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Kanika, about to turn 18, comes to Delhi with her mother and brother after 4 years. here she meets a boy, Samay, with whom she falls head over heels in love but then as the vacations get over, she has to leave him and go back to Florida....what happens next.........

Submitted: February 03, 2012

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Submitted: February 03, 2012



Whenever I look at the picture of me, Kunal bhaiya and Samay, I feel like i've entered the last summer vacation once again.........

Last year same time, I was at my grandmother's house house in Delhi. I was pretty excited for these holidays as i was about to spend solid ten days with my elder brotherand mom at grandma's house. To double my hapiness I had my birthday , just a week away. i couldn't believe i was about to be an adult. i was going to be eighteen finally!!we had shifted to Florida 4 years back due to dad's business and till date we had no idea when were we going to settle back in India so mom planned this short trip to visit our relatives as we all were really homesick.

On reaching grandma's home, we wereecstatic. I loved this hoouse so much! it was HUGE plus it was Delhi. I'd always been in love with delhi. After all it is my nations capital!! and also delhi being the capital meant that it might be having some really cool guys as well! God, I'd never thought I'd be thinking things like that! Maybe it's my eighteenth birthday which should be blamed.!!.

As we reached Grandma's home, I realized things had really changed in these 4 years. a lot of renovation had taken place due to Commonwealth games. moreover, many bunglows had been reconstucted into what they called "floors" so that it could occupy more families. To me that meant more friends :p

"Hay kinni wadi ho gayi saadi kudi!" was my daadima's first line on seeing me. she meant that I'd grown up a lot in these four years. I never understand why everybody says that on meeting you after a long time, as if one would stop growing if you are not around!! So After exchanging these general compliments which seemed more like comments to me, we changed and had dinner. Alongwith dadi ma, lived my tayaji, tayiji and Muffin, their labrador. Tayaji's both sons were settled in london.

What pleased me the most about this trip was that i got my own room! there were certainely some advantages of growing up after all. I thought to myself. I soon fell asleep aftre the long journey.

Next day when I woke up, I foundmom and tayiji in kitchen. busy in preparing breakfast and of course their gossips. Dadima was in puja ghar and bro was as usually, busy with his laptop so I decided to o up on the roof to check out the view from there.

I was enjoying the beautiful summer morning on the roof when i heard a loud "Hey", i looked to my right and found a young guy, standing on his roof. All the houses seemed to be attached to one another so communicating with each other was no big problem.

I looked at him with a surprised expression. he agai spoke, "Never saw you here before. Are you Rani Aunty's relative?" "oh yah, she is my tayiji." I said, still unable to conclude his age. "Are you Kanika?" he asked. 'Whoa! the guy is quick!' i thought to muself, "Well yah, I am. Did tayiji inform you abut us beforehand?" i asked out loud. "yup! she was pretty excited to have you all after such a long time. by the way where do you guys live?" "Florida." i replied with a hint of pride in my voice. "Cool," he replied without getting impressed.

"What's your name?" I asked. "Oh, sorry. I didn't introduce myself. I'm Samay. I'm a final year student of engineering." 'Whoa! that's one big guy!' I thought to myself.

For the next one hour we talked about various stuffs. During our long chat, I found out that he was an IIT-Delhi student and his parents lived in Australia. He lived with his maasi here. Moreover, he offered me to show some of the local spots which i accepted readily. But let me inform you, Samay was not even close to what I had imagined my Mr. India to be like. so the chances of him being "the one" were almost nil. yet what appealed me about him was that he was tall! Otherwise he was just an ordinary looking guy with short black hair, brown eyes and a lean physique. His smartness and great sense of humour were the key elements of his personality.

When I went downstairs and looked at myself, I was shocked that he had even dared to say hello to me! i was a compelete mess! my hair was tangeled badly, eyes still puffy from the little sleep due to jet lag and my teddy bear dress robes were cherry on the cake.

The day passed really quickly. In the evening at around 6:30, the doorbell rang. Tayiji opened the door and alongwith her came in Samay Dixit! :) he looked kind of good, if I may say so. he was wearing a white t-shirt and a dark pair of denims. 'nice choice!' i thpught to myself. "Samay this is poonam aunty and poonam, this is Samay, the IITian boy I told you about. It's a big deal to be an IITian here in India.

"namastey aunty," Samay said politely, folding both his hands. "khush re puttar!" mom blessed him giving all her love to him as it was really hard to find boys back in florida who could actually pronounce namastey correctly!

"Samay, why don't you take Kanika and kunal out on a small tour?" mom asked all happily. "I'd love to!" Samay replied, smiling. "Hey Samay, I'm sorry dude but I am a little busy here. You take Kanu." Bro said, looking up frm his laptop. He was supposed to be holidaying but here also he was busy with his company work. "oh no worries, kanika, shall we?" he asked like a gen;eman. 'yah, I am ready." i replied. I was wearing a blue dress that barely touched my knees and blue sandals.

Going out with Samay was simply great. He was an awesome tour guide but what really melted my heart were his litlle little gestures that time and again made me fall for him. for instance, we were in metro, sitting and chatting when a lady with her little daughter and a baby entered. She was holding the baby in one hand and with other she was hlding her daughter's hand. On seeing her, not only did Samay give her the seat and stood up but also held the little girl's hand so she won't run away. Altough afterwards i too stood up and gave the girl my seat but there were so many people out of which only he noticed her problem! he definitely was special!

Soon the days passed and now only a day was left in my birthday. i was overjoyed! To me my birthday had always been a great affair! As far as my relationship with Samay was concerned, I had fallen head over heels in love with him. i guess he even knew my feelings for him but I never got any response from his side. Maybe he liked me just as a friend!

That afternoon, he came to my house and we all had lunch together. After sometime, we went out for a walk in the nearby park. It was his idea and i accepted it readily, of course. there we were, taking rounds and chatting when slowly, he held my hand. I felt a tingling sensation in the pit of my stomach as if all the butterflies in the world had assembled right there! he then tightened his grip and continued as if nothing had happened. After all these days, finaly my prince charming had reciprocated the feelings :))) After a while we went back to our respective homes without special acknowledgments.

At sharp 12:00 am, my cellphone vibrated. "Hello," I breathed in.

"Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday......Happy birthday

Happy birthday to you!

Happy 18th birthday, PRINCESS!" came his voice, Samay's deep husky voice! "Thank you so much......I love you." I finally said it, out loud. "I love you too, gorgeous." he whispered softly. "can you come on your roof?" he asked. My heart started thumping against my chest with excitement. "I'll try." I said and cut the phone. I got out of my bed and slowly moved towards the staircase, no one in sight yet!

I quietly climbed the stairs and finally reached the roof. The site there was extraordinary! Several lighted candels were arranged in the shape of digits 1 and 8 and a beautiful chocolate truffle cake was waiting next to them. I was overwhelmed, "Happy birthday once again!" said he, hugging me from behind. "Oh my god, SAMAY! did you do all this yourself?" I asked, my voice quivering and eyes moist. "Don't tell me you didn't like it. Is it that bad? 'coz I can see tears in your eyes!!" he joked. "Stop it! it's...It's inexplicably beautiful!" "Well, then pleeease do the honours, mam." he said, handing me the knife. i cut the cake and we both ate finished it greedily. then we had some chips and cold drinks as well! "How did you manage all this?" I asked still a little surprised. "What do you think these terraces have been made so close to each other for?" He asked mischeviously. "You are awesome!" I said and hugged hime once more. then soon we cleared everything and went back to our homes.

in the morning, everybody wished me and stuff but I was still dazed by what my boy had done for me. also before leaving for his house at night, he had given me a small wrapped up box. inside which was a beautiful gold bracelet. it had a littl heart hung to it too. He'd said that it was his heart that belonged to me now. sweet, wasn't it?

In the evening, my whole family arranged a small party for me. We took a lot of pictures. but my favorite was the one in which I was in the middle, my brother on my right and on my left was my love!

That night before going to bed i confessed to my mom and tayiji that i'd fallen in love with Samay. At first they were a little surprised but soon both of them accepted our relationship and were quite happy for us as well! I LOVE THEM sO MUCH!

Next day, as per my seven days old custom, I went upstairs as soon as I woke up to meet Samay. He was there, sitting on the swing asusual, waiting for me. As soon as got near him he hot up and kissed me gently on my cheek. "Good morning, Sunshine!" he smiled. "That was sweet!" I said returning him the kiss. He laughed. "you know what's the best thing about you?" he asked, "I would definitely love to know," I said cuddeled in his arms. "Although you've been living in U.S. for past so many years still your ethics and values are well in place." "you think so?" I asked smiling. "I know so," he said patting my head. "You know, Samay. I told mom and tayiji about us!" "you did??" his strong arms made me turn to face him. "yup!" "and what did they say?" he asked eagerly. "well..........they approved!!!" I said hugging him and he hugged me back even more tightly!

Two days later, our time had finally come to bid goodbye to Delhi and leave for Florida. I was so so sad that it's hard to pen down. We were supposed to leave for the airport at 10:30 in the morning. Tayaji was dropping us. I spent the whole morning on the roof with Samay. Like me, he to looked really sad. "CAn't you just pursue your studies here? I mean, I can tutor you if you want." he asked for the tenth time. "Samay, we knew this time would come. Just promise me you'll wait for me until I come back. I said looking straight in his eyes. "kanika, I never knew what love was. You have taught me how to love and to be loved. I'm not an idiot to let go of you so easily." he said looking back.

" lets take a vow, together." I said and together we spoke, " We promise to love each other till death do us part."

I left with a very heavy heart. for the first five days in Florida, I was absolutely clueless on how to live without seeing my love's face every morning but gradually I learned to console myself.

We video chatted everyday. Life was moving at its pace. Winters had arrived. It was December 15, I switched on my laptop but couldn't find Samay online. I waited for more than an hour but still no sign. i thought he might be busy as soon his emester exams were approaching. The next day too there was no clue of him. On the third day, I couldn't resist myself and called on his cell. After 3 rings came a woman's voice, "Hello" "Hello, could I speak to Samay?" I asked. "May I know who is on line?" came the woman's voice. "This is Kanika." I said, my heart beating really fast now. "Oh kanika! Is it you, Samay's girlfriend? I'm his mom." "oh! namastey aunty. I'm glad you came to visit him. he misses you guys a lot! by the way, where is he now?" I asked. I heard a muffeled voice and then came the life shattering news to me, "Kanika, honey, Samay met with an accident two days ago. His condition is extremely critical. The doctors don't think he'll be able to make it," came the rply from other end. to me it was like a nightmare. Even worse than that! i was completely and utterly shattered. I didn't know what to say. "hello, are you there?" came his mother's sobbing voice. "Can i....can I atleast talk to him?" i asked.

"I think i might want to attend this one call," said she. "After a long pause came a whisper, "h-h-hello p-p-pri-princess." "SAMAY! samay i love you very much. I want you to know that you'll be absolutely fine. Samay..." I broke into silent tears, just praying that he wouldn't realize that I was crying. "Kan- Kanika.....I want to say the vows....." "yes darling..sure...let's do it.." i said and together we said, "We promise to love each other EVEN if death do us part." "I love y-you...v-very much...d-dear....." were his last words to me. After that I got the news that night that Samay left for heavenly abode in his sleep.

My life was completely shattered!. First month of New Year was a torture to me. I regularly had terrible nightmares in which I saw Samay, running away and away from me, leaving me absolutely alone in a dark desert.

Mom, dad and Kunal bro helped me a lot through this period. my friends tried to cheer me up with each and every possible way but in vain. With time.....I leaned to live without seeing my precious's face everyday. though i have his pictures that make me go around like any sane person live life.

I can still feel the empty space in my heart since Samay's death. I know it can never be filled again and hence, I've dropped the idea of running behind the memories trying to catch them. Instead, Im learning to live with the memories that are etched in my mind and heart. It's been six months now since he left us and even today his picture sends buterflies in my stomach!

I never took off that gold bracelet he gave me on my birthday. In fact, I am more than happy that at least I have my love's heart with me throught out my life


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