The Side Of You That's So Decieving

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
I just don't know how I couldn't see it earlier.

Submitted: March 24, 2010

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Submitted: March 24, 2010



Goodbye, my friend..
You think you're not to blame, for this.

I'm feeling just the same, Hopeless.
I'm sorry, for seeing,
The side of you that is so decieving..

I thought you would have changed, by now.
You fooled me once again, somehow..

All I've got to say is, Goodbye.
All I seen, all the lies I believed in..
I'm sorry - I really mean it.

There's nothing left to fight for,
For you, it's hard to say "I'm Sorry"

How I fell for your act again, I'm not sure,
But I want you gone, that's all I ask of.

Some days I get a longing to just wish,
Upon a star, and it would come true..

I'd never see your face again,
And everything that reminded me of you,
Would just fade away..

There's nothing left, so why the hell am I holding on?
Maybe I just never met anyone who actually didn't care..

And I want to make it right,
But I can't. You won't.

I'm not sure what I ever expected from you,
False hopes made me think that it could all go back to normal.

But you're not like that.

If I could, I'd travel back in time.
Tell myself, 'See his decieving face before you,
Walk away as he approaches. Leave before it's too late.'

All I know now,
You're not who I thought you were,
And you can't be what I thought you could have been.

I'm disgusted by you,
I feel sorry for you...
I don't know why though.

My mind tells me I shouldn't care,
And part of me doesn't.

Like I said from the start,
I mean everything I say.

Now I only wish I knew WHY I
Say the things I do.

What's the point?

The day I met you,
I should have been able to see,
You're decieving ways...

I should have seen past your mask.
But I didn't.. and I payed the price.
The worst part though... You really don't give a damn.

I never met anyone quite like you,
Maybe it's a good thing, maybe not.
I'll never know, now will I?

I'm sorry, I'm leaving...
I'm sorry, for seeing..
The side of you that is oh, so decieving..

I know there's nothing left for me to fight for,
Now that I have opened my eyes..
This ends... now I'm walking out the door.

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