Before graduation a teen boy ask his dad for a car. Since they are rich but on the day of the graduation the dad give the guy a bible. The guy leaves his house only to come back a few years later to his deceased father. But what happens when he looks through his fathers papers and find the bible?

A few day before graduation a teen boy spotted a car. He immediately wanted it. He went to tell his father. "Dad, I found the present I want on the day of my graduation." "What is it?" "A red sports car."

One the day of the graduation before they had to leave. The father pulled out a box from behind his back. He gave it to his son. The son opened it and saw a bible. "You have so much money and this is all you get me," he yelled at his father. Then he stormed off and ran away from home.

A few years later he gets a call from one of his fathers lawyers that tells him his father passed away. The son goes back home and looks through his fathers stuff. He finds that bible that he got on his graduation day. He opens it to a page that was marked. It was verse his father had marked. He read it and then he flips through the bible. He finds an envelope and looks inside. It has a key to the car he wanted. And there is a note saying, "Everything is paid for." The son breaks down and starts crying for what he done that day. If only he had let his father talk. Maybe he would be regretting anything. Maybe his father could have forgiven him for what he had done. But his father was gone and he was left regretting what he had done.

Submitted: March 17, 2012

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