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This story is about an innocent girl Akriti in a cruel old school family

Akriti is a very clever girl & she loves to study but her family is like so old school their point of view is so negative about the girls they think that girls are nOt made for studies and jobs they treated Akriti as slave but Akriti never said anything to them, Akriti has 1father, 1mother, 1 litle brother named Ankit, age 18, n 1 mOst irritating Grand mOther,
One day Akriti's teacher advice her to study medicals, n Akriti loved to hear that she goes home and tells her mother and requests her to talk to father and make him positive about her study. . However the father agree for Akriti's study. . Akriti starts to go for classer and her brother Ankit also goes to college he is so cheap and loafer, One day a boy in Akriti's class gives her love letter n proposed her but Akriti refuses his proposal n scold him, she goes to her home n throw that love letter in her roOm. . N suddenly Ankit finds that letter n starts blackmailing Akriti, n Akriti is so scared that what if her father see that love letter he will surely stop her studies, she cries front of Ankit that don't show that letter to her father, n Ankit throws some conditions on her, his evil conditions was so cheap he used to rape her sister Akriti, n Akriti kept silence she didn't tell any one about brother's evil conditions, n 1day Akriti gets to know she is pregnant and the child is her brother's, she tells her mother everything but her mother doesn't agree with her the mOther denies to accept that truth, mOther tells everything to everyone, when the family got know that truth everybody ask Ankit but Ankit doesn't agree he says ''i don't know about anything' everybody starts to fight and beat Akriti, they locked her in roOm, Innocent Akriti in dark roOm just crying n cryin non stop, suddenly the doOr opens n Mother enters the room taking a glass of milk in her hand, she hugs Akriti n says her to drink the milk, Akriti drinks whole glass of milk, n the next day. .everybody got to know that Akriti is dead . .n the teacher enters Akriti's home and ask her family that what happend they replied that Akriti committed suicide, the teacher has a doubt that Akriti can't do this she called the police, n The police starts investigation, at the end everybody got to know that Akriti was pregnant by her brother n her family gave her poision mixed in milk


Submitted: May 09, 2013

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Wow. . . Is it really true. . ?? So goOd i didn't know that sum1 can be as cruel as Akriti's family

Thu, May 9th, 2013 1:39pm


Yes it is true

Thu, May 9th, 2013 2:13pm

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