Open your eyes, A Short Story

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This was just a short story I had in my mind a few nights ago that i just could not let go of. I could not sleep until I got this out of me and when I reread it I decided to post it! Hope you

Submitted: April 08, 2018

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Submitted: April 08, 2018



Close your eyes. Imagine a place where no bad can be done upon you or another. Let your eyes place you in a large open field. grass coming up to your hips, with large flowers and dandelions scattered throughout the plain. You roam through this mysterious place, alone yet content with your surroundings, feeling as if you are accompanied by those who walked this same path before you. Just keep walking until you come across a large hill, covered in nothing but large lilies and tulips and other colorful flowers. Before crossing the line to the top of this hill, you stop and take in the aromatic air that is swirling around you. The mixture of scents from the selection of flowers is enough to make you high. You stand feeling as if your on cloud nine before looking back at the miles of grassland you just wandered through. Miles that passed in seconds but lasted a lifetime. 

You hear a distant voice calling to you, but you can not decipher the words.

You climb the rest of the hill and you are greeted by a large forest a while out. Its almost as if you took one step and ended up at the forest, large trees unknown to you filling your eyesight. You catch your first glimpse of a creature since having arrived at this magical land. A small forest critter jumps and hops through the tall undergrowth that covers the ground. You follow it through the winding trees, as if knowing it has a destination for you to arrive at that only its kind know of. What feels like forever comes to an end when the small animal arrives you both at a large clearing in the center of the forest with the largest tree you’ve seen so far. The clearing has a magical aura to it, small glimpses of light flashing and swirling and twirling in the air, almost dancing for you. The creature leads you into the clearing and up to the tree, glancing back at you before leaving you to your business. Yet your business isn’t yet known to you.

Again the voice calls to you, this time louder and more clear, “Hello? — —— hear —-. —- — you” You cant pick out many words but you are certain its directed to you.

You circle the tree and find a large door in the opposite side. You feel as though you are welcome without knocking, so you enter the tree. Darkness envelops your eyesight. You feel a second presence with you in this void, and strain to see what it might be, despite the feeling being pleasant. You manage to pick out a figure in the darkness, a human form. As you close the distance between you and the figure you notice more features. Long hair, feminine build. And closer yet reveals a welcoming smile and an extended hand. You take the hand without hesitation and the void fills with light, spreading much further than expected. A large room that could rival that of a throne room is now fully lit, the architecture extravagant and mystical. You look back at the owner of the hand your holding, and cant help but think that you know this face. You’ve seen this face before yet you cant put your tongue on a name. They lead you to a window, beckoning you to look through with them. 

“Wake —-. Please, — miss you,” The voice is much more clear, but comes in in waves, repeating the same phrase over and over, almost in a begging voice.

The voice grows clearer as you close the distance between you and the window, but once you look through the window the voice ends, and your current environment melts away before your very eyes, revealing a grim accident. You turn to the woman whose hand is in yours, and realize she too is melting away, but the feeling of her hand in yours never leaves. Before she fades away fully your eye catches what it thinks is a faint aura of light resonating from her. You turn back to the assembling in front of your eyes. A distant country road in the center of nowhere builds from the ground in front of you, details growing more clear. After a time that feels like years, the scene is finished. Or so you thought. New, alien details burn their way into your new world: skid marks towards the ditch, shattered glass, and the foul smell of burning upholstery cover the ground and fill the air, all developing into a grim scene of a fatal accident that seemed to have just happened. You watch as a gruesomely totaled vehicle comes into view, building into a ball of flame. You run to the vehicle and check to see if there is a person trapped, and your fear is correct. You see a person trapped in the vehicle, unconscious and unresponsive, stuck in the flames. You manage to get the fellow person out of the car and free of the flames, but realize after the struggle that the face of the person you just saved is almost… blurred out. Despite your attempts you can not visualize the features on this persons face. Within minutes of you dragging the unconscious person to safety the world begins to dissolve. 

The voice calls out again, this time completely unable to be understood, muffled by some unknown source.

You stay in the darkness of the world for a moment, stuck on the scene you just witnessed before realizing the previous room is coming back into view. You feel hands on your shoulder and look up to the same eyes you saw before, but this time without the smile. You stand up to face your acquaintance, and she leads you to a pair of doors, one white and one black. Behind the white door you hear a slight hum, a comforting noise. A noise that almost seems to take away the pain, and the fear, and confusion all developed from your journey. Behind the black door you hear the voice. talking in a soft, defeated tone. 

“Please. Don’t go. I need you. I miss you. I love you.” The phrase is almost set on repeat, stated over and over while you stand before the two doors. You turn to the woman standing next to you, realizing your eyes were not lying earlier, for a slight white aura is resonating from her skin. You know the choice you must make. You reach for the white door with its promise of painlessness and fearlessness, but the voice from the other door rings out, sobbing. Something sparked this new reaction from the voice, which sounds now vaguely familiar yet. You turn to the woman next to you and give her a smile before reaching for the black door and walking through. 

You find yourself laying in a bed, eyes closed, pain across your entire body. Loud beeps and alarms start going off, but through the chaos you feel the reassuring grasp of someones hand in your hand. You hear a whisper in your ear, faint yet powerful.

“Open your eyes”

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