Your Love is a Rose

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Just my first poem of this new era in my life =P

Submitted: July 19, 2011

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Submitted: July 19, 2011



Your Love is a Rose


Maybe for you, love is a rose

Delicate and beautiful

Soft, fragrant and wet with dew

For you it blooms slowly

The rose maturing

Easily crushed and scattered

Heat of reality withering it

Cold of indifference shattering it

That may work for you


For me love is a storm

Sometimes the clouds dissapate

Before a single drop of rain

Comes to wash away the pain

The moisture will evaporate

Leaving me in a desert

Thirsty and utterly alone


Love can be cool and sweet

Rain running through my hair

Heart soaring through the grey sky

Doing things I would not dare

Dancing when I do not know how

Laughing at a joke that is not there

Discovering myself all over again


Love can be hot and violent

The lightning striking

Hearts brightening

Unexpected and sudden

Gone as soon as it began

Thunder rumbling

Memories dimming

Dragging pain within

A single bolt can destroy me

Each strike coming near

Yet I stand in an empty feild

Waiting to see light arc for me

Waiting for you

Love leaves me breathless

Love leaves me burned

Love leaves me often


Wanting love that much more

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