Stay Awake

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I am a junior in high school, so applying to colleges is of the utmost importance. This short story is about a recent dream I experienced about college acceptance.

Submitted: May 23, 2013

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Submitted: May 23, 2013



Every degree gained, every click heard, every second passing indefinitely.  These are the moments that the brain processes in times like this, in times when the smallest occurrence can determine the rest of one’s life.  As the sun slowly finds itself in the morning sky, the moon settles into its deep slumber, hidden from my anxious view. 

At half past seven, I rise from my bed and stumble my way to my counter on the opposite side of my room.  Stepping on clothes, kicking old tennis shoes, and hearing a resonating crack, I reach my countertop and rummage through its contents to find today’s attire.  I drag out a pair of denim shorts and a camisole.  After placing them on the counter, I notice a little sticky note stuck to the side of my mirror.  I scrunch my eyes in a failed attempt to decipher the words.  I make my way back to my bed, plopping myself comfortably on my pillows and stretch for the lamp.  Satisfied with the amount of available light, I again turn my attention to the sticky note.  Now, I can see that the message reads “December 14 – Last Day to Hear of College Acceptance”.

Memories flooded my mind as I recalled the application process, drawing in all of my high school experiences into one document.  Temporarily relaxed, I then thought about today’s date.  What is today?  I glanced at my phone and read December 14.

Adrenaline rushed throughout my body.  In an instant, I was across the room, racing for my bathroom.  Jumbling to grab my toothbrush, I hasten my pace and practically short-step my entire morning routine.  Lunging for the door, I yank it open and jump through the living room, over the cats, and nearly plow head first into the front door.  Nose pressed against its icy sheath, I stare blankly into the pink horizon.  Cars of all shapes and sizes pass down our road, but none of which I was hoping for.

An hour passed and I solemnly return back to my room.  Disappointed, I simply dropped my head in utter astonishment.  I couldn’t believe that I didn’t make it.  I pondered momentarily over what reasoning was behind my not being accepted or even receiving a letter.  Stomach rumbling, I determine that I can’t do anything about it right now, so I decide to appease my innards.  A little heavy-footed from disappointment, I thud my way to the kitchen to find a hand-written note from my mother sitting in my spot at the dinner table.  The light again not being sufficient enough, I lean towards the window.  This note read:


“Hello honey, the mail came early this morning.  I found this envelope (see attached) addressed to you from the University of Georgia.  I think it’s your acceptance letter.  I’m sure you are quite excited to see what it says, but if you could, wait for me to get home so I can take part in this special moment with you. 

Love, Mom”


Obviously, there was no way that I could resist opening that enveloping before her return.  I ripped open the letter, tore out the letter, and had to balance my shaky hand in order to read the contents.  The one line my eyes could not leave: “Lindsey Partain, we regret to inform you that you have been declined admission to our university.” 

My heart began to pound, my lungs making it increasingly hard to breathe, and my brain stuck in an eternal memory.  Suddenly, I came to and felt the warm sheets of my electric blanket and the fan blowing upon my face.  It was the morning of December 14th.

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