Love always comes 2

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Well this romance too... and part 2 of love always comes..and that's all.... hope you like it

Submitted: December 19, 2011

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Submitted: December 19, 2011



A body guard appears, trying to carry the orange haired girl. Brick, with a possessive feeling, wins him.


Boomer sweat drops at the sight of his brother trying to walk while carrying the girl of his dreams. He hits his own forehead at the sight given to him.

"Brick…cut the possessive behavior and give her to your bodyguard!"

Brick slumps depressed, giving the "love of his life" to the enormous gorilla man, entering to the limousine and slamming the door. With superiority, he looks at his blond brother.

"When we arrive, that bodyguard will need a new job"

Amber giggles softly, catching the attention of Boomer, making him smile a bit. He takes her hand and kisses it sweetly, making her stop giggling and start blushing.

"By the way, I forgot to introduce me before…my name is Boomer"

"Nice to meet you Boomer, I'm Amber"

"If my Scarlet was here, we could make-out"

"Shut up Brick, don't you see I'm trying to get a girlfriend!"

"I don't care!"

Amber looks nervously at Boomer and with a pat on his shoulder, he stops his brotherly fight to turn his attention to her.

"Amm you see…not trying to be rude but…right now I can't have a date. I've got a lot of homework for tomorrow…if you want, we could all go out on Friday"

Boomer nods, accepting her terms, meanwhile Brick glares at Boomer for accepting.

The limousine stops in front of Amber's house, leaving both girls in there. Boomer gives a goodbye kiss on Amber's cheek while Brick squeezes Scarlet's behind, making her wake up.



With that, the limousine disappears at a speed normally illegal, but they're rich. What are laws to the rich people?

Scarlet looks at her best friend, rubbing her sore head smoothly.

"Aww…what happened with them, Amber?"

"We have a date with those boys this Friday"


"They look like good boys" Amber says, smiling cutely at her friend. Scarlet's only words make her blonde friend start a speech of respect and other morals…

"Oh…well, fuck"

(Brittany's POV)

This is not what I was expecting of my Friday. I look at Amber with all the hate I can muster, instead, she looks at me sweetly, like nothing is happening. My glare hardens so much, that everyone starts running for their lives, but my blond friend. No, she's immune to it and I know the reason why…because, she's the devil in disguise…

Why else would she make me pose in her stupid girly outfits, apply make-up to my face and set me up stupid dates with boys I don't even like!

"WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME BEFORE!" I ask…more like shout. Her sweet smile only widens more and lets her freaked out friend, Scarlet to answer my question.



"Because you need to date boys Brittany"

My left foot starts tapping the floor impatiently, my new cheerleading tennis making squeaky sounds with the gray dirty floor. How can she say that so easily?

"How did you set up those dates anyway?"

Scarlet frowns and with both hands on her hips and closed eyes, she answers my question with a moody tone.

"It was when that stupid Brick appeared and I had to runaway with car-racing speed-"

"How the heck did you manage that?"



She huffs angrily, and continues with her illogical speech. Really, what normal human being can run at that speed?

Well…Momoko isn't your ordinary human being either…

"Anyways, Boomer and Amber made those plans because of the homework"

"Why didn't you told me the next day instead of today!"

"Because you would've ran away~"

I turn towards Amber nervously. I know that she's reaching her patience limit. She's acting too sweet to be normal…or maybe her sadistic nature is kicking on and she likes seeing me in pain.

"Whatever…I'll just go to the stupid cheer leading practice"

Turning around, I start walking towards my loathed future once again…

The cheer leading practice…

Every time there's practice, boys of all kinds go to watch how we practice, looking at every one of us with lusty eyes. They go from bullies to nerds…

Heck, I think I even saw Ken from Utonium's group in there the last practice. It's no secret he likes me…

Why can't he be a Amber fan-boy?

Oh yeah…because she's a sadist…he must have seen her true demon nature.

"Oh I forgot to mention that Boomer is coming right now...all five of us, including Butch, we're going to see how you practice Brittany!" said girl says, hugging me happily while squealing.

So she invited Butch to see my practice?

Didn't I say it before?

She's a devil in disguise.

(Normal's POV)

Football and cheerleading practice, a time where preppy girls and bullies can interact with each other while playing with an oval shaped ball. The girls can do what they can do best; dance original routines while the boys can fight for a little ball to earn a touchdown…

Bodies of normal students sitting on the school's benches roam their eyes on them, waiting for something cool to happen or just watching the ones they dream about. Groups of giggling girls praise the football captain Ichigo, while talking about how hot he is. Groups of perverted guys talk about the cheerleader's bodies, praising their perfect bodies while being silently watched by the hall monitor, who only writes their names for their punishment with a sadistical gleem on his eyes.

A certain group called the Ace gang stare lazily at the football field, most of them only in there to eat their favorite fried chicken while laughing at the jocks who are randomly attacked by baseball balls...which curiously seem to appear on said gang's hands. The leader of said group called Ace, looks at Brittany's body with disgusting thoughts passing through his dirty mind. His pale hands are gripping the bench, grabbing a green color with the help of the sun while the bulkiest jock discovers the origin of the balls and runs towards Aturo with a killing aura.

"That Brittany…will be mine" he mutters...his gang member crying on the sidelines.Billy, looks to his leader and then to his love interest, Amber. He feels how his stomach fills with unpleasant sensations once he looks at the handsome face of Boomer, the third most handsome boy in all Tokyo city. His hands form fists when he looks his lips kissing her cheek sweetly, stealing a blush from her.

Nobody can kiss her cheeks…it was an unspoken rule passed through all of her fans…but this newbie dared to kiss her cheek for a second time.

'Nobody messes with my girl and gets away'

Those thoughts go unnoticed by the pair, who seems to go perfect with each other. Miyako is sitting beside him, hearing everything he tells her and answering his questions about her.

They were learning about each other, like a new couple.

Meanwhile Scarlet ignores rudely the other boy, who continues his seducing attempts.

"Come on Scarlet, you can't run away forever…let me know you babe"

"I'm not your babe, besides I don't want too"

"Well…then I'll get that information from you later…maybe you could tell me how you could run so fast when we came to visit you last Tuesday"

Scarlet winks at him happily, "I eat a lot of sweets, so my energies are always at the top!"

Brick nods, his face nearing hers in seconds, "You know…I eat a lot of sweets too…maybe we're real soul mates"

Turning to the side with a blush she curses at him while he chuckles happily.

In front of them, a raven haired boy looks at his "girlfriend" Brittany while she practices her routine. A smile takes possession of his normaly scowling lips, if his fan girls looked at him smiling, it would mean the end of the world for his "bad ass" attitude...the same attitude that makes several chicks afraid of him while silently praising his "great-manli-ness!"

He can hardly wait for the practice to be over to take that girl into his car and to their date…maybe they could go to his room after it to play some videogames...or something more fun.

No other girl has affected him this much and a spark of worry appears in him. Maybe after having sex with her, everything could be calm once again and ha can leave her alone.

'I don't think she would let me do that to her…she's a fierce one…not like other girls'

Those thoughts keep swimming in his mind, and the idea of forming a solid relationship with her suddenly looks interesting.

While said girl continues her practice, trying to ignore the eyes of every student following every of her movements. Brittany turns around, looking at every student with nervousness.

"They feel like stalkers to me…"

"Brittany, are you ready?" a teammate of the tomboy called Yuuki says, running towards her and only stopping when in front of her. Brittany blinks innocently.

"Ready for what?"

Yuuki frowns at her but answers her question nonetheless, "What do you mean…today is the football and cheerleader's auction!"

Those words leave Brittany frozen up like a real ice cube.



"Only our school can participate?"

Yuuki smiles and nods happily, making her smile too. She sighs in relief and turns towards the benches with a smirk.

"It seems I could escape my date with Butch after all"

The principal of the high school appears, his strange eyes looking at his group of students while his hand grabs the end of his even weirder mustache.

"Good afternoon my boys, the auction will start soon…remember that everyone of them will be auctioned and they'll have to be your servants for a week...if you're caught ordering them for something like sex, alcohol, drugs, relationships or the 'slave' tells me about you forcing them, then you're going to leave this school permanently!"

With those words spoken, the chaos on the benches starts, almost everyone whinning with distaste. The principal keeps his rigid posture, making everyone stop their shouting.

"Also, because of popular votes, Amber will be auctioned too"

Amber’s eyes widen meanwhile all her fans turn towards her with needy eyes, except Boomer. His eyes are full of promising death and his mind of violent plans to prevent his girl to be auctioned.

"Starting, we will auction the girls!"

The uproar from the male population can be heard, making Brittany flinch. The other cheerleaders act like nothing big is happening, only tiny smirks adorning their perfect faces.

"They must bear with this kind of things very often…"

The principal starts the auction, selling the cheerleaders with amazing speed. It's not until Himeko that the auction takes place slowly, because all of her fans. The situation only amuses said girl, making a seductive pose for them. The boys' attempts turn more violent.

"Okay then, Himeko sold for 70,000 yen to mister Hiruko"

"Damn straight man!"


"…Sorry man…"

The principal frowns but turns towards the newest member of the team, making Brittany even more nervous. She didn't want to be sold to some random horny boy! If Butch was difficult, she didn't want to think about passing time with someone that could be even worse than him. At least the last time shekindarespected her.

"Let's start the auction for Brittany with a hundred yens"

Hands started shooting upwards and voices stating prices.

"200 yen!"

"250 yen!"

"My cat!"

"7000 yen!"


"THE ONE WHO SAID THAT IS SUSPENDED!" The director shouts angrily.

"...Aww..." the boy mutters, looking sadly at the floor and leaving the benches slowly.

Brittany's hate started bubbling dangerously at all the freaky guys trying to win her, 'Heck, even the guy I punched the day were I was given the task to become part of this team, is here and trying to win me'

She got into the conclusion that the nerd was a masochist.

"100 000 000 yen!"

Everyone turns to the boy standing up. Said boy looks confidently at the girl of his dreams with his uncovered green eye.

'Soon I will own her…who would say no to such a big amount of money?'

The principal frowns, "Sorry boy, but you're not part of this school"

Almost everyone looks agape at their apparent stupid principal that just said no to a million dollars.

"...Excuse me?" Butch mutters, his eye narrowing in distaste. The principal sighs but answers nontheless.

"For securtiy motives we don't let anyone who doesn't come to our school to participate on the school's activities, since we don't know if you're a rapist or a criminal"

Butch growls at him, his hands forming hard fists with unreleased anger.

"Instead, we're going to the boy that offered 7000 yen as the winner!"

Ace stands up with a smirk and walks coolly out of the benches for his prize. He stops in front of her and with ease starts carrying her bridal style. Brittany, still couldn't answer at that, the surprise of his "master" being the stupid bully she hates so much.

"DON'T CARRY HER LIKE THAT!" The principal shouts, making the green-skinned boy stop his "romantic" assault and leave her on her feet once again, instead opting for her arm to take her with him.

'Even a girl winning me would've been better!' she thinks angered, not caring about being carried away. Meanwhile Butch looks angrily at the green man taking HIS Brittany with him.

"How could that stupid principal say no to a million dollars!"

His mood was so sour, that he didn't even react when Amber was being sold, the winner being some random fan boy of her.

The girl looks apologetically at Boomer, before going towards her new "master" for a week. Boomer feels the anger rising when he looks at the sweet smile the boy gives her.

"I won't let that boy win me…If he wants war"

"-he will have war"

Both brothers turn towards each other after Butch finished his sentence. Suddenly, smirks full of evil and pain appear on their faces slowly, promising the future death of those who dared buying their "girlfriends".

Meanwhile Brick sweat drops at the antics of both of his brothers, hugging Scarlet with a lazy arm.

"Crazy devils in disguise...thank god your socially death"


(Normal POV)

A normal day in the house of the three boys, Brick and his brothers, every single maid is singing happily a melodic tune, making the day seem even brighter. The men working on the enormous green garden are laughing at the jokes being told between them, ignoring their stains of dirt and sweat on their uniforms, even the chef who is always grumpy is smiling at everyone with a force so powerful that could make anyone smile.

…That is until an inhuman scream is heard.

A fat maid shrieks and runs away at the sight of a sword falling towards her. Boomer, who watched everything from his comfortable couch in front of the stairs the poor maid was cleaning, looks with one of his blond eyebrows cocked upwards how his older brother Butch, shouts at the innocent maid.


The elder starts crying and runs away from her violent master. The blond boy closes the book he was reading and takes off his reading glasses to look seriously at his relative.

"What did the poor woman ever do to you, you psycho?"

Butch turns his fiery visible eye towards him, smiling eerily, "There you are my dear brother"

Boomer cocks his eyebrow ones again and returns to read his book and position his glasses over his perfect aristocratic nose. Butch groans at the obvious ignorant attitude his younger sibling displays towards him.

He runs with madly speed towards him. When he reaches his form, he hides behind his couch, looking everywhere with suspicion. Boomer sighs angrily.

"Butch…did you sleep last night?"

"Nop…now shh!Hecould hear us"

Boomer glares at the ceiling. Why? He hated when he didn't sleep…he woke up so paranoid and…violent. Deciding to end everything, he starts talking.

"Okay…what do you want?"

Butch's eerie smile grows, making a passing butler run away in fear, "I've made the perfect plan"

Boomer's patience slips with every evil chuckle made from his brother, "Plan for what?"

The older boy smacks something on the decorative table in front of him. With wide unconfident eyes, he looks that it's a cardboard.

"…What is that?" He asks in suspicion at the innocent looking large paper lying on the glass of the table. The other smirks with triumph at him.

"Plan K.A.A.W.H.!"

Boomer's fear changes into annoyance at the mention of the name, "What does it mean or what?"

Butch lets free a series of evil chuckles, leaving his younger brother worried for his safety once again, "They mean…KickAce'sAssWithHumilliation!"

"…Who the hell is Ace?"


Boomer sighs and turns to his book once again, "Really Butch…you act so stupid when you don't sleep…go and catch a nap"

Butch gasps like a child would when his mom suggests him to eat his vegetables, "Are you kidding? Brittany could evade that green freak for six days, but today she has a date with him!"

"How do you know…?" Boomer starts, his eyes narrowing suspiciously, "Butch, have you been stalking that poor girl?"


Boomer feels for the first time shame for the poor girl. How can she bear with such a stupid idiot like him…it was beyond his knowledge. Blinking, he focuses on his tired eyes. His stomach seems to jump in fear at the possible meaning behind of their state.

"…Have you slept for those days?"


Boomer groans in despair when his suspicions are confirmed. 'Great, now he will be acting even more stupid than before' he says to himself, then turning towards his brother, "I thought you made Ace stay away from her…"

Butch groans with boredom at his words, "Well, it's kinda hard since he bought her legally…so what do you say, you join my forces?"


Butch blinks softly, thinking his ears missed something of incredible importance, "Excuse me?"

"I've got better things to do"

With that said, the blond boy returns to his lovely book, trying to enjoy the ideas the words display. Butch looks at him with surprise evident in his face.

"Your love interest was sold too!"

Boomer smirks at him in return, "And I took care of it already…I told the principal some little lie, gave him some fake evidence and the boy was suspended for two weeks from school and can't get near to Amber"

Butch's mouth hangs open at the audacity of his brother, "How the hell could you do it!"

Boomer snorts in return, looking disinterestedly at him, "Do I need to remind you about the power money can have in other people? Like criminals, officers, maids, teachers…money is power after all"

He tries to sit more comfortable in his personal couch, "I didn't do it alone though…you know Brick is the brain, he helped me a lot"

With rage, he grabs his wrist and pulls his brother with him, "I don't care, you're helping me!"

Boomer shouts a bit. Hey, he might be his brother…but still, he was scary as hell. The crybaby of the group kicks him on his leg and runs free from the villain of the house. Butch growls and runs towards his younger brother, knocking away the maids and butlers passing through the elegant peach corridors of their mansion. Boomer finally arrives to their white kitchen, surprising the only two habitants of there. The chef runs away in fear and Brick blinks at the sight of his brother grabbing a cup and filling it with water in fear.

"Boomer…what the freaking hell is going on?"

Before Boomer can answer him, Butch opens the door with a force enough to splinter. Both brothers flinch, but is Boomer the one who glares at him weakly, grabbing the cup in dear life.

"Don't get near me! I have water!"

Brick suddenly remembers why he is the leader of their three-member group.

"…He won't die from water, brother" he states annoyed, finally thinking his brothers' minds exploded with their homework.

Butch snorts mockingly, "Oh no! What am I going to do!"

"Wh-when you try to sabotage Kaoru's date…your appearance will be soggy with the water and your hair will be bad looking…you do-don't want that…do you?" Boomer says, his stutters ruining his taunting speech. Butch's expression changes and becomes afraid.

Brick suddenly remembers how stupid Butch can be when sleep deprived.

'He could just go to his room, take a bath and make his appearance perfect once again…' Brick thinks, looking at them with a playful smile. 'Both are so damn immature when they want too'.

"What's the problem in here?" He asks, looking at both of his brothers. Butch is the first to start.

"This little idiot doesn't want to help me!"

"I want to read my book in peace, is not fair!"

Brick sighs annoyingly, "Boomer, help him…we are brothers for god's sake"

Boomer's eyes narrow with suspicion, "And what about you?"

"I have a date with Scarlet"

The blond boy blinks surprised at those words and beams happily at him, "Hey, how did you manage to convince her? Congratulations!"

"She doesn't know~"

"That's…kidnapping" Butch exclaims, temporally forgetting about his "kick-ass" plan. Brick smirks victoriously at both his little brothers.

"Hehehe, of course not, is called surprise" with that said, he stands up from the black stools and waves at both his brothers. "Now, excuse me…my hot babe is waiting for this handsome piece of ass"

With those parting words he leaves, leaving both of his brothers in complete silence inside that kitchen. Boomer sighs in resignation, leaving the cup of water on the black colored bar. He knows he can't say no. Well, he could…but then he would end how the fat maid almost ended, almost dead and with a terrible trauma. He liked his life, thank you very much. So with a slight groan he left his mansion with his big brother… the most violent of them, Butch.

Boomer's first thought when entering the "two star" restaurant?

"Damn it"

It was full with little kids singing a stupid kiddie-satanic Barney song, laughing and hitting themselves like complete little morons. The parents ignored their little abominations, opting for eating the fried chicken or that "enormous" hamburger while enjoying their little "peace". The odor of feet and fast food fills his nostrils like a dog with his food. Yep, that mad was our little angel.

In other words, that restaurant was a hamburger fast-food chain.

"Perfect place for a freaking date"

"I KNOW! I must work harder now with this obvious signs of greatness"

Boomer slaps his own forehead, and then proceeds to hit it against the "clean" table they got, "Butch…is your sleep-deprived head stupid enough to believe THIS is a nice place to date?"

Butch narrows his eyes in a thinking manner, making Boomer groan and slump in his slightly comfortable seat.

"Never mind…now let's see your dat-"

"What are YOU doing in here!"

They both turn to look at the orange haired girlfriend from Brick. Both blink at the surprise alone.

"Amm…I should probably ask you the same thing" he says, looking seriously at angry pink eyes. This poor girl had to be in here? God, poor creature, having to bear this annoying environment and sickly odor even for 5 minutes was punishment…hell, he didn't wish this kind of punishment towards his worst enemy.

The girls' sighs and points to her pink dress and white apron, "I work here, duh!"

Even Butch looked horrified at the statement. Brick's soon-to-be fiancée…WORKING in this piece of crap? Oh hell no.

Well...must at least enjoy the service at least…for now.

"Well, what are you doing in here?"

Butch smirks, "Having a brother-brother bonding time, of course"

Scarlet looks suspiciously at the smirking bad boy and his angelic-faced brother, "Are you sure it doesn't have ANYTHING to do with Brittany's date with Ace in table number 3?"

Butch's smirk grows bigger at her little slip, "Oh no, actually Brick is about to come, if you want you can wait for him"

…The girl ran away after she heard the word "Brick". Boomer smiles sardonically at his brother.

"Woah, I actually thought you would say something stupid right then"

"Pfft, after hearing Kaoru is already on here…my mind turned on immediately"

Boomer snickers softly, earning a smirk from his brother. They both turn to look for table number three and found themselves looking at the tomboy and the strange green-skin freak. Boomer scowls, a sudden feeling of protection invading him. How dare that guy mess with his brother's soon-to-be fiancée? Oh how stupid of his part.

"What are you looking at?"

Both boys turn to the read head again, sighing with exasperation. Seems the girl didn't believe the raven's lie.

"None of your business…now I wish for every single cake you have"

Boomer blinks in astonishment while the girl looks dumbfounded by the decision from the boy. She blinks slowly and starts fidgeting with her pen and note pad.

"Are you sure? They are easily 50 cakes in their"

Butch smirks and nods. Scarlet shrugs a bit, slightly mad at him for taking her sweets away from her grasp.

"Well…okay, it's your money not mine"

With that she turns around, leaving the brothers alone. The blond one turns to the other, his astonishment still present.

"Why so many cakes?"

Butch snickers evilly, making his brother suddenly smirk. This afternoon was turning much better for the blue eyed boy than reading a silly book.

On the other side of the restaurant, Brittany was looking with bored eyes at the gang leader. The freaky boy was smirking, talking about so many "great" and "fascinating" moments of his life, leaving her with the feeling of sickness on her stomach.

'He thinks he's so freaking great and mighty when in fact is a loser…god, I hate people like him'

Moving her straw inside her soda, she tries desperately to turn his words off and change it with the audio of the football's game passing on the restaurant's TV's.

…Until a cake falls from the sky (literally talking), into the boy's greasy black hair. She laughs instantly, her coke left forgotten on the table, while the other boy starts shouting obscenities.


"Turn around loser!"

He turns around complying to the stranger's voice, only to be met face to frosty with another cake. Brittany's laugh if possible grows, this time her fists hitting the table their using while a tear escaped her eye.

Growling, the boy takes his sunglasses off and tries to find the culprits, but he finds none.

Outside, both boys look how Ace storms out of the restaurant with fury, the laughs of the other costumers still loud enough for them to hear.

They both laugh too, making a high five. After all, another well done prank from the best pranksters in Japan.

"Come on, let's take this photos from Scarlet to Brick" Boomer says, taking out his mini camera. Butch laughs and punches his brother's shoulder.

"Right you bastard, thanks for coming with me by the way"

Boomer smirks, "Well, don't worry…besides Brick was right, we brothers must work together to get our girls, after all that's why brothers are for"

Butch smiles at his younger brother and nods, "Yep, and I couldn't have asked for better brothers"

(Normal POV)

It was another school day at Kibenkyo. The student population arrived to the loathed building with sleepy expressions still pasted on their faces, their steps and movements like the ones only zombies do on the terror movies. Only a few of the students were happy or interested enough for that day, one of them was a green skinned boy with black hair.

Ace arrives to the base of his bullying with a smirk, his step never faltering. He looks how some boys turn their frightened puppy eyes to him, expecting some kind of hint that tells them today was not their day. Of course, said boy wouldn't let anyone see any of this. That's the reason he loved sunglasses and used them so much.

With his sadistic smirk in place, he steps inside the school's corridor, looking at the dark blue lockers aligned on one side of it. All kinds of boys move away from his way, some of them bowing in respect. Their fear for the leader and his gang was not something new. Every day, the group would select a victim and make all of his day a living nightmare. Usually the bullying included violent battles, food stealing, mocking and humiliation. All the victims were boys, but girls even respected them for fear of changing into their gender.

Memories of how last week's victim, Sosuke shouted like a little girl while they kicked their ass over and over again ran inside his mind like a mantra. Yes, Friday was a good day for them.

This Monday would be even better.

Finally arriving to his locker, he opens it with his combination, memories of his beatings still replaying in his mind. Opening his locker, he is received…with a cake pasted to his face.

Some laughs arise from the deserted hallways, and he turns around to "glare" at the ones who dare to speak. He closes his locker, only to be met with a raven haired boy leaning coolly on the locker besides his.

"What do you want, punk?" he asks rudely to the green eyed boy.

The other continues looking at him with dead serious eyes, "Don't get near to Brittany"

Ace feels his blood boil at the cold command the boy decides to give him. With his caked cover hand, he points to his chest imperiously, "I can do what I want, punk"

He is received by another cake on the face.

Ace clenches his fists, suddenly remembered all the cake-based traps he got on the weekend, "It was you!"

Butch smirks, in his hand another cake waiting to get plastered on his already caked face, "So what if I was? What will you do to me?"

Ace tries to punch him again, but the cake arrives sooner to his face before his fist can. With a growl of hate at falling into the cake trick again, Ace turns around, finding an amused Brittany standing on the middle of the hallway. Embarrassed, he runs away, knocking out anyone standing on his way.

Brittany turns her eyes to the boy with a smirk on her own, "Nice trap"

Butch eyes her form hungrily, "Nobody messes with my girl"

Brittany smiles mockingly, "Your girl?"


She walks towards him, glare in place. He only responds with his own playful smirk. She sighs and lets a soft chuckle fall from her lips, surprising Butch. That was the first time she gave him a smile, even more a laugh.

Brittany then stands near him in a casual pose.

"Look…I'm kinda fed up with all of this…"

Butch's face gets an angry tint to it at what she starts saying. He knew what was next… the breakup. Well, he never lived this kind of situation since he never had a girlfriend before, but he saw movies and TV. She was about to cut their ties off and he wouldn't let it happen.

"I won't let you finish this!"

Brittany stares at him, her green eyes questioning his sanity. They were nothing…were they?

"Umm…what are you talking about? I just thought that maybe we could be friends"

The raven-haired girl's eyes widen at the sight of a blush on his cheeks after her words.

Butch feels his cheeks burn in embarrassment. With a scowl (and his blush) he starts his rant.

"I want to be yourboyfriend"

Brittany shrugs and with hands on her hips, she answers with a careless tone, "It's that or nothing. I personally don't care about what you decide; you just seem like a cool guy to be a friend with"

They stay in silence, the girl full with boredom while the male thinks about his pros and cons. After a while, he turns his dark green orbs to hers.

"All right, but hear this"

Without warning, he grabs her and whispers in her ear hotly, "Only because you're my friend, I won't stop being a pervert and try winning your heart"

Brittany blushes at the proximity and the words spoken to her ear, leaving her counterpart smirking. Only a punch on his stomach makes the boy grunt in pain.

"All right, meanwhile you have to bear my violence in you"

She turns around, walking calmly away from the scene, leaving the smirking and hurting boy in there all alone.



"Yes Scarlet?"

"…Why am I Scarlet?"

The question alone left Amber looking at her best friend with a confused expression.

"…Is there a problem, Scarlet?"

The question makes Scarlet hit the white and long surface of the cafeteria table with her fist, almost knocking their food down, "BRICK!"

Amber reacts moving slightly away from her suddenly violent best friend. It was always sane to distance yourself from the orange-haired girl when her mood turned dark. If not, it could be worse than Brittany's attitude. Could.

"What did he do this time?" Amber asks, her sweet voice doing nothing to help her pink eyed friend.

"He found my home and decided it would be a nice idea to show me how much he loves me-"

"Aww, that's cute!"

"-by posting 'Scarlet is Brick's own girlfriend, do not touch' in big red letters on a giant poster outside my house"

Amber is left speechless at the mention of Brick's odd method.

"No wonder you're so angry, that was rude of Brick's part " the blonde girl says seriously, nodding at her own words. Scarlet copies her and nods with her frown still present.

"Could I please sit here?"

Both girls turn upwards to find a tall dirty blond boy smiling at them, his blue eyes twinkling at both girls. Scarlet smiles at the stranger.

"Taki, the "sick boy", how are you?"

Taki chuckles with embarrasement at the nickname, rubbing the back of his head nervously, "Never thought you would have a nickname for me, Scarlet"

"You get sick to much for me not to do it" she replies, smiling innocently at the upperclassman.

Taki /1/ is a cute blond senior who always gets sick. He is one of the nicest boys of the school and a close friend of Amber.

"Sure you can sit with us, Taki" Amber exclaims, happy to see his male best friend back on school, "How are you?"

"I feel great, thanks for asking" he starts while sitting down. Then he starts attacking his tray of food, starting with his sandwich, "Though getting the flu is a horrible torment, I hope never getting it again"

"With your luck, I doubt it" Scarlet mutters, getting a breathy laugh from the boy.

"Maybe you're right, maybe you're not" he teases, grabbing his milk and drinking from it. Amber starts giggling, until Brittany arrives.

"Hey Taki, Scarlet and Amber", she grabs an apple lying innocently on Momoko's lunch tray and starts walking away, "Bye all"

"Wait, where are you going?" Scarlet asks amazed, ignoring how she eats her apple. Amber eyes her raven-haired friend worriedly.

"You're not going to lunch with us?"

She shrugs innocently, "I'm going with Butch, see ya later"

Both girls look at her surprised, but Scarlet wins it by adding a horrified scream. The shout gains some attention, but is forgotten almost instantly when they saw it was Scarlet who made it.


Brittany sighs, rubbing her forehead when she feels a headache coming, "Scarlet, please don't start-"


"Stop this stupidityScar-"


"Scarlet, SHUT UP!" Brittany exclaims, her hands forming fists when the thought of strangling her annoying friend emerges, "We are friends"

Taki blinks innocently at them, "What did I lose in here?"

Amber smiles warmly at him, "Oh just some stalkers we have from two months ago"

"Just some stalkers?" he eyes her confused at her innocence.

"Yeah, though Boomer is nice with me"

"AND YOU ARE FRIEND WITH A PERVERT!" Scarlet exclaims at Kaoru.

"And you are stupid, still you don't see me attacking you with words" Butch says, walking towards the table. At the sight of him, Taki's eyes widen and turns towards his friend.

"You are being stalked by them? They're like superstars in the city!"

Amber giggles, her cheeks tinted a crimson shade.

"So Boomer likes you?" he asks in a low voice, interested in the subject. Amber's blush gets darker at his words.

"I'm not so sure "

Taki turns towards Scarlet, who is screaming at Butch for taking Brittany's brain and replacing it for porn magazines when he catches a glimpse of the raven-haired boy's brothers. He analyzes the blond boy carefully, looking how his eyes twinkle with excitement at the sight of the popular girl of the school.

"For the last time, I don't have a controller to order Brittany around, she's not a robot or an experiment...we just decided to be friends" Butch explains with a frown. Scarlet hugs Brittany, glaring at Butch.

"I won't let you take her!"

"Fuck this shit" Butch exclaims rudely while grabbing Brittany's trapped hand and pulling it, freeing her from the other's grasp. Both of them escape from the cafeteria, laughing slightly at the situation. Scarlet is left in there, shouting at the rude boy for his actions.

"Scarlet, my love!"

Her shouting ceases at the sight of Brick, only to turn other way.


"But its true!"


"Let's go and eat together"


While the two talk (More like one talking and the other shouting), Boomer walks to Amber, "Hey there, Amber"

"Hi " she says, her blush still in her cheeks at the sight of the boy. Boomer smiles at the sight of her colored cheeks, feeling victorious for causing them to tint red.

"Hello there"

A voice breaks Boomer's thoughts, and makes him turn towards the one talking. He finds a boy from his age sitting across Amber, looking at him with a slight smirk on his lips. Boomer suddenly feels nervous at the sight of another good looking guy talking with his soon-to-be girlfriend.

"Who are you?"

Taki stands up and goes to the blond girl's side, grabbing her by her shoulders. He crouches and steals a kiss from her pouty lips, causing an uproar from Scarletand Brick. The orange haired boy's eyes narrow at the sight of the stranger who dared to kiss his brother's girlfriend with malice.

"I'm Taki, Amber'sboyfriend"

(Normal POV)

Saturday morning…how can somebody describe this day? It is perfect. There, it is described now. We all love waking up on a Saturday with the warm light our sun gives us, and even more with the thought of not going to school and the only thing swimming on our minds is to rest. You can eat whenever you want, do whatever you want, see your friends the time you desire and go to parties without the fear of a forgotten test the next day.

It normally goes like this, even Butch considered those points as his plans for today….

Until an unhuman shriek arises.

Butch turns away from the wrestling video game he was playing to look upstairs, waiting for the origin of said scream to just shut up. Of course, he only sees a poor maid running away with a sword about to cut her half.

Oh yes, something bad was going on…and strangely familiar…


Where have he heard that line before?

He shrugs, preferring his videogame before the question. At the sound of more happy songs, more swords appear on the environment, threatening the poor workers of the household. They all just run away. Butch sighs and clicks the button named "start/stop" to pause the game, not even bothering to wonder when they bought that many weapons. He then turns around on his comfortable couch and narrows his eyes at his crazed-up blonde brother running down the elegant staircase. This is way too weird, he feels like inside a déjà-vu…

Meh, maybe the pizza he just ate was passed.

"…Are you really going to ruin our Saturday for a chick?" Butch asks unemotionally, smirking inwardly at his fuming brother. The other only turns his glare to him.


"Oh come on, it's not THAT bad"

"DID YOU SEE THAT BOY!" Boomer screams, grabbing his older brother by the collar of his dark green t-shirt and shaking him wildly, "HE WAS FUCKING GOREGOUS!"

"…He seemed a bit girly…" The other declares, just looking with bored eyes at the enraged blonde.

"EXACTLY!" He answers, his hands fisting the other's shirt more forcefully, "Girls ADORE girly boys! Just look at Justin Bieber!"


Boomer suddenly makes a bored expression and his hold on Butch ceasing, "A pop sensation boy world-wide known, I don't see what they look in him, his songs are quite stupid and repetitive without other meaning but the same old 'girly' crap, while his appearance is somewhat lanky and his style unfitting with his persona and merchandise"

"…You're starting to make me worry about your mental health"

Boomer screams to the sky enraged, "I WANT MY AMBER!"

"Then go for her and don't bother!" the other declares, returning his attention to the plasma TV hanging on the wall. If looks could kill, Boomer would be a serial killer now…


Butch turns to look at him with a scowl.

In the kitchen, Brick is busy preparing a sweet's recipe with the top chief, smiling childishly at the man.

"Thanks for helping me with my girlfriend's month anniversary!"

The chef smiles and nods, "No problem, something important as a couple's anniversary can't be put second place"

"Oh, it's not our couple anniversary"


"No, it's our meeting moment anniversary!" he exclaims, happily checking the caramel on the stove. The other just looks curiously at his master, "We are not a couple officially".


"Aha, she just plays hard to catch"

The other's eyes stay widen at his master's obvious obsessive attitude on the girl, fear crippling on his back. Then, the kitchen's door opens violently, smacking the white spotless wall with power. The chef runs away when Boomer enters, screaming in rage. Brick scowls at him.

Great, just what he needed… a repeat of Butch's last tantrum.


"Nice idea, Boomer; accuse me with Brick" Butch says, entering to the room with his own scowl. Brick's right eye twitches, slapping the back of his neck with force. Boomer yelps, rubbing his sore spot carefully.

"Stop it…now explain me carefully, what is going on?"

"I want Amber" Boomer declares, his own right eye twitching, "But that stupidboyfriendof hers is on the way!"

Butch shrugs, "Maybe he'll catch a serious sickness soon, I've heard that he doesn't stay out of the hospital for too long"

Brick glares at Butch, "Don't say that"

"…That is actually a nice idea"

"Boomer, you're not going to murder him"

"…Whatever", replies Boomer, turning his head to the other side in a rebelling sign.

"Well then, I guess is your turn to help your brother, Butch" Brick declares, turning to Butch, only to find him missing. He blinks slowly, feeling how Boomer grabs him by the wrist to make him follow his way. He lets a lone sentence out, rage consuming it while Boomer thought of Taki's punishment.

"That stupid Butch set me up!"


/8:00 PM/

The principal entrance opens, letting two persons in. One of them stares at the household in wonder. The other, a male, turns towards his female companion.


"Totally, dude…"

Brick enters to the room in anger with Boomer at his side, the blonde one looking dejectedly at the floor.

"Where were you, Butch?"

Butch nods towards the girl, receiving a surprise gasp from both boys.


Brittany turns to both boys confused, "Yeah…hi"

"Brittany and I passed the whole afternoon together and-"

"That's so not fair!" Boomer states, looking in rage at his brother, "You aren't even a nice gentleman like I am, how can you pass time with your girlfriend and I get dumped?"

Brittany blushes, but glares at the blonde boy, "We're not a couple"

Butch nods, a frown on his face, "At least not yet"

Ignoring his new friend's pointed sharp look, he continues his talk, "As I was saying, we are going to a party from one of her classmates, and thought maybe you would like to go with us"

"…Will Scarlet be in there?"

Brittany nods, causing a pose of victory from the orange-haired.

"Count me in!"

Boomer shrugs, "If Amber goes, I'll go"

"Don't doubt it; she'll be there with Taki"

"Great, the fucker will be there…"

Butch looks at Brittany embarrassed, "Come on, let's go to my room"; he says seriously, "You can change in there too"

Brittany shrugs, "Sure, why not"

They both get up the staircase, laughing at stupid jokes while doing it. Boomer and Brick are left alone on the waiting room, silently looking at each other.

"How the hell did Butch managed to make Brittany like him?"

Boomer scowls unhappily, "I'm the gentleman…I should be the one with a girlfriend"

"…I think he replaced her with a robot"

"Yeah, Scarlet said that too"

"Really? Then we have another reason to be a couple!"

"Yeah, you both seem to have your brains permanently drugged with marijuana"

Brick glares at the blonde boy while said blonde laughs silently at his own joke.

"That wasn't funny!"


A doorbell rings in a particular house, getting almost unnoticed by the ones dancing inside of it. The party is at full bloom, different bodies grinding each other, with sodas or punch on their hands. Occasionally, you can find one or two boys with their own beer or another alcoholic beverage, but nothing compared to the giant crowd with drinks according for their age.

A specific blonde girl smiles nervously at her raging friend, a blonde boy by her side sipping in his own punch.

"Why didn't you tell me you two were lovers?"

Amber looks at Scarlet's rage-filled face with her own nervous expression. She's about to stutter a response, when Taki leaves his now empty cup alone on the table.

"I want to dance, come on Amber"

Amber gets away with Taki, leaving a stunned orange-haired girl alone Scarlet pouts angrily, finishing with her soda and leaving the empty can on the table.

"Hey Scarlet"

Scarlet turns around at hearing Brittany's voice, blinking confused at the sight of Butch at her side. Her scowl once appears.

"Great, you again"

Butch rolls his eyes, "It's nice seeing you again, Mrs. You-made-her-a-robot"

Scarlet blushes in embarrassment when the cafeteria memory arises in her mind. She manages to maintain her scowl intact, though.

"At least I'm not a stupid perverted idiot!"

"So, how's Amber?" Brittany asks, interrupting the childish bickering between her friends. Scarlet frowns at the memory of Amber.

"She's with her boyfriend"

Brittany looks strangely at the "dance floor", trying to find Amber's figure, "It still sounds crazy to me"


Butch sighs with boredom, deciding to contribute with the girly talk instead of looking like a loser, "This really affected Boomer's feeling"

Scarlet turns surprised pink eyes on his figure, wondering why he entered to the conversation, 'Maybe he is just worried for his brother…they seem to be quite close'

"Yeah, I saw him when I went to Butch's house for us to change; he looks quite troubled"

"Woah, woah-WOAH! You inhishouse? Inhis room?"

Butch sighs, turning around and walking away before the other starts rambling the same crazy things as always. Brittany looks at his disappearing form worriedly, only to turn around to glare at Scarlet.

"What is your problem? Why can't you just accept your friendship?"

Scarlet sighs, slapping her forehead at her friend's obvious lack of information, "It's not that! It's your lack of social intelligence!"

Brittany seems somewhat offended, but maintains his attacking posture to her friend, "What are you rambling about now?"

"It's okay going to your male best friend's house, but going to his room is way to different! It only means you two are serious with your love relationship to let the other enter to your area!"

Brittany looks with confused eyes at her, "What the hell are you saying? Where did you get that bunch of crap?"

"Any normal person in the world knows!"

Brittany sighs, not pleased with the statement, her friend just eyes her suspiciously.

"Are you sure you don't like each other?"


Scarlet flinches at the shout and decides to stop the topic….for now at least.

"Well, did you know about Amber's relationship?" Scarlet asks. Brittany smiles at her, overly pleased with the change of topic. At the reminder of their other friend, they both scowl.

"No…she never mention it before"

"This is all so messed up…"

The orange haired girl then feels two arms embrace her from behind, a head on her shoulder. She shudders when her most loathed voice resounds on her ear.

"Helloooo cutie "

She turns her head to her left slightly and stops when bumping with Brick's face, "Brick."

"I feel so much love on my name!"

"Then you must be deaf…I'm pretty sure it's hate"

Brick separates from her, running towards Brittany and pushing her away of Scarlet to occupy her space. Brittany feels her eye twitching at the male, her hands wanting to grip his throat and break it.

"Hey, douchebag!"

"Shut up, tomboy! Go and look for Butch!"

Brittany growls, but turns around and tries to find Butch. She can get her revenge later, when no one can see them. She doesn't need witness for her bloody crime.

Scarlet looks in despair how Brittany just turns around and walks away, her body disappearing between the many bodies in the party.


"Finally, we arealone"


"I made some caramel chocolates"

"Excuse me?" Scarlet asks, her attention now returning to Brick. Her eyes glow at the sight of the enormous golden bag on his hands.

"I made quite a bunch, hope it doesn't matter" he replies with a nervous smile. He looks how Scarlet takes the bag in his hands with hearts in her eyes.

"Kya, you're so nice! Thank you very much, Brick!" she squeals, hugging him tightly. Brick let's a blush and a happy smile spread on his face.

"Oh, no problem "

His hug suddenly gets interrupted when a punch sounds, a body falling on the floor accompanying it.

"BOOMER, WHY DID YOU HIT TAKI?" Miyako's scared question can be heard on the air. Brick feels like crying when Scarlet stops their first hug, turning around to find her friend. His head hangs in depression, his arms copying said head.

"…I have such a sucky luck"

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