My Loved Ones Lost

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

I know it doesn't rhyme, but it's not supposed to. It's an overflow of emotion. That's all. It is the contents of my heart, so critique gently.

Where have all my loved ones gone?

Why does the cruel hand of time and fate tick so quickly?

I remember the times...the laughter, the tears...

But now they are gone. Nothing left but emptiness.


Why? Why am I now left to wander,

Aimless and alone?

Why do those around me succumb to death?

And why can I no longer find joy?


I have loved, and I have lost...

So many times I have lost count.

Can my heart take any more?

But look...I am wallowing in self-pity....


Selfish and cruel! I deserve no joy!

Those who have left for death

Are better now than ever before.

They wait for me above.


And they the lovers who have left me

Have found love far better than I.

I am alone, but at the least, 

They are happy, and that's what matters.

Submitted: December 16, 2011

© Copyright 2022 Argetlam. All rights reserved.

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