Secret Entires

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Just something I began thinking about.

Submitted: March 17, 2010

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Submitted: March 17, 2010



It's funny,
Now, it seems. As I read the words you wrote...
They're like secret notes to me.
Read one, and write back to it.
Even though I know it will never be read.

But these days, it's as if the sand timer has flipped,
You feel what I have felt.
As if everything is going wrong, and things just aren't the same.
What do you call friends? Obviously they are poor excuses.
It's hard, I know that. I did the same as you once.

Time gets better, Though, i can't say I want it to get better for you,
You don't seem to deserve it.
And it takes heart, to see the truth behind the lies,
And to see the true friends that were always there from the start...
We're not so different, yet you beg to see that.

Maybe it wasn't I who was wrong,
Can you find it in yourself to say, that what you said and did wasn't meant?
Can you say that, now you realize. Now you know..?
I listen,
But you can't seem to see.
I write back.
But you fail to look.
I'm here. I was from the start.
But you wish not to see,
My mind refuses to listen to you any longer.
For all I believe you'll say is what I don't want to hear. I'm sick of it.
So if I am wrong, and it is indeed what should be heard,
Speak now.. I'm not going to be around much longer.
I won't be the first to break. It's your turn.
So Make your move... What are you going to do?

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