The Pain

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A man is on a spree on Beating.

Submitted: April 16, 2013

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Submitted: April 16, 2013



The Pain

Stop! The shrieking voice reminded me of when I was a little girl seeing my mom die right in front of me while my dad beats, I never forgave him not after what I saw and after he started beating me when he killed my mom. I ran as fast as I could to the neighbors and called the police, after that night I never saw him again.

The wind whooshing against my skin in a rush as I walked down the street nervously seeing my ex-boyfriend, as I acted like I didn’t remember him he shoved me out of his way making me land face first into the sidewalk as it was finishing the drying unit of being reconstructed. Hey, watch it, he yelled as if no one else was around seeing him make a big deal out of it when he was the one who pushed me. As I slowly got up I pushed him into an area where there was mud and told him the same thing. As he walked away I was surprised when he called back to me and saying sorry in a tone I have never heard from him before, so I yelled back the same thing thinking he would hear me but just ignored the fact that it was his entire fault. Tears running down my face as I swoosh past the people running to go home before the cement could dry any faster and get it off, but something caught my attention this thing this shadow, wondering what it was just ignoring the fact that the cement kept hardening on my face going towards the shadow. Hearing the scream again this time making my ears bleed and my head scream, the words help made me rush over there and help her, as the memories were brought back their was my dad beating her as I screamed and told him to stop he stopped and got up yelling at me not to tell him what to do so I hit him making him fall to the ground and having this women call the police as I pinned him to the ground. When the policed arrived I was told to let go so I did and they asked me some questions so I told them I was trying to help this women and before he escaped I pinned him down to the ground and I would of thought he should have learned his lesson from beating my mom and killing her then running after me to beat me. Would this by any chance be your dad? Yes, it would. We have been looking for him since he has escaped. And you wouldn’t have found me either if she didn’t call the police.

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