Love always comes

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OK! FOLKS! What if the darkwood sisters and the Darklight brothers were not siblings and have a normal lives just like us?... And by the ways what if Scarlet is a boy crazy?...Well what do you think would happen? Read and read and find out! LOL...

Submitted: December 19, 2011

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Submitted: December 19, 2011



(Scarlet's POV)

Today it’s the start of the new semester!

I open the door of the school, just to see everybody staring at me with awe and admiration. I am like their new idol.

"Hey, Scarlet!" The cheerleader squad leader, Princess, waves at me, is flashes me a charming smile too. "Nice outfit".

I stare at myself using a mirror that the student president putted in the hallway for us to see our reflection. I was wearing the same outfit I always wear. A mini skirt made of jeans fabric, a cute tight pink tank top. My hair was in the same style as always. I shot at her the same friendly smile she gave me. "Thanks Princess"

"No problem my friend" No way no way, she said me that I was her friend! Im popular!

I passed through the school hallway, receiving all types of compliments. I blushed at all the attention that I was receiving.

" Scarlet!"

I turn around in time to see the number one player of the school's football team heading towards me. I stare, with dreamy eyes at the guy who talked to me. Black short hair and blue eyes with tan skin and a lot of muscles…he is any girls dream!


Carl, already in front of me, grabs my hands in a careful manner, and stared directly into my cotton pink eyes. My face grows hot just for looking his blue eyes and I can feel myself sweating,

" Scarlet …please be my girlfriend" he said to me in a soft and romantic voice. I squeal from delight and hug him. I can feel new tears of happiness appear in the corner of my eyes. Im so happy! I can't believe this!

" Scarlet!" I could recognize that voice anywhere. I looked around trying to find her in the crowd that was surrounding me with papers that said "Go Scarlet " or "I love you Scarlet ". At last I spot her. Amber was holding Brittany's elbow, dragging her where I was. No way…Is Brittany …USING A DRESS? She was using a simple green dress with high heels.

" Amber " I say to her when she reaches me and Carl, "I have a new boyfriend!"

Amber grinned, "That`s great Scarlet!"

"You`re my hero Scarlet! I wanna be like you!" Brittany said while holding my hands and sparkling eyes.

I chuckled, grasping my new boyfriend`s hand. I turned to face him, him doing the same. He leaned closer, and closer, trying to kiss me. Yatta! My first kiss! This is the best day of my life!

Suddenly, he starts speaking to me, but instead of words, clock-like sounds were uttered. Like an alarm clock…oh shit!

…I wake up. Aww how could that fabulous dream could be…a dream? Oh well. Today is my first day of school. Today im starting my second semester of highschool!

Ihave a good feeling. Maybe that means that carl will declare his love for me! I start changing my clothes, from my pink pajamas to my usual outfit, while thinking of him.

Carl Kinomoto. Star soccer player of the school's team, most popular boy in school and the most handsome guy of the world! Everyone wants him…even Amber likes him!

…except for Brittany, who hates his guts…but she is a tomboy, she doesn't count…

When I saw my reflection on my mirror, I grin. I look perfect. Getting out of my room, I head to the kitchen, to get some breakfast. Entering to said room, I see my little sister already stuffing herself with a bowl of cereal. Seeing another bowl of cereal on the table, I grab it and started eating the food. I finish the bowl of food in two minutes. With my bento in hand and my goodbyes to my family, I leave the house.

I didn't want to get late, so I started running. Ten minutes later, I can see the school building right ahead of me. With my best smile I enter the building.

Just when I enter I hear Amber`s voice calling my name. I turn around and I find her walking towards me, her innocent smile already paining some admirers. She looks gorgeous, like always. She has the same hairstyle of before. She is wearing the same cute blue mini dress without sleeves with lace decorating the edges of it and a white ribbon in the collar of the dress, White canvas shoes adorned her feet.

"Amber!" I run to her and hug her with happiness. Before we could separate, I heard Brittany `s voice, somewhere near us. In minutes, I could see her in front of us. She still had the same tomboyish look of before with the same hairstyle…I was really anxious to see if she became girly…but now I can say how disappointed I am. Brittany was wearing green pants with a yellow t-shirt will short sleeves; they both hugged her perfect figure perfectly. She had white fingerless gloves with the edge, the area of the wrist, black.

She had her skateboard on hand and her backpack was lazily on the floor.

"Hey you guys" she said in a normal voice. Obviously, I gave her a big hug, just for teasing. She starts squirming instantly.

"Hello Brittany!"

"Yeah yeah….stop hugging me!"

I giggle, and let her free from my "hugs of death"…from now at least.

"How were your vacations, Scarlet and Brittany?" Amber asked in a happy voice. I smile at her.

"Well…I went to several sport contests…"

"Oh yeah! Brittany I saw you in the individual cheerleading contest?" Amber said with a happy and excited tone of voice. I stop abruptly. WHAT!

I turn to face my raven-haired friend. She instantly, puts her hands on Amber`s mouth, preventing her of uttering words. She smiles nervously at me.

"You're a cheerleader!" I said to her in a an excited voice. She moves her head to left and right, indicating a negative answer. I frown from all the confusing situation.

"Then…why did you-"

"Because my mother signed me up in the contest behind my back…and because the first prize was a thousand dollars…"


Brittany turned to Amber and asked her in a confused tone how did she knew about the contest. Amber just smiled and…

"That contest was in all the sport channels in the entire continent"

I started laughing with Brittany`s expression. She was pale and with a really funny expression on her face. Feeling slightly bad for my friend I changed the subject to my vacations.

"Well my vacations were great! I went visit my aunt's ranch and I learned how to ride horses!"

Both of my friends smiled at me, finding my faces amusing I guess. I turn to Amber, indicating to her to share her vacation experience with us.

"Well, both grandma and I went to Paris. We went to the boutiques for shopping, and a lot of guys were trying to get my telephone number, but I explained in a soothing voice that no thanks"


"Hey you losers" Princess appeared from nowhere. She is the most popular girl of our school. She was wearing a black super mini skirt that barely hide her panties, a purple strapless shirt and purple high heels. Her hair, was in the same style as always. I want to be as popular as her.

"Hey Brittany " The popular girl said to Brittany.

"What do you want Princess?" She says in a rude voice, the same voice she uses to scare her fan boys.

"I cant wait to see you in our team"

Ok. Im guessing that she saw her routine on T.V. and because of that she wants her in the cheerleader squad. Brittany 's face helds rage now because of her face, but I try to calm her putting my hand on her shoulder.

"…Im really starting to think you have magazines instead of a brain inside your head…"

"Why do you say that Brittany!"

"Because…Einstein, I hate cheerleaders, I hate every one of the cheerleaders and the most important thing…I HATE SKIRTS!"

I can see confusion clouding her eyes. Well I couldn't blame her. I thought too that a miracle happened during vacations and transformed her into a girly, pink-lover and skirts-lover girl…but she is still the same rude, wanna-be-guy and skirts-hater girl.

"Scarlet…why are you shaking?" Amber asked in a worried voice. I gritted my teeth at the thought of Brittany `s attitude.

"Because im nervous, that's all"…its for anger, but its nothing important soo….

"Then why did you participate in that individual cheerleading contest?" Princess asked.

"Because my mom made me to…"

Princess looked kinda sad after those words. Well, she respects Brittany and looks up at her, maybe Brittany passed the line this time…well she has a vacant in the team…

"Princess! I would love to…"

"Forget it looser!" She exclaimed in an annoyed voice. Oh well, I didn't lose anything with trying. Princess said goodbye to Brittany and Amber and headed to other way. We looked at each other and then we continued chatting, while walking towards our lockers. When we got there, I opened mine. Mine was "205", Amber`s was "206" and Brittany `s was "207".

My blonde haired friend opened her locker, and a mountain of love notes, candies and gifts were instantly falling to the floor.

"Damn, Amber…you received more gifts than usual" Brittany stated, while opening her locker.

"Wow, you're incredible AMber!" I gave her a friendly grin. Her answer is a blush of embarrassment. Then the blush darkened when she locked her eyes on something. Curious for that reaction, Brittany looked the same way as her, but instead of a blush, she gave an annoyed groan.

"Oh great…Mr. 'Im-so-sexy-I-could-marry-with-a-mirror-to-see-myself-everyday` its here"

I turn around to see the origin of her despair. I flushed a red color. I know that my eyes are wide from surprise and excitement. Ichigo is heading towards us…and he's looking at us! I run to him, stopping when I get to him. I feel drooling in the corner of my mouth.


"What do you want freak?"

Even calling me a freak makes him look sexy!

"h-h-h-h-h-hi…" I heard myself stuttering. Oh no! I can't believe I just stuttered!

"…Move freak…now!"

I heard footsteps near us. They stopped in front of him and beside me. There's no need to turn to look who it was, I know it is Brittany.

"Maybe you're the freak Carl!" she says defending me. I can't help but to smile, sometimes she is really sweet with me. I look at Carl to see his reaction. Instead of irritation I saw lust swimming in his eyes.

"No, she is the freak who drools for almost every guy in the school" Ouch, that hurt.

"And you're the freak who was singing inside the woman's restroom the 'Im to sexy for my shirt' song" she contra attacks him, flashing a smirk of victory. He just grinned.

"Maybe you're right…for now…I'll see you around Brittany " He said in a seductive voice. With that said, he just continued walking. When he was out of our vision line, Brittany turned to look at me frowning.

"Scarlet…stop looking at that guy…he is just making you suffer" she said in a soothing voice.

"You don't understand Brittany …this is love!"

"Your love…not his…" She said with worry clouding her face. I flashed her a bright grin.

"Wow Brittany, thanks!" I say to her, and hug her with happiness. She starts squirming again.

"Stop hugging me!"

"It seems Carl likes you Brittany " Amber said in a low voice. Brittany `s annoyed groan returned.

"Noo! No way!"

I smile sadly. Wow Brittany and Amber get always the cute boys…the curious thing of this is that…they've never had a boyfriend.

"Come on girls, time for class!" Our Biology teacher shouts at us. We look around and we verify that everybody else is in class. I squeal. Oh shit!


Freedom! At last! Six hours reading boring books, writing essays and answering quizzes. Oh yeah…I love freedom.

This day was horrible. Besides all the hard schoolwork, I had today P.E. Trying, to impress Ichigo-senpai. I tried to run faster than Kaoru in a race. Obviously I lost, but that's not all…I fell on my butt after an accident involving my feet and a rock.

…A really tiny rock…

Already outside the school, I see every student hanging in the schoolyard. They looked like they were waiting for something. We three share a confused look.

"What do you think that it's the reason for making everyone staying inside the playground of the school?" Brittany asked to both Amber and me.

"Maybe because Princess`s friends from the privet school are coming" Amber said in a normal voice.

"I heard that Princess always invite them but they never accept because they think she is poor" A guy from our classroom, Uwasa, said in a whisper. Then he saw Amber. "Hey Amber, wanna have a date?"

Before Amber could decline, Brittany grabbed his arm and shoved him off.

"Wow…they are really awful people" I stated. Really who can be so close minded? I really don't want to meet them…

"They really seem to be popular" Amber told us. Well there was one way to find out. Noticing them, I shout their names.

"Hey Damien! Come here please!"

All three of them, head towards us just as I finished shouting their names.

"hey Scarlet" Damien said. Damien: The number one nerd in our school. He is the leader of their gang "The Nerds". This group made Peach, our school pet. He is really vain and proud, but he treats me really kindly always, so Im always asking him something.

"Do you know who are the popular guys that are coming over? I ask with curiosity. He just nods at me.

"They are the five richest guys of all Tokyo. Three of them occupy the three places of the hottest guys in Japan. They don't and never had a girlfriend. They are vain and egoist…or that's what the rumour says" He says proudly.

"Thanks Damien!" I hug him fast. When I finish hugging him, I see a blush appearing on his cheeks. I giggle a bit.

Almost instantly, all the crowd of students start shouting with glee.

"They're here" Brittany’s stated in a bored voice. I nod.

The crowd parts like when Moises opened a path through the river. Then I could see them. They were three gorgeous guys with uniform. One was blond and was styled in an elegant way but had slightly spiky hair in the ends, the other one was red headed like me and had a red cap hiding some of his slightly long and spiky hair, the last guy was raven haired and was styled in a short horse tail with some of his hair forming a bang that covered his left eye.

The uniform consisted in dark blue jeans, a white shirt with the kanji symbols of the school printed in gold, black shoes and a black tie.

Two cheerleaders, take the initiative, and run to them, to give them the welcome.

"Hi, im Sh?ju and she is Sh?ji…we were wondering if you would like to know us better" The cheerleader, Sh?ju said in a suggestive manner.

The raven haired guy shot them a glare. "Why would we like something from you whores!"

Both girls, with tear in their eyes, run away from the scene.

Then Brittany, shot me an evil smirk. What is she planning?

"WHY DON`T YOU TAKE OFF THE STICK TUCK UP IN YOUR ASS!" she shouts to those guys. We both AMber and I look at her with wide eyes. Does she want to die?

I turn to see the guys. They are furious! I turn to look at Brittany and grab her from the neck and started to shake her violently.

"Look what you did!" I whispered in a rushed way. Then the voice of the red head guy appears.

"Who said that?" He said furiously looking every where. The persons who were surrounding us, ran away from the scene and pointed to us. I stopped my shaking session to see their faces. They held something, I don't know what…but I know that they're bad news for us…

Oh great, this is the start of our hell…Thanks a lot Brittany

(Brick's POV)





Just when I thought that everything was perfect in this day. I knew that this day was to good to be true. We entered late to classes because the teachers decided to have a meeting at the last minute, giving me two hours more of sleep, then the teachers decided to make a party instead of classes and lastly we didn't had homework nor exams…anything!

…but I knew it was to good to be true…

Somehow, Princess (better known as princess Kimeko…or was Chimelo? Nevermind the point is that I don't know why they acknowledge a "person" like her in that way) convinced Boomer to take us to her school…the school full of poor kids with all kinds of germs waiting to invade our perfect and god-like bodies…

Nop, definitely I'm not going!

"Why can't we just refuse her invitation! She gives us one every week!" I shout indignantly at my blond brother, who only looks at me with a glare.

"Why not just going? Maybe she's going to stop sending those invitations if we just go" Butch said, turning to look at me with a calm face, serenity written all over his face…


"You too Butch! YOU TRAITOR!"

Butch rolls his eyes, and then he turns around and starts walking towards our black Ferrari Enzo. This time we decided to take the black one. I smirk when I remember all the types of cars we own, like that Lamborghini…you know what Lamborghini I'm talking about, jejeje.

"Brick! Stop being conceited with your own mind and enter the car!" Boomer shouts at me with impatience. Mmm…it seems that he doesn't wanna go either…then why the hell did he accept?

I enter the car without another word. When I'm already inside of the vehicle, I close the door. Then I turn to look at my brothers with a smirk.

"So you two don't wanna go either, huh?"

Butch snorts and turns to look at me with a glare.

"Of course we don't wanna go, Brick!"

"Then why the hell we need to go to that…school?"

Boomer turns to look at me with a glare of his own that makes me shut up. Really, when Boomer glares, it means trouble. I remember when we were six years old and he wanted a factory of chocolate…my dad didn't wanted to buy it to him…but he did his all mighty glare…

Now he owns "Hershey's"!

Cool isn't it!

"BRICK!" Boomer's voice makes me wake up from my thoughts. Ouch, his shout is really…ouch!

"Listen you moron" Butch says giving me his Death glare of how I call it:

"I'M-GONNA-KICK-YOUR-ASS-yeah-run-dumbass-IDIOTIC-STUPID-and more colorful words going on-glare"

Really, if he glares to you it means trouble…I mean when we were six and a robber entered to our mansion with a gun and tried to kidnap my brother Butch with it…

Butch made his glare…

The poor kidnapper is in a psychiatric asylum, saying stupidities like "the six year old boy trying to shoot me with a bazooka"

I mean…a six year old with a bazooka? That is plain weird! Even for me!

Then I feel a hard hit on my head. I turn around to see Butch with his "I'M-GONNA-KICK-YOUR-ASS-yeah-run-dumbass-IDIOTIC-STUPID-and more colorful words going on-glare".

"Stop zoning out idiot!" Boomer shouts at me. I grumble a bit and then I turn to look at the window.

"But really…why do we have to go…" I mumble looking outside through the window. Boomer sighs a bit and answers me in a calmer voice.

"Because Princess owns a lot of business and we have to make friends with her if we want to have more power"

"But she adores me!" I shout at him with an enraged voice. Butch turns to look at me with a smirk.

"But you don't"

I give him a small smile. At least my brothers help me with that situation. Really I hate that girl. She only changed from her last school to be in that one because she wanted more attention than before. Agh, I suppose that in the school full of geeks and idiots she gets what she wants every day.

Then, Boomer, who was the one driving this time, parks the Ferrari in front of an old crème colored building, with the yard full of kids, looking at our car in pure awe. I smirk. How I love to see their faces. Now I know why Princess-baka comes here…

…The way they see you makes you think you're a rock star of some sort.

"Come on guys! Let's finish with this" I say, giving my brothers a big smirk. They know that smirk. It's the smirk of "I'm-better-than-you"

When we're finally outside the car, we hear all type of comments being rumoured by the crowd.

"They're so hot!

"They look so cool! Kyaa!"

"Hey! The raven-haired guy threw me at the garbage can yesterday!"

"I want to be their wife!"

I look everywhere, looking at their excited faces, and the girls blushes. Well, I knew I was hot but I didn't know that that much…

Who am I kidding! I'm the hottest guy in Tokyo city! Meanwhile Butch is number two and Boomer is number three!

Then, I turn to see two cheerleaders coming our way. Their uniform doesn't look good on them; they seem like the kind of women that would sell her body for 5 cents. Being cheerleaders they must be part of the popular group…"popular" between quotation marks.

"Geez…More fan girls" Boomer says between clenched teeth. His expression is like mine was moments ago, exasperated and anxious for leaving this place.

Hi, im Sh?ju and she is Sh?ji…we were wondering if you would like to know us better" The cheerleader, Sh?ju said in a suggestive manner, moving her hips in like it seem for her a seductive way.

The effect on me is quite the contrary…I feel like throwing up everything I ate this year…

"Why would we like something from you whores!" Butch says, looking at them with his dark glare, scaring them shitless. I chuckle a bit when I see the girls' face full with sadness and tears of rejection…


…No…way…I turn everywhere, trying to find that girl who dared to utter those words. How dare she! Where is that girl!

"Right here assholes"

The students surrounding the person, start walking away from the crime scene, letting me see…the most precious angel I have ever seen in my whole life!

A red-headed girl who is shaking a raven-haired girl with rage.


(Butch's POV)

Who would've thought that the bad mouthed girl who told us assholes…would be a super-hot-sexy and cute raven-haired girl.

She is perfect.

She seems secure and with attitude. Her green eyes hold defiance and annoyance. She has a pretty great and sexy body, so she must do a lot of sports, all kinds of sports. I'm glad I have an impenetrable mask because If I didn't, I would be drooling a river right now. She is unique…

A smirk appears on my face…

Hello babe, or should I say…

Hello my soon-to-be girlfriend

(Boomer's POV)

Is it my mind playing tricks with me…or I'm seeing an angel?

Next to the redheaded girl is a blonde girl with two pigtails with the ends curled. Her ocean blue eyes are looking with worry at the two other girls…

How can a creature so heavenly be in this…horrible school!

She seems like a real lady, with morals and everything…That's exactly the kind of woman I want.

Well, it seems I found myself my first girlfriend

Oh yeah baby, yeah!

(Brick's POV)


Woah! Look at that face! And hips! I'm in love wohooo!

The great Brick found his perfect girlfriend! Hell yeah!

"Hello Brick-kun!" The girl called…Timeko…or something like that appears from nowhere. She looks at me with adoration and a big smile on her horrible face.

"Move Princess! I'm trying to see my soon-to-be-girlfriend!"

She starts crying then and there and turns around, probably ashamed. I smirk at her retreating figure. Oh yeah this day is getting better every second.

I turn to look at my brothers, who turn to look at me. We all share a smirk and we start walking towards our girls.

(Brittany's POV)

Oh god…those sickly stuck up bastards are coming our way. I try to stop Scarlet with her shaking with telling her what I see.

The reaction is instantaneous.

She let's go off me…

Letting me hit the floor ungracefully. Aww…it hurts!

I stand up when I see that they are already in front of us, smirks on their faces. I give them all a big DARK glare!

Nobody dares to break the silence that reigns between us…And we stay like that…in total…silence…

All right time to finish this stupidity. I open my mouth to them a really great comeback that crosses my mind. I almost laugh at how funny the comeback is, but before I can even utter a sound, the stupid raven-haired dude with a little gay pony tail starts kissing me…


I push him off me and I start spitting all over the floor. When I finish, I turn to look at my friends who are in shock, or happy because they saw me kissing a guy…

WAIT! The other way around, the guy kissing me, that's it.

I turn to look at the raven haired dude with the mini gay pony tail with murderous eyes and a blush. Wait! Maybe isn't a blush! Maybe I'm just sick! That's it! When someone is sick, the person feels her/his cheeks hot. Ok, so the conclusion is that I'm sick.

Well so the little stuck up bastard wants to play? Oh we're gonna play then!

I prepare my punch, and then I let my blow out…

But I don't hit him…

But the red-headed guy who is beside him…


"HEY…WHAT THE HELL DUMMIE!" The red dude shouts at me with rage. Scarlet takes steps closer to the guy and starts poking his chest with her finger.

"Don't call Kaoru a dummie!...even if she is-"


"She doesn't deserve to be called like that! Idiot!" Scarlet says looking at him with hate. I give her a small smile, for only my friends to see. Then the guy, who I punched, smirked apologetically to my friend…no wait…it seems more like…


"I'm so sorry, I didn't knew she was friend of yours"

Scarlet 'hmphs' at him and turns around, letting him see her back. That's not a good idea because he instantly takes a piece of her bottom.

"Oh, I wondered…umm what your name is?" He asks, turning his eyes to the back of her head.

"Won't tell you" Scarlet says stubbornly looking at the horizon with boring eyes. Brick's eyes seem to grow of size after hearing her turn down. Even after that, he continued what he was saying.

"Would you like to go out with me, my love" He says, making her spin to face him and taking her hands with his. Both Amber and I are agape because of what we see.

Scarlet will have a date!

Scarlet blushes, but instead of saying a yes, she turns around and starts running away.

She's always talking about having a boyfriend and now that someone likes her she runs away!

She's really strange…

"Hey, wait up! You haven't answered me!" Brick exclaims, and starts running after her. I snort after seeing this. Really, this seems some kind of humorous/romantic story made by an amateur author.

Well it seems we're Amber and I only…WHAT! Amber IS NOT HERE!

…Nor the blond guy…

Poor Amber…

…this means I'm alone with…

Oh great…

I'm alone with the pervert.

"So…Brittany?...Is a really nice name" He says looking at me with lust…a lot of lust. I turn to look at my right, just to find our football stadium…perfect.

"Ok…I'm going" I say before running off to the stadium. I must escape from this guy!

(Scarlet's POV)

How dare he! How dare he try and ask me out on a date? Someone like him! I can feel a pout coming…

I'm Carl’s soon-to-be-girlfriend, not his! Mmm, now that I think about it, where is my precious Carl

I let a dreamy sigh out. I stop my running, instead I change it for walking calmly. Since I can't her the other guy anymore.



I shout while backing off of…the red head from before! How could he find me! He starts laughing because of my reaction towards his little joke.


"Your expression was awesome!" He says between laughs, clutching his stomach. He finally stops laughing when he notices my glare.

"Sorry cutie…what was your name again? I didn't catch it the last time" He says casually and a bit flirty.

Oh, so he thinks he can win me with flirting? Well, he's going to have the surprise of his life.

"You didn't catch it because I didn't told you"

He eyes me incredulously while I look at him with boring eyes. His expression is just to funny! Then, he takes my chin with his hand, making me see his flirty face.

"Is that so? Well, why don't you tell me?"

I free my chin from his grasp and i start poking his hard chest with my finger. Woah, he really exercises…I wonder how he looks without a shirt…

AH! Concentrate!

"Look cocky-boy, I'm going to explain slowly and easily so you can catch it, all right?"

His answer…a seductive smirk…


"I'm not interested in you…in fact I hate you! And no I will not tell you my name…NEVER! YOU'LL NEVER KNOW MY NAME!"

"Hey Scarlet" a boy from my class says casually, walking towards the exit door.

"Hey Tom" I say flatly…then my eyes widen…

The cocky-boy gives me another of his smirks.

Oh god…why did Tom had to pass through here in this instant!

"So your name is Scarlet…it remembers me of a chimpanzee"

…I can't wait to make Brittany kick his ass again…this jerk…

"Well, my name is Brick…but if you want, you can call meboyfriend" He says cockily enough to make my cheeks feel hot. Instead of answering him, I give him another one of my glares, while he gives me a smirk of his own.






"AH! GO AWAY!" I shout at his face, trying to make him take the hin and just piss off. The cocky-boy now known an Brick, takes my hand kisses it.

"Ok then, I'll see you soon, Scarlet"

I look at his retreating back dumbly. This guy…kissed my hand…kissed it…

I feel my cheeks getting even hotter than before. That jerk…that Brick-jerk…

(Brittany's POV)

What the hell just happened! Right now I'm running towards the stadium's restroom. There I can escape from the pervert who kissed me. Really, what the hell!

Crossing through the stadium's lawn, I look at my target's door. It's there, all alone and with the promise of safety. I MUST HURRY!

Reaching the door, I opened it and when I'm already inside I shut the door. Trying to gasp for air I turn to look at the restroom. Is really spacious and with 9 cubicles where you can do your necessities. There is a big mirror where you can see yourself completely and there are 5 sinks where you can wash your hands.

I lean to the sinks, trying to regulate my breathing to normal. I can't believe I'm out of air…I'm never out of air.

Turning to face the mirror, I see tiny droplets of my sweat on my temples.

And I sweat! I never sweat…

Ok, let's review:

Three stuck-up princes came…I shouted at them, they came towards us…one kissed…ONE KISSED ME!

I let out something that hears similar to a growl.

Nobody kisses Brittany and continues alive te tell the story.

"Hey cutie" A seductive and deep voice interrupts my thinking. I gasp for air in surpsise an I hold it inside my lungs. Turning around I see the guy from before, looking at me at the door…

I didn't locked the door…good job Brittany…

"What are you doing in here! This is the woman's restroom!"

He can't be that stupid to enter to a girl's restroom…can he? Arms that hug me from behind answer my mental question. Yes, yes he can. Using the mirror, I can see him, hugging me from behind.

"What do you want dumbass!"

He smirks seductively at me, making me wince a bit. Oh great, is one of those guys who use their smirks to communicate…

"You, Brittany-baby"

I let something like a growl again, letting he know how I protest, but he just keeps smirking at me superiorly. There are only two explanations for that reaction. The first one: He is just plain stupid. The second one: He is a suicidal boy who wants to die. Personally, I think that it's the first one.

"You're inside the woman's restroom….get…out" I spat with distaste. He puts his chin on my shoulder, smirk still standing proudly on his face.

Yep, he must be pretty stupid to do that…

"But why? There's nobody here…besides, we can do some…stuff"

Is he insinuating what I think he is? Eww…

"You pervert!"





"Lovely Lady"




He turns me around with a serious expression on his face. I guess that he is really mad. I glare at him while he looks at me calmly with his green eyes…then…

He kisses me on my lips…


I stay still, in pure shock. Nobody has ever kissed me…in my life. There had been persons who always tried to flirt with me, but nobody ever dared to kiss me…much less twice a day…

Wow, he kisses really good…

I open my eyes after that thought crossed my mind, finding his face near mine, his eyes still closed. He finally separates, not before biting my bottom lip lightly. My state of shock ends after that bite, but I'm still to surprised to even start shouting. He whispers in my ear that we will again soon enough. Then he turns around and starts heading towards the door.

Before he opens the door to exit the restroom, he turns to see me for a last time, with another of his stupid smirks on his face.

"By the way, the name is Butch"

With that he disappears, closing the door in his exit.

Butch, huh?


(Amber's POV)

Walking inside the school's corridor, I turn to look for my friends everywhere. Here it is alone, completely alone. The lockers seem even dirtier now than this morning, probably because classes ended. The dark blue tiles of the floor is messy, foot prints all over the colored tiles, and the crème walls (or yellow, they seem more yellowish now) is full with handprints. This school is so old…wow…

I remember the blonde guy that was with his brothers. He looked really handsome…but I guess that Carl still has my heart…Sometimes I feel jealous of Brittany, since she always gets the cute boys…well me too…but she got Carl's heart.

"Thinking in someone Blondie?"

I turn around to see the blonde guy from before. Embarrassed of being caught, I look somewhere else.

"Yeah…how did you knew?" I ask him, trying to hide my embarrassed face from his eyes by tilting it to the side and letting my pigtail hide it.

He starts walking towards, getting closer ever second. I turn to look at the floor.

Why am I embarrassed with this guy? I don't even know him…

He grabs my chin with two fingers and holds it, tilting my head upwards, just stopping when he had full view of my face.

"You're blushing" I free my chin from his delicate grasp. My eyes widen and I try to hide my now evident blush from his view with my hands.

"Oh my! I didn't knew I was blushing…how embarrassing"

"Who's the guy?"

"I bet you pardon?" I ask him with a confused face. He smiles at me gently

"I asked, who is the one you like"

"Well…i….sincerely…i…d-don't know"

Oh my god I stuttered! I never stutter in front of a guy! But he is so cute…and handsome…

"Well, then this means you're free…"

"Uh?" I turn to look at him, and I see a half smile/half smirk. He turns around and walks away.

"My name is Boomer…and you're going to be my girlfriend…you'll see"

I turn to look at the floor, my cheeks getting hot.

I see how he walks away confidently…I just can't help but to wonder…

How troublesome this will a good way I guess…

I hear then both Scarlet and Brittany's shouts from the distance…

Then maybe it will be good for me…

(Brittany's POV) A/N: The time skip is of one month!


Ahh…peace is awesome!

It's unique!

It's rare!

It's relaxing

…and it's even better in a day like this.

The sun is shining proudly up in the cloudless sky, the sakura trees full with pink little flowers are dancing with the sweet summer breeze, the kindergarten children are running around the school's playground, playing all different kinds of games we older people used to play…like tag, hide and seek, etc.

It's such a wonderful day, full of happiness and laughs…

Even I am feeling relaxed! I'm lying over the green turf of my school and beside a sakura tree, watching the clouds and trying to compare them with other persons or things. I already found one that looks exactly like a skate board!

AMber and Scarlet are beside me, lying over the green plants and doing the exact same thing I'm doing…

Now you all see why the peace?

We're not talking to each other or bickering about useless themes (boys!) This is something rarely seen inside this school!

Mmm…maybe I should take this chance and take a nap…

Closing my eyes, I feel how I'm falling to complete and sweet darkness, ready to welcome the sweet obliviousness of sleep …

"Hey girls"





Ok…I will open my eyes and when I open them, that annoying masculine voice will instantly disappear.

Opening them, I find myself face to face with…

Take a guess…


Oh, and he's not a normal boy…He's


He's there, looking at me with his disgusting lusty eyes roaming all over my body. I growl a bit, making him flinch…but that's it.

Instantly, Scarlet wakes up from her daze and starts flirting with him…

Its official

Ihatethis guy

"Brittany, how about a date? You and me all alone" He says, ignoring the constant babbling my friend says.

"Back off dumbass, I'm trying to sleep" I say looking with all the hate I feel for him. Of course, he answers me with his smirk, giving me a view of his perfect white teeth. I roll my green eyes with complete annoyance. Finally fed up, I close my eyes, trying to ignore the womanizer standing in front of me.

For one moment I thought that the one in front of me was the perverted asshole who entered to the woman's stall with me and flirted with me.

I gulp a bit…

Actually…he was kind of hot…

…Argh I mean! He's a pervert!

Now that I think about it… I haven't seen him since a month ago, since the day I met him…this means he forgot about me…that's great jejeje

Now another girl has to be watching her bottom because the pervert is somewhere in this city…

Everything seems normal again and I feel the sleep about to take my body…

When the silence is easily broken


Someone up there must be enjoying this sight a lot.

I open my eyes to see the one daring to break the peace…again

"Brittany!" The annoying head cheerleader of our school,Princess, appears in all her cheerleading glory. Her mini (and believe when I say mini…I mean it!) skirt is being flip by the wind, making all the perverts from our school to look at her "cleavage" and her mini-top just cover her A cup chests…

All that clothing in green


Because she thought that I would join the cheerleading squad if the uniform was green.

She even changed the school's theme color green!

Stupid rich kids…

I groan, not in the mood of some cheerleading pleadings.


She runs towards us and stops beside the black haired annoyance. She smiles at me and I give her in change a scowl as a greeting.

"What do you want Himeko(Princess)" I ask her annoyed. I don't feel in the mood to bear with this Barbie girl and Mr. Romeo.

For the first time in my life, she smirks at me. Then, she hands me a closed envelope. I turn to look at both my friends curiously, while they do the same to me.

Hell…even Carl looks curious…

Well…he's always curious when the subject it's me.

Looking at her with caution, I take the envelope from her manicured hands and I open it patiently…

I have a really bad feeling about this…

The tension can be sensed in here, since everyone is looking at the envelope with sharp eyes.

Of course, everyone but Himeko, who is looking at me with her evil smirk still in place.

When I finally take the paper from inside the envelope, I start reading it. With every word…I feel my corporal temperature lowering. Finally, I finish reading it…but…

I can't believe what it's in it.

I start reading it…again and again, trying to find something indicating that it's a bad joke or just my imagination…but no

Looking nervously at the princess of my school, she starts laughing evilly

"Welcome to the cheerleading squad" Are the only words that leave her lips, before turning around and walking away from us.


"BRittany…stop it!" Amber says nervously, trying to calm me down, moving her hands up and down in a soothing way.

With rage, I punch one of the blue lockers of my school, making both my friends flinch scared. Taking my hands away from the lockers, I look at the big dent I caused. Damn…now I'll need to pay for them…

"Brittany, Stop it now! Your fury will destroy our entire corridor!" Scarlet says, moving her arms wildly, pointing to every point of the hallway we are now located. I grumble lowly.

Stupid…cheerleaders and their stupid skirts…


AMber gasps at my choice of words, but what can I say…I am FURIOUS!

"Brittany calm down! Besides, it can't be so bad…it is a sport so it will be great" My orange-haired teammate explains kinda nervous. I swear that if my life was an anime, I would have the big red sign that tells you when a character is angry, on my head…and a big one.

"Yes Scarlet…" I start, my voice calm, which makes them even more nervous, "It's a sport…that requires the user to wear…A SKIRT!"

Suddenly a boy from our class named Sou appears, smiling happily at Amber, totally oblivious to my sudden rage. His pale black hair glued together with something slimy and his big glasses shinning with the help of the little sun that enters the windows. In other words…he is part of the group that Utonium has.

"Hey Amber I was wondering if you coul-"

"LEAVE HER ALONE YOU STALKER FREAK!" I shout, throwing myself to him and hitting him over and over. Scarlet tries to stop my assault while AMber is shouting to me to stop.

"Brittany, leave Sou alone! He just wanted his pencil back!"

…Okay I'll just ignore that little piece of information and pretend I didn't hear it…I need to hit somebody really badly.


I look at Sou, just to find him blushing, looking at the opening of my frontal uniform…at my chests…


"YOU FUCKING PERVERTED BASTARD!" I shout, hitting him again, only to be stopped by Scarlet, who is preventing me to go and punch the hell out of him with my rage.

He flinches and runs away, shouting loudly for somebody to help him.

"I can't believe he saw part of my chests!" I exclaim, only to be slapped by Scarlet. I turn towards her with a glare, while she just glares at me back.

"Look Brittany…one, the letter said that it was orders of the principal of this school to enter to the team, so you can't get out. Two, you look great on the uniform; you have the body and the face so it doesn't matter. Three, you can go to different places for contests and get out of class! Four, you'll have extra points in classes! Besides, you're going to be the heroine of our school and everybody will want to follow your guidance and steps! WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT!"

I grumble a subtle "yes", turning to look at the exit of our school with a glare, where my future awards me…

My horrible and loathed future…

I look at what I'm wearing with hate. I'm wearing a green mini skirt with a black hem, and a slate clothing belt that adorns my hips. The top is a mini top that only hides my chests from view,

but it's a v-neck so some part of my chests can be seen. Black fingerless gloves are on my hands, with green wristbands on my wrists. I shiver with inwardly. I hate this uniform!

Gulping, I walk towards the exit with confidence…the faster I get there the faster everything will end.

Opening the double doors, I look at our football's stadium, where the football team and the cheerleader team are "practicing"…

…I call it "flirting"…

Then everybody turns to look at me…the girls with awe and the boys with lust.

I shiver again…

I want to cry…

"Brittany!" Princess shouts, running towards me with a smile. I look pitifully at the sky…


(Scarlet's POV)

Hmm…poor Brittany…mmm

Amber is in front of me, sitting and having a cup of tea, while I'm eating some of my chocolates. At least the cafeteria is all alone. I look at it with a smile.

My favorite place in school! It's walls are painted a crème color with horizontal green and black straps in the middle of the walls. Since it's very spacious, we have a lot of tables with ten seats in every table. I turn to look at the black plastic tables and unto my treasures…my sweets.

Oh as I was saying…I wonder how Brittany is doing…I guess that it must be torture all this to her. I chuckle evilly while imagining Brittany doing something girly…

At last, she will be acting girly! Jujujuju….

I'm such a bad friend….i know, but who cares!

Brittany is using a skirt!

"Scarlet…do you think Brittany will be okay?"

I look at Amber and smile at her reassuringly.

"No problem Amber! I don't think Brittany is in problems right now!"

Amber nods smiling slightly. Then, her face changes to one of surprise. I look at her confused…what's wrong with her…?

"Hey Scar-let"


For all the boys…

For all the chimpanzees…

For all the bananas covered with hot chocolate…


I turn to find him there…the red eyes shining with mirth and lust, this spiky and slightly long orange hair and his stupid cap…

…no…not him…

"Wh-what are you doing here! " I spat, turning around to find Amber with a rather similar situation with the blond boy.

The stranger turns my chair around completely, making me see him directly to his face. I feel my face getting slightly warm with the closeness of his face to mine.

"Aww, did Scarlet miss me?"

I glare at him, puffing my cheeks with air, making him smirk slightly.

"As if I would me someone as egocentric like you!"

"What…what are you doing in here…?" Amber asks, blushing at the sight of the blond boy. The blond guy smiles and kisses her cheek, making all the boys in the area gasp.

No male has kissed her cheek ever…

Amber blushes more, while the boy hugs her sweetly.

"Well, Amber, we came for our date with you"

I gasp and look at the cocky boy in front of me…oh no…


Brick's face turns serious and I gulp a bit. It…is strange…

"Look cutie, you catched my attention like no other girl did", he says, nearing his face to mine while I moved away from him, "So you and I are going to a date…for you to fall in love with me…and then we can make love and marry and have a lot of babies…like the idea?"

I fall from my chair and look at him with a glare.

"NO! YOU WILL NEVER CATCH ME ALIVE YOU COCKY BOY!" I say, running away from there, leaving Amber with the other one…though I think she likes his treatment…

Hey wait a minute…

There was other one with them…

Where is he?

(Brittany's POV)

"Ok now the routine number three" Princess says, dancing with the music with the other girls…

…and me…

Argh I just hate this entire thing because…all the freaking dances are erotic dances! I just wanna hide below a rock and never ever come out!

Well, I'm not paralyzed
But, I seem to be struck by you
I want to make you move
Because you're standing still
If your body matches
What your eyes can do
You'll probably move right through
Me on my way to you

Please…just kill me..

Then…a hand grabs mine and turns me around, making my body hit his hard one. I glare at him with hate…

Great…he just had to appear!

"Will you dance with me?" Carl says, nearing his face to mine. I grumble and look at him directly to his eyes.

"No asshole! I don't want to"

"Oh come on" he says, hugging me, his hands resting on my hips, "Just succumb to the temptation"

I snort and roll my eyes, "What temptation, I'm just looking at-"

Suddenly his ripped off from me and being punched the hell out of him. I look with a surprised face at the boy…

I didn't think that he would appear so soon…

"Ace, get the hell out of here you strange boy" Princess says, her face contorted in a disgusted sneer while looking at the most problematic boy of school.

His gang is behind him, cheering him while he pummels the ground with CArl.

Why is he so violent with him?

Because he's been in love since the first day he saw me…

That means since kindergarten…

I know…weird…

I look with bored eyes at those two guys fighting for me. Then, I feel somebody's hand on my mouth and other hand hugging me from the waist, taking me away from there. My eyes widen and I turn to look at the person who dares kidnapping me…

What I turn look makes me still…

It's the boy from before!


He smirks at me, giving me the view of his even more perfect teeth.

"Hello Brittany…ready for our date?"


I close my eyes and I start squirming to make him stop. I JUST WANTED TO TAKE A FREAKING NAP!

Life sucks

It's incredible how those two little words can make you feel like grumbling in your seat, pleading to the gods to forgive you for whatever thing you did and cancel this messed up punishment they gave you.

Those two words make you feel like an epiphany striking your mind, making you realize how real life works , loving the way your face frowns deeply or the growls that manage to escape from you throat.

Life sucks…as simple as that.

You can just prove it by looking at your surroundings. All the poor people asking for money to the others with a saddened expression plastered on their faces, even though they earn a lot much more money with those works than certain jobs. Or how the husbands have to bear with their whining mother-in-law's when they happen to visit their daughters and let's not forget of the puppies living inside of cages, asking for their adoption with their cute looks and pitiful cries…

Now you believe me?

"So what do you think of this now…Brittany?" a seductive male voice asks, his breath hitting my right cheek hotly.

…Oh, I forgot another one. When an annoying perverted bastard decides to kidnap a girl for his own selfish reasons (like a date), forcing her to take his own limousine and making a stupid contest of seduction appear from nowhere, to force said girl to sit on his lap.

Yeah…life is just so fucking awesome!


Just an hour ago, my life was being changed by ridiculous preppy whores with big round pom-poms and skimpy uniforms…

…Then this moron of a man had to appear to make my life turn from bad to worse!

And as I said before, I'm sitting on his lap thanks to a stupid contest the brilliant of me started thanks to one of his traps. His hands are grabbing me by my hips and his face is hovering near mine.

"Do you realize now how great my seduction skills are?"

Quirking an eyebrow upwards, I mutter in a low voice my answer, making sure to make my voice scary enough to force him to take his hands off my hips and let me free of this kidnapping.

"No…You're still a looser to me"

He pouts mockingly, his hands still prying my poor abused hips without consent.

"Is that so? How can I change that horrible opinion of yours?"

"Maybe letting me go…"

"Nah…I don't think so, besides…I think my seduction skills surpass yours easily"

That statement makes me mad, even though maybe he is right. I've never flirted with anyone in my life, except with a senior called Narushima…or something like that. The point is that my skills aren't pretty cool…besides, I had thirteen years old that time…I don't think that kind of flirting will make him shut up.

"I'll change my opinion if you let me go"

"No thanks"

"LET ME GO!" I shout enraged, squirming violently to try and get rid of his perverted arms off me.

"No, because you like it"

"What part of 'let me go' don't you understand?"

He chuckles sexily, petting my cheek with his, just like a cat would do to its owner.

"You're misunderstanding me, Brittany"

Insert growl in here…

"I understood completely those words you just uttered, what I meant is that I've heard about your reputation in your school"


What does he mean with that? More importantly, how does he even know about me? Is he some kind of stalker?


"Yes, I've heard that you're pretty desired in there, and every time a boy or even a girl tries to flirt with you, you pummel them with your hits. As you can see, I'm pretty healthy now; it means you like what I'm doing to you"

Hey…that's actually correct…

How come I didn't punch him, or I haven't punch him?

I know why, is because somehow he is able to block my movements. Yeah, that's the reason why I can't punch him.

"I don't care about your stupid explanations, just let go of me!"

He smirks sexily at me and without advice; his right hand abandons my right hip and replaces it for the back of my neck, making me close the gap.



He stops his kiss, only to start talking, "If you want to go free so badly, then let's make a deal"

Rubbing my arm on my lips to take his taste off them, I look at him curiously.

"What kind of deal?"

"If you're able of flirting with me and win me, then you're free for today"

…If I don't accept, I might be able to pass all the freaking day with this idiot. I won't be able to escape, thanks to his strength (which is more than mine) and his driver and servant are both bodyguards…

Heck, I'll accept.


He seems surprised by my response and for the first time, he looks nervous. Seems he likes to be in control of everything. For the first time since I met him, he blushes and turns towards other way, evading me completely.

"It's okay…I was just playing…you can go if you want to"

Now it's my time to look surprised at him. I thought he would just cancel the deal and make me stay with him.

Maybe he's not that bad…

"Besides, looking you with that attire is enough to make me want to rip off your clothes and sex you up"

Forget what I just said.

I hit him on the cheek, feeling mine burning like crazy.


He chuckles, leaving my hips alone at last. He orders the driver to stop and help me get out. I sweat drop a bit at the "help" part.

"I'm not a little princess, I can get out easily" I mutter, opening the door when the elegant car stops. He chuckles and he helps me to get out. Does he still think I'm kind of damsel in distress!

"Well, then…see you later" he exclaims seriously, closing the door. The limousine leaves, leaving me "alone" in the street.

That Butch…

Someday, I will be able to kick the crap out of him, I know it, but for now…

Hey wait a minute…

Now I'll have to walk to my house!

(Normal POV)

The afternoon in the park seem to be magical. The scenery of little children with their parents, playing on the turf with the bright sun as a partner filled the entire park. Some boys and girls were climbing the blooming cherry trees, playing to "Indiana Jones", pretending to resolve the most secret mysteries of the world. Some little girls were on the swings, swinging happily while chatting about how they were the best mommies ever, copying their mothers who happened to be chatting some feet away about the same subject.

A certain little boy with her mother was walking over the little path made of stones on the enormous park, the little boy jumping with every step he took. The black-haired boy turns to the street, looking the "cool" cars passing with mere fascination. Then, an orangethingpasses running at supersonic speed. The innocent boy beams happily at the sight of another one of those, but instead of orange, red.

"Mommy, did you see it! A speed racer!"

The tired mom manages to smile at her little child, sweat dropping at the sight of his big brown eyes widened in fascination.

"No Timmy. That was a girl running away from a boy"

"Mommy, I don't understand…How can they run so fast?"

"This is Tokyo son, every illogical idea is logical in here"

"Oh, okay"

With that answer, the little Timmy smiles happily, jumping over and over, while thinking about how he will transform into a super hero who can kill butterflies.

Butterflies are evil.

Meanwhile, said "speed racer", runs with her might, jumping rocks, evading cars and pushing old grandmas who happen to appear on her way.




Before the poor old woman can continue her curse, the man in pursuit knocks her off while passing with his "Gary-stu"-like speed.

"Don't curse to my girlfriend, old bitch!"

Scarlet, distracts herself with a cute boy passing by. She sighs and smiles dreamily…

…until she crashes into a wall.

Brick appears finally, stopping to breathe hard, trying to take all the oxygen his body needs. He looks at the body of his girl slumped on the sidewalk. Beads of sweat accumulate on his frown, some of the sliding over his face.

"…That…girl…sure is…difficult"

A white limousine appears, the back door opening revealing his brother Boomer and the blushing blond girl.

"Come on in"

"What happened to her!" Amber asks horrified at the sight of her best friend on the floor, completely passed out. Boomer pets her hand, telling her that she will be okay. Her response is a nod with a little blush.

"How…come you girl…didn't…escape!" Brick says, gasping for more air with every word. Boomer shrugs and smirks at his brother with a feeling of superiority.

"Because she's a lady"

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