It's going to be okay

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Submitted: July 26, 2014

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Submitted: July 26, 2014



To the one whose world is falling all apart,

And all you’re left with is a tired and broken heart,

It’s gonna be okay.


To the girl whose brother or father abuses her relentlessly,

And who feels worthless and abandoned by all,

It’s gonna be okay.


To the boy who lacks at everything he does,

And who feels he will never be good enough for those other athletic kids,

It’s gonna be okay.


It’s gonna be okay,

It’s gonna be okay.

This is the phrase that I will always say.

I say it all throughout the day to myself in my mind

And I mention it to people on the streets that are having a shit-filled day.

It’s gonna be okay,

It’s gonna be okay,

This is all I can say...

It is going to be okay.


To the father who lacks the provisions his family needs,

And feels resposible for their bare feet,

It’s gonna be okay


To anyone and everyone out there struggling,

Which is literally everone in the world, at least at some point,

It’s going to be okay.


I am not one to say things that I know are not true,

For I am not like her.

I mean what I say, and I wouldn’t say it if  I didn’t truly believe it

So please, just trust me...

It will be okay.


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