Let The Rain Fall

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What has this world come to? How did we even get like this... Am I the only one who wishes that everything were alright?

Submitted: May 22, 2010

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Submitted: May 22, 2010



Let the rain fall,
Listen to the pitter-patter.
Let my hair get drenched.
I feel the pain of the Earth,
As she cries a million tears.

She has no explanation,
As to how we got here.
But we're standing in this place,
And I'm so ashamed..

Pass through the city,
And let your lingering eyes
Show you what this place has come to.

Detour through an alley,
Can you count how many Homeless,
And tell me who's got a future record.

We never meant for this to happen.
But now we're too late,
Tell me what can we do
To stop Her from cryin' any more?

We're so far down,
And Hope seems to be lost.
But don't you worry,
I'll be here when the sun rises.

It's a long shot, but,
That's okay.
I'll work till my last breath,
Until we're ready to say...
"We're Okay"

Let the rain fall,
Drizzle for an hour or two.
I feel the healing of our lives...

Sun shine through,
Work a little harder to remember,
We're not so different after all.

We all bleed the same color,
We all cry the same tears,
We all smile at the slightest of joy.

Let the rain fall,
Just a little more.
I feel the pain of the Earth,
When we lose our path.

So let's get back on track.
We've got this one place,
This, one time,
Let's make it right...

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