It was mostly the youth of America that improved the civil rights movement

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Essay on the Civil Rights Movement

Submitted: January 25, 2014

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Submitted: January 25, 2014



~~It was mostly the youth of America that improved Civil Rights 1945 – 62
The Civil Rights movement campaigned more and more widely after the Second World War to stop injustice and inequality. The fourteenth amendment to the constitution (1866) made black people full US citizens. However black people, especially in the South still faced racism, segregation, unequal treatment and violence. The youth were a significant cause to the improvement of the Civil Rights and they fought for what they believed in.
The youth helped to achieve better treatment and equal rights. In source C, there is a mob of white protestors outside Little Rock Central High School in Arkansas; the photo is taken in 1957. Segregation was still an issue even after three years from when the US Supreme Court ruled in Brown V Board education so that educational facilities were equal. In 1957 on the 4th September, nine African-American students attempted to integrate Central High School. Violence was still portrayed to these students as they tried to get a better education. The Little Rock nine started a change and raised awareness of the unjust systems that still went on. It was a momentous contribution to history and integration in America. This source is reliable as it was taken during the time and it is also a photograph, we know it is reliable as there was still segregation in America even after the law, this is evident by the signs, “Race mixing is communism” and “Stop the Race mixing.”
Another source that agrees with the youth making an impact on the improvement is source E, which is a text adapted from a major American historical museum website. Instantly we know that this is a dependable as it has come from a museum website and historians who look in depth in these issues. The source refers to a nineteen year old student freedom rider who was “slapped by a penal officer” for a fairly vague and little problem. The FBI investigation stated that “no-one was beaten” this shows that even the police officers whom people thought could rely and trust to be unbiased were lying, and that this incident says a lot “about what actually happens in this country.” Everything that happened was done in fear, as when prisoners were “transferred from one facility to another” they stopped frequently because of curious onlookers, or an “ambush by the KKK.” The conditions in America were so bad and were slowly resulting to violence. The youth were being impacted as a result of the unequal treatment. However it wasn’t just the youth who were being affected.
Source A is from a speech by Martin Luther King in December 1955. He argues about what they should do in the Bus Boycott. He explained what they should avoid using the bus because they will “not be content until oppression is wiped out.” Martin Luther King attempted to gain civil rights mainly by peaceful, non-violent protest. By desegregating schools economic position should begin to improve as employment opportunities develop due to access to better & higher education. Money invested in black community would further improve prosperity and a black middle class emerge with money to invest further in education. Student Civil Rights movements of 1960’s emerge due to better leaders so important in pushing on in future. There was little improvement by 1955 and in the north even less improvement as blacks continued to attend segregated schools in the ghettos inevitably resulting in low paid employment. NAACP campaigned for greater voter registration & trained black lawyers, which leads to improvements as court cases should be fairer. However, by 1955 voting numbers in the south were still low and there were few lawyers. NAACP did successfully prevent an openly racist judge from Supreme Court so some improvement. However the North was largely unaffected so the position was not really improved.
In conclusion to a certain extent the youth of America improved Civil Rights movement, however the older people who had experienced more and aided their mission to abolish unequal treatment and segregation. The youth played a major role to raise awareness and thus effectively starting the change as they fought for equal rights with their peaceful protests, which showed that they would not stoop as low as those who gave them the unequal treatment.

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