The Devil's Paradise

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The Devil talks to God and wants him to confess...

Submitted: March 17, 2014

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Submitted: March 17, 2014





The Devil’s Paradise

 Aria. E. Salahi


It seems I'm not alike me at all.

How was I like?

Why don’t I remember anything? How many years’ passed?

All I remember is my last walking under the trees. My last bite of an apple. I don’t remember the faces of my friends. I don’t remember you. Only a light shadow of far memories.

Sometimes, I think by myself what did I get after all these years? What did I show to you? To you who even don’t come to visit me. Even won’t talk to me. You don’t talk to me so that I find out how do you feel. To find out if I reach my goal or not. Do not be so indifferent! Leastwise, let me know whether you are remorseful! Leastwise, let me know you’re seeing what I’m doing or not? Insomuch you drew me off that even I cannot hear you anymore. However, what’s the point with these nonsense words?

To tell you the truth, I’m bored, I confess. I’ve lost my patience. I suppose I’ve proved my dominance enough, didn’t I?

Why don’t you confess? Confess and tell me you were wrong. Look at your toys. These whom you had loved; their desolation was as easy as pie for me. Nowadays, they’re so easily seduced that it doesn’t even titillate me.

I want more! It doesn’t feel good to play with them. It’s like fighting an unarmed kid, you know. I’d told you, we are more powerful. We deserve. YOU did not believe. Now that you’re watching your beloveds worshiping me, why don’t you give up yet?

Present a stronger rival, or confess you’ve lost the wager… .

I want my former position. My former face. My paradise. After all these years, let us desist this childish pertinacity. We’ll finish it all here, and I’ll forget all you did to me; Like my wings that I’ve already forgot.

You just confess; it was “the Devil” who enslaved all the things I loved. You confess, and I’ll be your servant again… .


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