My music, the soul of my heart.

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A personal story about a reunion with my music.

Submitted: October 04, 2014

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Submitted: October 04, 2014



As a child I listened to my father play guitar, I felt each note as the sound reached my ears and touched my heart, as soon as my fingers were strong enough to make a sound I played, and there the story began.

I learned how to play and taught others as well, made many friends, we all played and danced, the once introvert and quiet kid, now had a voice trough the strings of his guitar.

Life moved on, so did I, but my guitar never left my side, traveled around the world six string in hand.

Looking back, when I played live, the words in my heart were the words of my guitar, many years passed and I only played for my self.

Until one day, I came out again to play, a handful of people listened, and there I realized what I been missing.

After the show, mi fingers got numb, it had been that long, not long after I realized what I've been after, the elusive feeling forgotten by disaster.

I LOVE TO PLAY FOR OTHERS!!! I tough, so what made me stop?  it doesn't matter, I now know better.

And on that day, the old flame of joy and excitement got reignited and I reunited with my music, the soul of my heart.


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