Your Eyes (written by Ariadne)

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Just a few lines about the things you can't hide in your eyes. Hope you like it :)

Submitted: March 20, 2010

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Submitted: March 20, 2010




You used to be happy

Always laughing, having fun

Now a darkness has crept in

It seems your soul is moving on

You used to be funny

Making jokes all the time

Now your wit and spunk is gone

You can't even make a rhyme

You can try to shut out the world

Close your mind and let no-one in

But I see past your brave facade

Inside, your heart is breaking

The truth is in your eyes

Your love lies in your eyes

You try to hide your sorrowful cries

But nothing's hidden in your sad eyes

Oh, your eyes, those eyes

So sad, full of goodbyes

What went wrong, you fell so hard

Now your sinking, can't go on

Your beautiful eyes

Your sorrowful eyes

Your hurting, grieving, sad, sad eyes

So sad, full of goodbyes

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