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Traveler`s Thoughts

The subway is full of people in a hurry. It seems like an endless line of people who wants to travel to reach their own destination. Mostly, you can hear the sound of crying children, their cheeks icy with their tears, and others on the rage to destroy things. I took the other side which is too far from people. There was a great hall that fills with the echoes of silence and the dust moats dance in the light of the last ray of the sun. I keep walking until I reached a small restaurant that was hidden behind the corner. The smell of the food that plays upon our ardent desire to eat and fill our stomach with the ultimate joy was magnificent.  Unfortunately, it was my turn to leave everything behind me even my absolute hunger in order to reach my destination.

Our destination is bound with our dreams and ambition causing the road of our life to take different detours till we find what we are looking for with our determination and prudence that will induce us to commence the line which will automatically lead us to the fountain of happiness.

The peculiar destination that hunted us always with its endless mazes needed to be known with one absolute way so we could be privileged to enjoy the golden sun and the love of the life itself in all its glory…………….:)

The End



Submitted: June 10, 2013

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