The Eclipse

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An original monologue that takes place from the position of the moon.

Submitted: November 26, 2008

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Submitted: November 26, 2008



How is it that the sun receives so much credit? He steams in his little corner of the galaxy doing nothing. True, God gave him the task of heating the earth and for thousands of years he has done well. In recent years however, he has overstepped his boundaries. And yet I, who has never done any such thing and keeps the waters in place, am shunned. The people fear the night but never take time to look to the light that banishes the darkness. My companions and I provide a constant companion for the people. In us they see their mighty heroes, the great bears, the winding serpent, and a guide.

The Maker gave us the task of providing light to the world when the sun is gone. And so we do. I even serve as a timetable for them. I direct the waves and warn them to not envelope the dry land. The Creator Himself gave me this task. I greet the people in the early morning while the sun is still sleeping and I watch over them all through the night. The rhythms of my movement cause the flowers and vegetation of the land to burst forth in growth, I even keep the earth in balance with the sun.

But no one acknowledges the power bestowed to me by the Maker.


And yet, I have one glorious moment. The day when I overcome the sun and all see me. The sun is hidden beyond my shadow for a time and I am in the spotlight that God has given to me.


Perhaps that is the only time God has given me. Perhaps that is my one chance to shine. The Maker gave all of us tasks. I guide the waters, give God's creation time, gesture for the flowers to bloom, and I hold the earth from the sun's destructive flames. The sun has also been given gifts and responsibilities by the Maker. He controls his flares and has held them at just the right temperature for millennia. He prods the seedlings to spring up from the earth and he gives life to all things. The sun gives them light so they won'ÂÂt stumble.

Together we create a turn of events that is so awesome that everyone stops and stares. A moment where we are in alignment with the earth. A moment where we stop to thank our Creator. And hopefully, the people take a moment to pause and think about what an amazing Maker created them.

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