Don't be Afraid to Smile

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Poem regarding a long distance love and encouraging your significant other to smile and not worry about things going astray.

Submitted: January 23, 2013

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Submitted: January 23, 2013





Don’t be afraid to smile

For it illuminates the world with such elegant beauty.

Don’t exaggerate you say,

Well, I will do so if I may

For your smile is enticing,

Oh yes, your smile ignites me

With a burning rush I feel within

It burns through the outer layers of my delicate skin

Smile my angel,

Oh no, don’t wear a frown

Smile my dear

Simply smile,

For when you do so I dream

I dream of my fingers entangled in yours

I dream of us together, opening new doors

I dream of you, so caring and sweet

I dream of a life, so full and complete

With you and that smile no one can compete.

So smile my love,

Though distance may prevent me from seeing

Yes! Smile, sweetheart, for I am going nowhere

Without your beautiful being.

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