Burning Bridges

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I'm burning this bridge, for good this time.

Submitted: June 09, 2010

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Submitted: June 09, 2010



I stayed,
Lingering on this bridge...

Wondering if,
Maybe if a little time passed,
Everything would go back to the way it was.

You know,
That fairytale story that you've always dreamed of..

But they forgot to tell you,
About that extra, little story..
The real ending.

You know, that one where:
He likes her, She likes him.
They fall in love, He betrays her.
They never speak again.

It's the reality we never dreamed of.

You got me on the wrong track,
Built a detour I wasn't meant to cross.
And now it's imprinted in my memory...

How many times can I write,
Until it goes away?
I'm getting down to it..
Cause boy, it's fading as quickly as if you were a,
Yellow Washable Crayola marker on glass.

I'm going to burn this bridge,
I don't need it anymore..
I doubt I needed it ever,
I only fooled myself, but at least you learn from your mistakes.

Seems you don't,
From what you've been saying.

You can try, try, try again..
But you keep on failing.

You dragged me down when this cross way was up,
But I'm burning bridges now.

What happened won't control me any longer.
I'm done, for good.
And this time I'm not coming back.

I'll burn the pictures.
I'll crumple the paper containing "I Love You",
I'm going to burn this bridge, not caring how long it takes me.

If the wind won't blow you away, maybe the current will.
Or maybe a shark will eat you.

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