Touch your Tailfeathers

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Based on one of the prompts from The Imaginarium house (take a look it's a great house).

Submitted: May 08, 2017

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Submitted: May 08, 2017



“Hey Marty, do you think I can touch my tail fathers with my beak?” He grasped the branch in his feet and leant forward. In the next moment he had flipped upside down.

“Almost there,” he squeaked.

“Henry, you clutz, you know you cant do that. Why you spent all day yesterday trying to spin your head completely around.”

He flipped upwards.

“I almost got there.”

“You’re not an owl, you’re a budgie remember.” Marty, the smarter bird, perched himself on the other end of the branch, easily fed up by his friend’s antics.

“You’re never going to touch your tail feathers, just shake them and be happy with that.” He let out a squawk of satisfaction in his decision and tucked his head into his chin.

Marty however was a dreamer, someone who always believed he could succeed in his goal. Despite his more often than not failures, he was very quick to forget these.

“I’ll do it, you’ll see.” Once again he grasped the branch tightly. Bending his soft body downwards, he stretched out his head to try and reach his tail before slipping too far forward. He toppled over, letting out a screech as he found himself hanging upside down on the branch.

“You enjoy your head closer to the ground now?” Asked Marty with satisfaction.

“Just wait and see,” Henry muttered, pulling himself back up onto the branch. Ignoring his friend, he tried again, being more careful this time to not lean too much. It was however to no avail as he found himself again upside down.

“Birds just aren’t designed that way Henry.”

Henry was giving up. He tried again, settling himself steadily on the branch before leaning around. H tried to move his tail feathers closer towards him but alas, it was not to be. Again and again he tried, but each time he ended up hanging upside down with the Marty’s laughter ringing in his ears.

He was tried, sore and was ready to settle into a ball of fluff in the corner.

“You giving up yet?”

Henry sighed. Once more, he thought, once more and then he’d stop.

Grasping the branch he steadied himself. With a deep breath he leant forward, eyeing the tail feathers that were his goal. He was going to do this. He leant a little further, starting to feel the first steps of slipping out of control. Knowing that he didn’t have long left he bent as much of his small body as he could, and lunged out. In the next instant he had a soft feather inbetween his beak. He spun out of control, still keeping the feather firmly in his mouth. Hanging upside down this time however was a victory instead of a debate. Looking up at Marty, het tried to give him the best I told you so look that he could muster.

“Don’t you look like the smartest budgie in the next,” Marty muttered.

Henry let go, and pulled himself onto the branch.

“I did it Henry, see see, I did it.”

“I saw you look like a right fool.”

Henry didn’t care, he had proved that he could touch his tail feathers and found it was much more enjoyable than just shaking them. It was a victory for him.

Two young girls stood outside the birdcage, watching the antics of the two budgies. They had laughed at the continual flips of the green one and wondered what the white one was thinking.

“I didn’t know a bird could go all the way round,” exclaimed one as it saw the green budgie grab its tail feathers.

“Me neither,” said the other girl. “But he’s really cute.”

They laughed and watched as both the birds settled into corners, tucking their heads into their chins. The bird’s day was done and while they didn’t know the great accomplishment of one, they had been witness to a victorious day.  

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