming a huge epidemic, with the groups that engage in this crime becoming more bold and demanding.

Submitted: July 09, 2012

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Submitted: July 09, 2012




Here in the U.S human trafficking is spreading like a virus epidemic, after being a would be victim of this horrific ongoing situation. My family and I moved very often until being initiated into the Government’s Law Enforcement Human Trafficking Unit. It is as though my wife & kids are magnets for trafficking scouts.

Through out our travels we help raise money for people in need of funds, food, shelter & education. While waiting for my own case about the murder of my parents and their killers still living off of their social numbers & names, being the large amount of funds involved the government in a way allows for this treatment to continue, due to the magnetic attraction we draw to trafficking groups. What is the real out-come to this, when we are just moved and the traffickers are left alone, after they learn of the true nature of our living situations?

This is a huge matter that needs to be addressed for the future of people & families, being that most of the groups are extremist from the past of slave traders history. Hoping to use the wars and new Presidency (removing Obama) as a distraction & new laws that would make it more easy for their goals and operations to reach full effect.

Raymond Hodge
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