The Souldream or a social adventure

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What a dream

Submitted: December 29, 2014

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Submitted: December 29, 2014



Arctur Vox






What a disturbing souldream I had this night, it shook me completely! In this dream I perceived the world through the eyes of a respectable, middle-aged citizen. I was walking through the streets of Uroboros, a small but well-groomed city, while tenderly holding my beloved one's well-groomed hand. At one point something caused us to sidetrack towards a fine tenement house. I noticed decorative iron bars in its windows.

My beloved one insisted on finding out what secret does the house hold, so we entered it, setting the door ajar. No sooner had we stepped inside when they slammed shut behind our backs and we fathomed the grim truth. We were trapped! It was a squat!

Wild anarchists were roving through cluttered, dirty rooms, producing horrible noises and stench. Odours of skimpy meals being cooked on camping stoves mixed with the reek of long unwashed bodies and dampness consuming the building, which seemed so beautiful from the outside. Someone turned on a tape recorder. We heard a yawp of instruments and such disturbing screams.

They were inhaling industrial glue, drinking moonshine straight from a bucket or smoking weird herbs. Intoxicating vapour was gushing in our faces. Befuddled, we roamed around, seeking the exit without any success, until we stumbled upon a room much tidier and more peaceful than the other ones. We took refuge in it with great relief. In the middle of it stood a huge bed, probably taken from a worker’s hotel. Suddenly, the bedding has bulged and from underneath it jumped a lesbian with spiky, red hair. She eyed my sweet companion up and down, while twisting lips in a lustful grin.

The lesbian bent freakishly, mumbling something unintelligibly. She was mesmerising my beloved girl! I tried to save her from certain bane, but she blurted out from my grip and willingly jumped straight into the arms of the short-haired demon. Both women started tearing each other’s clothes off and touching body parts that I never even knew existed. Due to their violent moves the wooden bed collapsed and they fell to the ground. That didn’t stop them from continuing this act of unnatural love. I could not gaze upon it anymore.

I blindly ran through the squat’s corridors. I managed to find a hatch leading outside. Two laughing anarchists stood in my way, but they stepped aside when I waved my electric revolver. The sun blinded me and this is when the souldream ended, but I’ve been wondering ever since: was it merely a work of my imagination or maybe a projection of real events?

This experience has made me certain that every word a lesbian speaks is an egregious lie. These Babylonian vampires fib they only want to be left alone, while secretly reaching out for other women, including the honest and well-groomed denizens of Uroboros.

True are the teachings of Chaos: “Thou shalt not suffer a vampire of Babylon to hunt”. I only now fully understood the validity of these words.

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