Chapter 1 of Ascended

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This is the first chapter of my upcoming story entitled Ascended.

Submitted: September 24, 2015

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Submitted: September 24, 2015



Chapter 1.

Zack Hassium

A friend once told me “Don’t hold onto your life to tight, because eventually it will all change”. I was always thought he was just saying it to sound smart, but boy was I wrong. My name is Zack Hassium I grew up; well I don’t really have memory of where I grew up. You see I was an orphan, or at least I think I was. I don’t really remember anything about my childhood, but the past doesn’t really matter, it’s all about what’s going down now. I am 20 years old and I am currently living in a small apartment on the outskirts of white city. For you see I don’t really have enough money to live anywhere else I’ve had to take care of myself for as long as I can recall. Currently I make a living as a stand cook; I walk the streets with my food cart selling eastern food. Before I moved to the white city I lived in the streets in a place far in the east where the sky looks green from all the greenery there. I learned how to cook from a kind old lady who helped me get, she never really told me her name she just said she was fate so ever since I just called her granny fate. She was also the one that helped me learn about whom I really am and what I am, for you see I’m not a normal human but something called ascended. From what granny fate told me my kind was really common in the days before the great sundering, there were many like me gifted with the ability to control the magic itself. Unlike witches who cast spells to control magic, we ascended can control the different types of raw magic itself like fire or metal. Me you see I am what they call a metalmancer, someone who can control any types of metals and bend them to my will, but for now I am only able to control three basic ones; copper, tin, and iron. But enough about the past what really matters right now is the events that took place on the night of September 6th, the day everything changed.

It began as a typical morning; I got up did my typical morning routine, grabbed my special wok and headed to earn my living. Usually I take the main street that leads to white city but this time I decided to change things up and decided to go explore a little of the red district a place mostly filled with factories and other buildings. It was going really well many of the workers there were happy to see me, they almost emptied my cart. After all that I decided I needed a little rest so I head for the park in the green district and take a breather. Once there I came across the most beautiful thing I had ever seen; a girl with hair dark as night, skin pale as ice, and lips red as blood. She noticed me staring and giggled and started heading my way. “Well I don’t think I’ve seen your face around these parts before”, she said. “Well I haven’t been to these parts you see”, I responded. “The name’s Verona”, she said. “Well I’m zack, Zack Hassium at your service”, I replied. “You I think this is a start of a great friendship”, she said with a big smile. After that we just sat and talked about our self’s until it began to get dark. “It’s getting dark”, I said. “I think I will start heading home, before it gets to dark”. “Same here”, she said “I don’t want to be caught out here once it gets dark”. As I began to walk I could feel a cold chill run down my spine and I could feel Verona’s hands touch my back as she reached into my ear and whispered, “Better get home before it gets dark, it’s dangerous out here especially for people of you kind”. Before I could respond I noticed a massive ball of fire heading towards us. With ought hesitation I grabbed Verona and Jumped out of the way. Luckily none of us got hurt, but where had the fireball come from? “Oh no they’re here” Verona said white an expression of terror. “What? Who are you talking about? Who are them?” I said with chills running all over my body. “We must get out of here” said Verona. “These people are trouble, the call themselves the sun birds. They are a bunch of rookie pyromancers who hide in the day and cause trouble at night”. Before I could get up I noticed 2 more balls of fire heading towards us. Luckily my training had readied me for this; I grabbed my wok and turned it into a shield large enough to cover both of us.” You’re a metalmancer!?” Verona asked with much surprise in her face. “Yes no we must get out of here before they attack again” I said. “Ha it’s my turn to show really introduce myself” Said Verona with a big smirk in her face. Verona didn’t hesitate to get up and with a smirk in her face she raised her hand and pointed towards the sun birds. “Bang” shouted Verona, and from the fountain that stood behind us came multiple blasts of water heading straight towards them hitting every single one of them right in the forehead. “Oh no what have you done” I said angrily at her. “You’ll just piss them off; let’s get out of here before they get up”. I grabbed her hand and made a run for it but before we could get far out stepped a man; hair black as coal, eyes gray as ash but burning like the sun. “Well, well, well, look what we have here a metalmancer and an aquamancer” he said smiling. “I don’t think I’ve had the pleasure of meeting such a couple of gifted people such as you two”. He took a step forward and said “Well let me introduce myself, they call me pyro and I’m the leader of the group of kind gentlemen, which you just so happen to have hurt with your little water trick”. With ought double thinking I pulled my wok towards me turning it into a sword and pointing towards him. “Sorry but we don’t have time to play with you guys right now” I said starting to run away with Verona. But before we could get far I felt a horrible burn all in my body. Then I noticed we had walked into their trapped and got hit with two balls of fire, but before I could bend my wok into something else everything got dark as I hit the floor. All the pain had cause both me and Verona to feint. All as I saw as I fell to the floor was pyro slowly walking toward us with a sad look in his face.

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