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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

What would you do if a sicness spread around, turning people to the undead, and you and a couple of other firneds were the only surivors? Would you commit Suicide? Or would you fight till the very end?

*Just a random story I wrote. Still good in my opinon, but not really my best work*

The sickness started on a Tuesday.

It was basically, “if you’re sick than you die”. The doctors were no help at all. They didn’t know of any sickness like this. They tried their best to figure out what was happening, but nothing worked. People started dying. The deaths started out as baby steps, until it was one death after another.

Doctors eventually started dying from the sickness, until there were no doctors left… not that it made much of a difference in the world. The sickness lasted on for a few months, and then, people who got infected had turned into the undead.

The undead had different populations of each other. Some were just regular zombies. Others were giant, but really slow. Some were hunters which is what my friends and I call them. The kind of are always hunched over and claws about five inches long. They have really sharp teeth and are really fast. They prefer to leap onto their victims for the kill.

My name is Ike. My friends, Alex, Colton, Jake, John, Dane, and Sophie are the only survivors left in this world. Our life as survivors started kind of scary and adventurous, but now, they’re just kind of boring and same old, same old.

We carry around guns everywhere we go. You never know when a horde of zombies will come and attack you. We have little bladed weapons as well. I have a machete, and everyone else has a knife. I like to think of myself as the leader of the group, sense I gathered everybody up from dark corners of allies, and from getting kill by the undead.

We all know that we are all eventually going to die, but we try to live our lives to the best of it.

I will now start off my story of our pack.



“Run!!” Colton, age fifteen hollered. There was a horde of at least thirty-two undead running after us. And to make matters worse, they were the Hunters. We all ran as fast as we could with Alex and me in the lead. I took out my pistol from my pocket. I slowed down my speed until I was next to Sophie, the slowest out of all of us.

I shot behind me blindly, hoping I was getting some pretty good hits on the Hunters or even hits at all. We all rounded a corner to see another horde of the undead waiting for us. We froze, knowing that one of us was going to die in this horde.

We all shot our guns at the zombies. Blood splattered everywhere. The zombies were advancing in on us. The Hunters were now going crazy. The jumped of the side of buildings and on to some of us. “Help!!” screamed Sophie as one of the Hunters landed on top of her.

“Sophie!” Alex yelled as he shot the Hunter off of her. She had a couple scratches on her face, but nothing serious. “We have to get out of here quickly guys! We can’t kill them all!” I yelled over the grunting of the Hunters, and the fires of the guns. But of course, with our luck, the Hunters advanced around us completely.

“This isn’t good!” Jake yelled as he shot a zombie in the head. I had shot many zombies, killing them all. I heard a scream. I whirled around and saw that Dane had got bitten by one of the undead. He fell to the ground as his skin started to go pale. Blood streamed down his arm from the bight on his shoulder.

Dane was dead. We all knew it. Eventually, he would come back to life as the undead. John walked over and plunged his knife into the Dane’s head before he could come back to life. We had eventually shot enough undead down to get away without getting bitten.

We ran and ran, but the Hunters kept up with us easily. After a while of running, we ran into an ally and found small German Sheppard eating out of the trash. “We have to save the dog!” Sophie yelled. “Sophie. We can’t or else we’ll die!” Jake told her.

“I am not leaving the dog behind!” she said, and picked up the puppy and ran with us. The puppy was whining and squirming in Sophie’s arms, but she kept a tight grip on the pup. “Guys look! A ladder onto that building!” John yelled. “Sophie you go first sense you have the dog,” John said. “Thanks, John,” Sophie thanked.

Sophie climbed up the ladder, followed by John. The Jake and me. Then Alex and Colton. The Hunters were probably the smartest out of all the undead populations, so they were able to climb up the ladder. We all got up on the building, followed by two Hunters. Bang! Bang! The Hunters collapsed from the two shots to the head by Jake.

Colton walked over and pushed the ladder down crushing the Hunters that were climbing up the ladder. “Colton! Now how are we supposed to get down… you know without crushing our legs?!” “Oh jeez! I’m so sorry!” Colton said. “Go get it,” I said to Colton. “What?” he asked, obviously wanting to have me repeat my sentence to make sure he knew what he heard.

“Go get it. The ladder. Jump down and get it,” I said calmly. He slowly walked over to the edge, and jumped. We heard a crunch! And a scream, then we saw the ladder. “Thanks, Colt!” John said. We all climbed down the ladder. “Guys. You gotta help me. I’m sorry!” Colton apologized. “No. next mess up you do is going to cost our lives. We’re sorry Colton,” I said. “Please!!!” he pleaded. “Sorry,” I said.

We walked away from Colton.

I felt terrible about leaving Colton to die, and so did the rest of the team. “Guys, we need to go get Colton. We’ve never done this to a teammate before, and Colton won’t be the first. Come on!” I said and started sprinting towards where we left Colton.

I looked behind me to see that I was by myself. I stopped, but only for a sec because I heard grunting and a scream… Colton’s scream.

 I sprinted as fast as I could, which is very, very fast, to Colton. I got there just in time to shoot three zombies in the head, saving Colton’s life. “Let’s go, Colt,” I said to him. “Thank you so much, Ike!” I walked over picked Colton up, and slung him over my shoulder.

I walked back to find my friends sitting at the docks, petting that German Sheppard Sophie saved. “Ike! You and Colton are back! I thought you were both goners!” Alex exclaimed. “We’re going to need to find a wheelchair for Colton until his legs heal.,” I advised my team. “So be on the lookout for wheelchairs.”

“Ike! Meet Jete!” Sophie nodded her head towards the German Sheppard. “Nice name,” I complimented. That was the least of my thoughts though. My main thought was how we could live through the undead. We couldn’t kill them all. We would all be dead by the time that happened… and not by the zombies.

Can the undead swim? I thought to myself. Na. “Guys! Find a boat and let’s get out of here! We are going to live on an island for the rest of our lives.”

Submitted: July 15, 2012

© Copyright 2021 Areais Akleaz. All rights reserved.

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Areais Akleaz

Yes. I know. The end was sort of random and quick. Sorry about that.

Sun, July 15th, 2012 6:27pm

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