The Change

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A short story about making choices and honoring them.

Submitted: August 10, 2018

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Submitted: August 10, 2018



It was raining. The pouring didn’t stop for anything in the world. No single soul could feel anything. It was as if time had stopped and looped back to when the rain had started. It never ended.


The world was in a trance, hypnotized by the sound of the crystalline water drops. Actions were left alone as simple thoughts, words were silent, feelings were muted and the desire to change was petrified. The rain poured on. The young souls looked with hope at the crying skies. The older souls looked longingly at the source of the rain. The sky had a single color: a dull, lifeless gray.


One soul stepped out of his shelter and began moving his lips to speak. The pouring intensified, extinguishing any sound the young mouth could usher forth. It was as if nothing had happened and nothing will ever happen. The inquisitive soul looked round and saw only what had been there since the beginning: flat, soaked earth everywhere the eye could see. The rain could never stop the tears that formed on his cheek, but it did veil them enough to be indistinguishable from it. Water, rain, tears. "What was the difference?" he asked in a silent voice.


All they’d known was rain. The only difference was its intensity. The young one asked the elders: "Why does the rain never stop?" They were all gazing at the lifeless clouds as if struck with awe. One of them noticed the sound of a voice and looked towards its origin. The other elders did the same. They looked at the young one with puzzling eyes, as if questioning even his existence. A simple question had sparked a passion inside the eyes of the young ones looking at the scene and they were all waiting for an answer. The elders furrowed their brows in tandem. All they did was point to the sky. Everyone looked up to see the familiar view they had seen since forever ago. The rain was their god. The rain was their origin. No one could do anything else but watch the rain pour down for eternity. Even more puzzled, the young one continued to question. "What comes after the rain?" The elders’ eyes widened, their mouths were agape and their usual calmness had disappeared completely. The young one had sinned. They were never allowed to speak of their god as something temporary. Omnipotent and omniscient were the two words they were always reminded of throughout their days.


The elders had no choice but to exile the child. Still full of questions, he left them reluctantly. The others just watched without the courage to ever ask anything of the elders ever again. They wanted answers, but none of them wanted to be exiled. After continuous walking down the same greyed earth, the young soul started to feel guilty for daring to ask his questions. They were always instructed to never question or deny their older acquaintances, especially the elders. It was a cardinal sin that meant banishment for all eternity. Tears started rolling down his cheeks and he began to have more and more questions about their existence. "All the elders do is watch the sky, what is the purpose of doing that?" He had a lone thought that shone light on the otherwise bleak environment of his mind. "I am banished for eternity. And the rain is said to continue on for eternity. If I wait out that eternity, I will see the rain disappear!" Lost in thought, he smiled. He chose joy and looked up. The rain had already stopped.


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