No Such Thing.

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Who's to say what normal is? And when someone says what normal is, who's to say that they're right?

Submitted: May 07, 2010

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Submitted: May 07, 2010



By dictionary result, normal means: 'conforming to the standard or the common type'. But to the people who walk this vast land we call Earth, normal has different meanings, depending on the person. In my opinion, normal doesn't exist --- it can't. There's artists, musicians, politicians, etc. And I bet some of the things they do or think are considered abnormal by a lot of people. They're all different and I bet their ideas of normal are different.

Some say it's not normal to be bisexual, gay, or lesbian... but who are we to say it's not normal just because we're straight? Who died and made us king? What if it was backwards and not normal to be straight? Then you wouldn't be saying that.

So someone told you that it's wrong to believe in what you do, but who said that they're always right? It's an adult, so they're right... right? Not exactly. Everywhere I go, every street corner I turn, someone is trying to shove their thoughts in my head, telling me what normal is. But I just stare back at them and say, "Who are you, to decide what normal is?" We're all different, so how can there be a normal?

Different skin: one white, one copper, one black...Which is normal?
Different hair: one blonde, one brunette, one blue, one pink...What's abnormal?
Different eyes: grey, blue, brown...Is it your place to say what normal is, when you, yourself, aren't normal to some?

I'm not saying my word is law, but it is what I believe in. And I stand by the words I say...

There's no such thing as Normal, because we're all different.

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