Dismantle Repair

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Something reminded me of the good times, and how... even after all the bad things, there's still a light shining through. It's not always about what horrible things have happened, it's learning to be okay with them and remembering why you're still here.

Submitted: May 11, 2010

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Submitted: May 11, 2010



It's always been this kind of
Dismantle Repair.

Thoughts so lost I'm,
Pretty sure I lost part of myself too.

Getting back on this railroad,
A never ending road trip.

I'm building up,
While others desperatley try and,
Tear down.

They're getting nowhere.
I'm getting, some place.

No longer,
Such depressing words and reasoning.

The sun is shining,
Breaking away from these crying clouds.

The Dismantle has stopped,
Repairs are being made.

No longer do I stumble,
On each and every pebble.

I'm doing..Just fine.
I see the light shining through.

I haven't lost my way,
So far.

This Dismantle Repair,
Is fading away.

Like so many memories,
I'm not sad to get rid of....

Repairs are being made

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