Every Single Trace

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I'm so confused/done.

Submitted: April 14, 2010

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Submitted: April 14, 2010



I really wish I could push a button, and every trace of you would disappear. I don't even have the ability to write a meaningful poem. I just want you gone. Every single trace. I can't give you an answer to why I want you gone. I just do. Sometimes things just work out that way. And it's not that I have bad feelings towards you, I just can't stand the thought of you, the sight of your name, anything. I wonder why things turned out the way they did. But I can't explain everything. Things just, Are. If I could, I'd take an eraser, and erase the story that was written, and that continues. You'd be gone in seconds. And I'd be better. You bring nothing but unwanted thoughts. So leave. Why won't you? There's something that holds you down, but I'd rather cut that string and let you fall. I would, If I could. But I can't, it's out of my hands. So I want to go away, But I'd rather you go away. I should be here, you should be gone. There's still a trace of you...But I want it gone. So disappear confused one. Go away, start a new life. Stop dragging on here. Just go.

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