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it's a poem that i have written..it's about the shortage of good women...this poem will take you back to the good times when women were mothers,wives and builders of their families and it tells the sad stories about how women have changed from being so good to monsters...

Submitted: March 13, 2008

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Submitted: March 13, 2008





what happened to you woman.

a lifetime ago you mothered the world

you gave love,peace and comfort

but that is all gone now

what happened to the love that you used to give

the love that would build a little girl into a woman

the love that would build a small boy into a man

a man who harms no soul,who comforts and provides

a man who rapes not and who never destroyes the precious purity of an infant


what happened to that love that creates a beutiful woman in a young girl

that love that makes a girl a woman,a mother,a care giver and an obedient wife

what happened to you woman 

you used to serve your family 

to raise your kids with love

but today your conscience never guides you

your conscience allows you to throw away the young innocent baby

the baby.YOU traveiled to give life to

today your soul never hurts when your baby slept outside one man's door

hoping to be given a job, food and shelter

today you never even wonder why your kid slept under the bridge with an empty belly

your heart never bleeds when your daughter is selling her precious self to vile men 

who would harm her soul, who would eat her alive,

and take advantage of the beautiful her

men who would eradicate the goodness in her,leave her hopeless,loveless,remorseful and futile

Today i see no women arround

i see escorts

i see moneymakers,golddiggers

and cruelty in the eyes of what is supposed to be a woman, i feel scared,vulnerable and lonely


if you had remained yourself

the world could never have been this unsafe and scary

come back woman.....the world misses you
















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