Love always comes 3

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Submitted: December 19, 2011



 (Normal POV)

Monday always has to be one of the most troublesome days in the week. Honestly, is the day all the studying and homework begin. Every single hour is pure agony to the student body, except maybe recess time.

For Kyle, this period is the worst.

If you thought a troublemaker such as Kyle would love this part of the day, you're wrong. At least if you're talking of a troublemaker who has been "promoted" to hall monitor. He used to love this time of the day, but the principal gave him the position as a correction, a desperate way to make his jokes stops.

Said boy leaves his classroom, looking at the corridor in boredom. He always has to leave 15 minutes earlier to start his duties in his territory, if not the work could get more difficult; with all those students moving him out of the way and ignoring his orders.

He passes some closed classrooms to get into his usual spot, letting a heavy sigh when arriving.

"This work is so boring; it's not fair I'm the one who got it!"

A girl passes in front of him, heading to a bathroom. He recognizes her as Brittany, one of the cheerleaders and one of the prettiest girls in the school. Of course, Kyle could care less of her perfect appearance. The brunette secretly nick-names her "The impatient bitch", that's how much he hates her.

He is about to ask her for her permit, only getting shut down by said cheerleader.

"Don't bother, I have it in here" she declares, getting her hall pass from her khaki-colored trousers. He frowns, not liking her attitude. How could Scarlet deal with her, was a mystery to him.

Ah, Scarlet. She was the girl of his dreams. Perfect inside and outside, and the best was she treated him normally.

The bell rings making a crowd of students form almost instantly, all of them happy that the recess finally started. Kyle sighs, looking out for students breaking the school's law.


He turns to find Brittany's form, "What do you want?"

Brittany's right eye twitches at the foul attitude of the male, but decides to let it slide, for now.

"Here's the hall pass for you to leave it on the classroom. I was in room 8b".

Kyle frowns at the order, "The hell? Don't be a fruitcake and leave it yourself!"

"I can't, genius; remember?"

Kyle groans as the information comes to his mind. If a student asks for a hall pass but doesn't return it to the teacher before the end of the class, it's the student responsibility to take it to the hall monitor. Only he can enter the classrooms when they are empty.

He takes the hall pass, giving her a dark expression. She only lets her green eyes roll. He was too damn dramatic.

"Brittany, oh…hey Kyle!"

Orange eyes widen when Scarlet walks towards them with Amber at her side, a stack of papers trapped between her chest and arm. He gulps, suddenly self-conscious of his appearance.

'Why couldn't I brush my hair today? Damn, now she'll think I'm some kind of dirty kid!'

Scarlet finally arrives to them, totally oblivious to Kyle's torturing thoughts of his appearance, "Hey Kaoru, Amber and I have been looking for you everywhere!"

Brittany smiles, looking apologetically at her. Kyle turns to both Scarlet and Kaoru, looking the raven-haired's peaceful expression.

"Hey, Kyle…"

He blinks, realizing he stared at Brittany all the time. He looks how she sends him a disgusted look, while Amber giggles and Scarlet just smiles. He feels his cheeks get warm, turning to the orange-haired girl. He groans mentally, knowing the now they must think he has a crush on the tomboy. What a nice day is turning out to be for him.

"What's the matter, Scarlet?"

She takes one of the papers, giving it to him. Kyle grabs it, reading its contents. His eyes widen once again when his eyes look at the words printed on the paper. It is a birthday flyer with a small map.

He feels happiness swell on his chest, feeling euphoric and with a strong need to jumb and dance a silly routine. He gives Scralet his best smile, "You're inviting me to your birthday party?"

Scarlet nods, "Yes, the address and a small map are on the paper".

Amber let's a smile pool on her lips at the sight of the boy, "We three hope you can be in there with all of us, Right Brittany?"

He turns to the raven haired girl, who only shrugs, "Sure, why not"

The feeling of hatred towards his day slowly disappears, being replaced by victory. His dream of getting Scarlet to be his girlfriend maybe isn't so crazy...


A tall raven haired boy appears, his hand taking Brittany’s own. Kyle looks curiously at the boy, trying to recognize him from somewhere.

"Butch, why do you always appear? Don't you have school?" Scarlet chastises, glaring at the new addition to their talk. He only smirks.

"Sure I have, I already got out"

Looking at the papers on her possession, he grabs one of them rudely, leaving a fuming Scalet, "A party today? It's your birthday?"

She sighs angrily, "Today is my birthday, but the party is on Friday".

He smirks, gripping the paper on his hand, "Great, congratulations…my brothers and I will be sure to appear on your party"

Scarlet feels her blood boil at his words, looking how he takes Brittany away from the scene.

Kyle blinks in confusion, "Who was that guy?"

Scarlet growls, making Kyle feel bad for her, "He's just a jerk who is trying to get into Brittany's pants…"

Amber sighs, rubbing her shoulder softly, "Come on Scarlet, we need to go".

Her friend nods, giving the hall monitor one last smile, "Well, see you later!"

They both turn around, their eyes searching for more people to invite. Kyle blinks in confusion at what just happened. He turns towards the space where the stranger had appeared, looking at that direction.

"I've seen him somewhere…I don't remember where it was!"

A growl leaves his lips, his hand crumpling the paper unconsciously. The texture of the invitation makes him stop his thoughts, turning to the slight crumpled paper. A new smile appears on his lips, the happiness reaching his eyes.

"Scarlet invited me to her birthday party!"


The soccer area of the school is always occupied by the cheerleaders and the football team at the end of the school day, both sports aiming to practice more of their routines and tactics. The bleachers are always being used by different other people, sitting there in order to see the teams' practice or to just have a comfortable conversation with their friends.

Butch observes with a smile how his best friend (or "soon-to-be-lover" for him) practices, looking how she dances the routine with incredible elegance. It's amazing how much the other's attitude has changed towards the sport.

Even though she still hates the uniform, she seems content with the routine; after all, it is very difficult to make and requires energy and guts to complete the jumps she must do.

Hell, she's even smiling now.

The sudden movement of the bleachers gets his attention, turning to see his two brothers walking towards him. They both smile at their brother, rushing their steps to sit down next to him. They both turn to the front, looking how Butch's love interest makes her routine.

"Wow, she's really good" Brick mutters, getting Boomer nod numbly. Butch smirks, feeling proud.

"I know", he mutters, a small smile playing on his lips. A thought suddenly crosses on his mind and turns towards Boomer, "Hey, what happened with that girly-dude's situation?"

Boomer frowns, the memory coming to his mind once again, "He was on the hospital, but now he's out…probably on a date with my girl"

Brick snorts, slapping the back of his blond brother, "And now she's mad at you, very nice work"

He only mumbles curses, letting his chin rest on the palm of his hands while said arms rest on his knees. Butch looks calmly at his brother, sighing.

Honestly, he thought Boomer was the one who would have more luck with his choice. He acted like the perfect gentleman and listened to her conversations with all the attention of the world when they got to talk…

Who would've guess a pale and weak looking girl (In his opinion, Taki is way to girly to be a male) would be the one gaining her heart and himself being the one with more luck with Brittany?

Life is strange and unfair.

Sudden shouts appear in the environment and they all turn to find the cheerleaders running into the bleachers in happiness. Their practice is over.

Brittany runs happily towards the three boys, accepting thankfully the water bottle Butch offers. Brick smiles, giving her a thumbs up.

"Hey, you're not that bad in this!"

Brittany snorts, but her smile remains intact on her lips, "Thanks Brick"

She listens to their talk, enjoying passing her precious time with the boys.

At first she harbored a lot of negative feelings towards the brothers, but after passing some days visiting their house she enjoyed their company much more. The brothers were funny and kind of rowdy; it was a big and nice change from her girly friends. She really enjoyed her new friendship with the boys.


All four teenagers still at the known voice, waiting for said girl to appear. Finally, Princess appears beside Brittany, her eyes sparkling in delight at the sight of her crush.

"I didn't know you were here! How are you? Do you want to go on a date with me?"

Brick frowns, "Well, I came to see my future sister-in-law"

Brittany snorts, choosing to gulp more water than correcting his statement. Butch snickers, kissing her cheek mockingly.

"Aww, don't be like that my cute girlfriend"

Boomer chuckles at the sight of Brittany blushing and slapping the back of his brother's neck. He then turns his attention to Princess, who is flirting shamelessly at an annoyed Brick.

He sighs with boredom, turning his attention to the field. It is then where his eyes widen in horror.

Scarlet talking with a brunette boy, the boy's cheeks tainted red and his orange eyes widened in adoration.

In horror, he observes how the boy starts talking, his expression being one of a superior being, like bragging something great to her. Boomer is no idiot, in fact he is smarter in the social skills than both his brothers.

…That boy was showing off to Scarlet to try and seduce her.

He lets a growl, gaining the attention of his brothers and the girls near him. Brick, being the one beside him, frowns in confusion at his blond brother.

"Boomer, what the hell is your problem?"

Boomer doesn't answer, instead he stands up. He leaves the bleachers and when his feet touch the floor, starts running towards his goal. Brick and Butch stare dumbfounded at the retreating silhouette of Boomer, turning to see where he is going with so much speed.

They find a laughing Scarlet and a blushing brunette boy.

"Shit, he's going to punch him!" Brick exclaims, standing up and running towards his brother. Princess growls and walks away, glaring at Scarlet. She will be a niusance in her quest for Brick's heart. Butch, observes quietly his orange-haired brother.


"No questions, let's go!"

Brittany declares, roughly grabbing Butch's hand and making him abandon his comfortable spot on the bleachers to get towards his siblings.

Scarlet turns her eyes to the front, sighing happily after laughing so hard at the joke Kyle told her, only to find an enraged Boomer walking steadily towards both Kyle and her. She winces, feeling unnerved by the look of his eyes.

Kyleo\\ turns curiously to the target of her attention, flinching at the sight of the furious teen coming towards them.

"You little bastard!" Boomer shouts, preparing his hand by closing it tightly to form a fist. Scarlet stands up, her face showing her frustration.

"Hey, what is your problem? Why are you so riled up?"

Boomer stops his way in front of her figure, spitting his words like garbage, "My problem is that this dimwit wants to make you fall for him!"

He turns towards Kyle, glaring at him, "I won't let one of my brothers suffer what I did!"

"Boomer, stop!"

Boomer turns around to face Brick. Said boy smirks, placing his hand over his shoulder, "You don't need to worry for me"

"But, you didn't see them-!"

A chuckle erupts from his lips,"Of course I saw them, I just didn't give it that much of importance"

Kyle looks surprised at the boys, slightly unnerved at their superior aura. He looks how the one with the red cap turns to him, smirking smugly.

"He has no chance against me"

Kyle feels his body tense, all thoughts of violence against the boy crossing his mind.

Brittany looks between a smug Brick and a furious Kyle in anxiousness; only to grab Scarlet's hand and taking her away from there.

"Come on, maybe we shouldn't be here"

Scarlet nods, thanking Brittany for her support and ignoring Butch's presence at her friend's side. This was not a time for her to snap at the raven-haired boy.

Brick chuckles at Kyle's expression, "Try taking her, you're nothing compared to me".

Kyle feels his head turn hot in anger, but remains glued on his spot. He even maintains himself in that same position after looking at the remaining two brothers walking away from the scene.

"We'll see who'll win, you bastard!"

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