Life Long Enternaly

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Life Long Enternaly is about a gurl who moves out of the state nd into another 1. But after she gets used of where she is living she meets this guy who she is madly in love and he is in love with her to but he doesnt kno it yet. But they become really close friends nd hang out evryday.

Submitted: March 15, 2013

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Submitted: March 15, 2013



My life is so perfect living in this wonderful place, my goodness but where is Izzy my adopted sister?

Yeah, thts how everyone wants their life 2 b like PERFECT, thts way out of the picture, I mean wht does tht even mean perfect? Is it bein pampered or bein rich? Nvr mind tht. My name is Sharon but ppl call me Shermonator nd my sister is my bff her name is Izzy although we fight a lot, btw she was adopted wen we were about 3 yrs old. It's odd becuz we were born on the same day of the same yr same month nd the same day, ikr it's awkward. My life is a catastrophe i mean I have been livin here for 13 yrs I mean I dnt even have a phone or a car becuz my parents r wayyyyyyy to cheap (becuz they wanna save their money)I mean thts ridiculous, kno 1 should have to live in the same house for 13 yrs 5 months 2 days and 3:24:10 I mean but who is keepin count? I'm home... (fainted talking) Hello? Were in here. Ok, come out here we need 2 have a family meeting. About wat? IZZY! Wat?! Stop hittin me, it's really annoyin. Get over it you big baby! Grls, grls stop fighting my day is already bad enough. Wat happend? I got fired so we r goin to move to Colorado, nd i kno how much u girls have been wantin 2 get out of this house nd it's finnaly happening. I wanted to move just not out of the state, all of my friends live here... Wat friends? Shut up (whispering) gosh I hate u. I love u to. Stop talking 2 me. (murmurs queitly). I'm srry did u say sumthing? Nope nuthin at all. mmmmmmk.

1 yr later... It's such a nice day y dnt u grls go outside. Ok sounds fun. Glad u agree. (door slams shut) excuse me i'm ur nxt door neighbor i was told 2 come out n greet u nd ur family. Oh well u probely dnt wanna meet my family trust me. Ok cool. yup I'm Sharon but u can call me Shermonator. Shermonator how intristing, i'm Austin. Cool I love tht name, always have. Ok so wat do u wanna do? Ummmmmmm...... I am really not sure how bout u. (phone rings) I gotta go. Oh ok c ya l8ter. yup. Time to come in! I am not a child anymore, gosh! So did u meet anybody? Yup. Tell us who. Jus this guy his name is Austin he is our nxt door neighbor he is pretty cool. Do u like him? Y does it matter nd nope, i am goin to my room dnt bother me to come down for dinner i am not hungery. (rushes up the stairs, door slams shut) Dear Diary, today I met this guy named Austin he is so cute but I cnt let my family kno. Today we had a lil convorsation and then his fone rang nd he left it was so, so mysterious, nd now tht I told my mom I met him she keeps asking me these questions like if i like him. I wish she wuld jus stay out of my personal buisness. (knocking) come in. Hey remeber me? Yup. Srry bout the having to go rite away, my heart was jus broken. Oh im so srry I hope evrything is goin to b alright. Yup, have u ever dated? u dnt have to answer tht if u dnt wanna. Umm, I have never dated b4, Single n ready to mingle lol. Wow i have never heard tht saying b4 i met u. Oh cool yup. It's time for ur friend to go home. K! See ya tomorrow. Yup, come outside tomorrow. Will do, but wat time? Ummm wenever u want cuz ill be outside all day tomorrow. Ok i will be out around 10:00 am if tht is ok. Yea thts fine, see ya.

The next day... (Alarm goes off) Mom i am guna go outside. Ok! (Door slams) Hey. Hey ur out early. Oh ya my mom made me come outside I was guna go to the store but I am not guna go. Ok, would u like to come nd meet my family? yea sure. (Faintly steps) Here we r hope my mom likes u. Yea hope so to... wat ur mom like? Very crazy, trust me. Oh ok well how pleasent will this b. (door creeks open and shut) AUSTIN!!! Who is this? This is Sharon, my friend. Sharon let me tell u something. Yes. U have 5 seconds to get out of here or I will cut ur head off. Is she serious? Yea lets go. Ok, I have gotta go home anyways. C ya.

Dear diary, today I met Austins Mom, she is as wicked as an evil witch I mean not trying to be maen or anything but she threatend to cut my head off if I didnt get out of her house in 5 seconds I mean who does tht I swear I am never going bck their, not in my entire life. I mean I really like her son though so maybe I will.... Grrrr it just makes me mad bcuz she is the only on who dnt like me!

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