Warriors: Sabercats

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

These are straight decendents of the Saber Toothed cats.

Table of Contents

Warriors: Sabercats

These are straight decendents of the Saber Toothed cats. Read Chapter

"Stone, from this minute on, you will be Stoneclaw, in honor of your deceased mentor, Stripeclaw." announced Sabertooth. "Stoneclaw, St... Read Chapter

Saberfang watched coldly as the enemy patrol ate the rat poison. The orange tabby, called Flame, collapsed and died suddenly. The rest ... Read Chapter

Windbreeze slowly marched towards the returning cave-warriors and mewed sadly, "We have lost Saberfang to Oakfang. I took his life, so th... Read Chapter

"My beloved, yes it is me." answered the starry soul that waited in the Cave of Crying Stones. "Are you happy I avenged your death?" aske... Read Chapter

"Oakfang killed your brother?" Darkfang asked, bewildered. "My brother was Saberfang!" retorted Bonefang with pure hatred. "Oh my. The fi... Read Chapter

The patrol of the Tribe of Swishing reeds led Windfang's patrol into his Healer's den. "Here is Blazefang. He has an unusual large lump o... Read Chapter

"Windfang, when will you travel with Darkfang and Blazefang to the Starpool?" Hollysting asked. "Tomorrow night." Windfang looked certain... Read Chapter