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this is my first attempt at ya ik its shit. has a lil bad language so if ur sensitive to that dont read.

Submitted: July 22, 2012

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Submitted: July 22, 2012




hittin runnin screamin
for something with a meanin
darkness all around me
already said im sorry
why is it that u hit me
what made u have to hate me
what gave u such resentment
what happened to the sentiment
arent we all works in progress?
so empty but i digress...
killin all the light now
tryin to find the way out
pishin cuz im deep in
madness hardly sleepin
trying not to give in
to what has got me locked in
pain and sorrow kill me
death to itself wills me
needin love but lackin
needin kisses not tacklin
beat the will right outta me
kill the light inside o me
beat me down make me submit
weaker now with every hit
trusted you never should have
wish i never would have
all i have left is bruises
u got nothin but excuses
You say
baby come back to me
really really sorry
never should have hit you
this time i swear its true
fightin is so tirin but
u da one i rely in what
can i say to make you
see all i have to please you
not gonna fall for it
yo brain must be shortin
bitch u dont be runnin shit
ur life is mine im takin it
well imma take my own life
tired of all the strife
wont give u the pleasure
got the gun, my treasure.

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